The scent was every where. Blood. Mixed with the scent of something long dead. Vampire.

Josef rushed around the corner. He could smell the blood better now. This scent scared him. It made his normally graceful movements jerky. The blood was familiar.

Around another corner, Josef stepped into the trail. He could see the body now. Pale skin, blonde hair and blood. He slid to Beth's side.

Tapping her cheek, he said her name. "Beth. Sweetheart" He was scared. More scared than he'd been in many years. His best-friend's lover was lying bleeding in an alley reeking of vampire.

Beth's eyes opened. She was breathing shallowly. "Josef?"

"Hang in there, deary" Josef pulled out his cell phone but his vampire senses told him she was too far gone. She'd never survive the ride to the hospital. He set his phone down and took hold of her neck, lifting her closer to him. "You have to try to hang on, Beth. Please, for Mick"

"I'm so tired" Beth whispered. Her eyes closed.

"No. No, Beth" Josef shook her. "Beth, come on." He shook her again. "BETH!"

Terror gripped him. "I can't turn you. I can't do that to him!"

He warred with himself. He didn't want this friend to end up like him. Bitter and alone. He was afraid to hurt her like Sarah.

Her heart was dangerously slow. He couldn't wait any longer. Biting his wrist, he put it to her lips. "God, forgive me" he whisper, as she began to drink.