AN: Well, I had to get this out of my system so I went dark with this oneshot. I've been doing to many funny ones lately. not that I'm goign to stop doing them of course but I thought that I might as well darken up the atmosphere...anyway enjoy and review.

It is a pain like no other. Too indescribable to even comprehend. He had felt numb at first, unsure of how to feel, to think, to feel, to breathe again, but that lasted only a second before the crescendo of pain finally took over him as he held the figure that was his daughter in his arms.

She wasn't his daughter...not really but that didn't stop the pain from existing. She was an echo of him and unlike any other child she was made from only him. He was literally watching a part of himself die and that made the pain worse in a way. And it made him feel guilty because she wasn't him. She had independent thought. She had lived and breathed and had two hearts that beated in sync...just like him.

She was too much like him and if she was like him then maybe...

Maybe there was hope...

And he clings to that hope because there is nothing else left to. She was his redemption because she was a chance to start over. Something new. A chance to stop himself from being truly alone.

But he is alone and will always remain alone. No matter who travels with him.

Rose was dragged out of his life screaming and he left her crying her heart out on a beach. He knew something would happen eventually but he had never expected her to be trapped in a parallel world. That used to be an impossible thought.

It wasn't impossible; just improbable.

Martha doesn't even want to travel with him anymore. She saw too much of the darkness that he had tried to hide from her and she ended up being corrupted by it. He turned her into a soldier because she doesn't want to see the monsters in the darkness. She just want to get rid of them. She wants to help the the everyone around her because she doesn't want to remember the walk through the burning countries he forced her to go on.

He tainted her.

Donna will leave him too. She loves travelling now but one day she'll see something that will shock her to the core and she'll wish she never came. And there will be a defeated look in her eyes and it will be his fault. He saw a glimpse of that look when she heard the Ood's song.

And one day he'll see it again. He only fears that it will be too soon.

Jenny could have been a new start. She was like him so if she saw those darkness, he knew she would survive. Somehow he did...

But that hope was dead. Just like the figure he held in his arms. She may have had two hearts, just like him, but those hearts were no longer beating in sync because she had came into his life and he had tainted it.

He would always be alone.

The End