It was an unfamiliar voice, female and confident. A voice used to command. Chisato looked behind her and saw a tall, slim,
golden-haired woman floating in the air, her hands on her hips. Beside her was a younger woman with golden braided hair, who wore a gleaming breastplate, plated
boots and a helmet with wings. A sword hung at her belt.

"Is that..."

"Its me. Gwesty." she said, smiling.

"Performance Rating 99." said the older woman, "Even the faultiest machine can be fixed."

"How dare you call Gwesty a faulty machine!" said Chisato, "She's an adorable little girl. What have you done to her?"

"Its okay, Chisato. I'm still me." insisted Gwesty.

"Only her fate is different." said the woman, "A few decisions were made - decisions made by others that weren't her fault. But they're changed now. This is
Lezard's world. The world that he really wanted to exist. There was no possible world in which he could graduate, so he made his own world, with new
possibilities. He must have decided that the rule applied to everyone who was being held back by the C Ending."

"Will the galaxy be okay now?" asked Commander Revorse.

"There are a few glitches, but I am fixing them."

"Pardon me, but... who are you?" asked Chisato.

"Your contact." she said, smiling, "It's Freya. The retired Director of the Court of Tria. Please don't tell anyone my location. I want to do my job in peace
without the trappings of politics. You see, I must watch over all of Tria's galaxy."

"Is Gwesty going with you?"

"I'm afraid so. A Valkyrie's place is by Freya's side." said Gwesty, "And I don't want to return to the Chronicle right now. I'm very sad about what happened to

"They took him back with them." explained Eruaqs, "He's Cyril now."

"Like I said, there are still a few problems to iron out." said Freya, "Come, we must leave as soon as possible."

Gwesty reached over and hugged Chisato. Then she jumped into the air after Freya and the two women flew off.

"We should get back to the Revorse." said Commander Revorse, "I really don't like this place."

"It's Lezard's place now." agreed Chisato, "Wherever he is and whatever he's doing."

Eruaqs said nothing but stared at the pretty lights while he followed the others back to the ship.

They arrived back at the Chronicle eventually. To Chisato's relief, it was still intact, although the space debris piled up around it practically obscured it from
view. Commander Revorse joked that it would make a good shield for them to hide behind next time the nosy reporters upset an entire army. Orvue greeted them at
the gate.

"What happened to you all? Where's the Wise Men?" he demanded.

"It's a long story." she said, grinning, "Hey, you lied to me! That couldn't have possibly taken only one phone call!"

"Hey, I only made the one call. These guys made the rest."

He led them into the station. It was full of Retail Rabbits. They were everywhere. A very old Rabbit in a grav-wheelchair intercepted Orvue as soon as he walked
in. He wore black ceremonial robes and a long wig. In one hand, he carried a ceremonial orihalcon mallet. His long fluffy fur was pure black.

"Chisato, this is Guildmaster Alaster Rabillion, the famous Black Rabbit of Resonia. Al, this is Chisato Madison, ace reporter."

"Pleased to meet you, Chisato." he extended a furry hand for her to shake.

"His guild funded the entire operation and did most of the calls and paperwork." said Orvue, "We owe them a big favour."

"No, we are the ones who owe much." said the old Rabbit, frowning, "Retail Rabbit guilds are held responsible for the actions of their members. What Arianrod
did with the money we gave him was inexcusable. And to think that he was my grandson!"

"I don't understand..." said Chisato.

"The weapons on Midgard 3 were developed by Retail Rabbits." explained Orvue.

"Please do not think that all Retail Rabbits are the same." said Alaster, "We are persecuted on every planet we try to settle on. They call us thieves, swindlers,
put us behind all sorts of conspiracy theories. We are only a people trying to make a name for ourselves!"

"You are welcome here any time, Guildmaster." promised Orvue, "But I don't think you'd like it. We're a non-profit organisation."

He laughed, "Still, I wish I knew what happened to that poor apprentice of his. I always knew he wasn't treating the boy well. Did he die in the explosion?"

"Oh, he's fine." said Chisato, grinning, "He's absolutely fine. He's doing well for himself."

"That's good to know." said the old man.

"Well, I have work to do." said Chisato, "Where's the Director."

"She's taken heavy damage. She's going to need completely overhauling. The Retail Rabbits are taking her away to be fixed."

"How's Lionel taking it?"

"How do you think? He's locked himself in the basement. I didn't even know we had a basement."

Chisato looked over at Eruaqs, "What about you? What are you going to do now?"

"Dunno." he stared at the floor. Then he snapped his fingers and smiled. "I know! You distract the bunny an' I'll pull his ears!"

"Would you mind if I interviewed you?" asked Chisato, "About Styx? I went through the Gate thirty times, I looked everywhere for Styx, but I couldn't find it. I really want to meet someone from Styx and find out about their life."

Eruaqs burst into laughter.

"What's funny?" she asked, offended. Everyone was laughing at her today, even rabbits.

"Don't ya get it?" he said, "We've been followin' you and hidin' behind things the entire time!"

"Oh!" Chisato blushed. Then she started laughing too. The old Rabbit smiled. He pushed a long floppy ear out of the way of one of his eyes. That boy's got potential, he thought.