DP: The Hyde Syndrome

by Futuramakid.

A/N: Somewhere between seasons 2 and 3.

Fentonworks. It is a dark, stormy night.

A knocking is at the door.
"I'll be right there," Danny replies.
He was expecting Tucker. They were getting together for an all-night Doomed deathmatch against some kids in the next town over. What he got, however, was something he couldn't recognize.
"Hello," it said malevolently. It reached for his left arm. At contact, Danny felt an odd, burning sensation, and a salty taste to the air.
"Who... what are you?" he says.
"Edward. My name is Edward," the thing said, and with that, it seemed to dissolve, as breath on a mirror.
"...that was DEFINITELY a yikes..." he says.
He looks to the arm. There is an odd welt. It is green, and pulsates.
"What was that thing?" he wonders. He goes to the lab. His parents, as always, are working away down there.
"Danny, what happened?" his mother asks, noticing the welt.
"I have no idea. Something at the door... I think it was a ghost. It touched me, this thing happened, and.. well, he seemed to just dissolve."
She looks closely.
"Now, I'm no biologist, but this looks somewhere between a parasitic infection, and the kind of swelling caused by an insect bite," she says, "And you say all it did was touch you?"
"Yes," he responds, "he touched me, and there was a burning sensation there, and then that welt."
The green spreads out. She backs away in surprise. He feels the sensation again. The burning, and the salty taste in his mouth. Pain. Pain like nothing he ever felt before. He cries out.

The Masters Mansion. Wisconsin.

Vlad Masters opened the portal again. However, before he could foray out, a gaunt ghost of a man, in Victorian noble's clothes rushed out. He grabs Vlad by his tie.
"He must be stopped!" the man cried out, "he's a madman!"
"What are you babbling about?" Vlad responds.
"Hyde! He is escaped, and he'll make all mankind like him!"
"Hyde?" Vlad says, vaguely knowing the name, but unable to place from where.
"Yes! Edward Hyde, the murderer, is to spread his affliction!"
"Affliction?" Vlad says, "of what sort?"
"The worst," the man replies gravely, "it'll be the end of the world as you know it."
"Grave news indeed," Vlad says to the man. Even being the man he was, Vlad still cared for humanity as a whole, "How may I help you, mister...?"
"Jekyll, Doctor Henry Jekyll" the man replies.