Damned By Midnight

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The images were still fresh in her mind. Adelle, or Diana as they called her in her 'new' home, remembered her father's death pale skin, his confession to his loving wife, and ultimately the slaying of her mother. Her Aunt Cecilia had disappeared only a few weeks before her entire world was ripped from beneath a tiny, five year old girl's feet. She remembered seeing her too. Not only had both of her parents become vampires, but her mother had become a Kuei-Jin.

She didn't know the fate of her mother, or quite frankly, where her father and her aunt had gone. It was only by the hand of the hunter who 'saved her' that she came to be in LA anyways. Part of her saw reason to thank him, but all at once she hated him for it. Being so near the source of her pain had the potential to bring all those horrific memories back.

Luck was finally on her side, and those images ceased to haunt her now. She had been made immune to the terrors of the night by Grunfeld Bach, who found her weeping and screaming in a terrible fit of fear that wretched night she lost her family. There was a time she loved him for it, but that time had long passed. Like any young girl in their early twenties, Diana the Huntress no longer wished to tote around a semi-automatic rifle or other such weapons. She had not long ago taken to defying him, a notion which presented many large arguments within the chapel whenever she returned.

That night should have been one of those nights, that is if the LA Kindred didn't have plans for her. She walked into the unusually empty first floor of the Society of Leopold, looking into each side room to search for any of her compatriots. She found none of them.

Diana abandoned the search and continued into the chapel, where she found Bach facing the podium. He did not pray, but rather waited for her in an unnatural manner. When he turned, the young girl feared the worst. Someone had dominated Grunfeld Bach, and that was a feat she had never heard of.

"Adelle?" A faintly familiar woman's voice called out from behind her.

Diana dropped her bag right beside her feet. Balance grew threatened due to the situation and the stilettos that kept the Huntress on her toes. It was not the sheer shock of Bach's dominated state, but rather the shock brought on by the face that decorated the woman before her.

"Aunt Cecilia?"

A blond headed, fairly young looking woman stood before her, dressed like the office assistant she had been in life. She kept her skirt long and her suit jacket buttoned all the way up, as if merely the notion of a slutty office assistant repulsed her. She might have been mistaken for Therese Voerman, if not for how her lengthy, curly hair fell over her shoulders.

"Yes, yes it's me! I'm here to get you out of here!" She spoke sincerely, no power of the Kindred dripping out of her.

The huntress knew not what to think of the situation. Indeed, she wanted to take her Aunt's hand and run away. She wanted to leave Bach standing there in a state of catatonia.. But she knew better. She knew that behind her Aunt's smile there had to be other motives. Something drove her to come looking for her niece now of all days.

"Where have you been the last fifteen years of my life?!" Diana said, almost in protest.

"Working for the same man you've been trained to kill, the man who made your father and I who we are today. He gave us permission to bring you to your real home, Adelle, with us. It's a family affair now, really. Your father is LaCroix's assistant, as am I sometimes, but I am the Ventrue Primogen. I will take care of you."

It all seemed to good to be true. Her family had suddenly returned, swooped into her life as if it could all be fixed. She hoped it could be. Without a doubt, Diana prayed for a second chance with her family. She did not know what she had gotten herself into as she picked up her bag and retreated with her Aunt into her own room. Everything was gathered up, and when Grunfeld Bach awoke from his trance, his beloved daughter 'Diana' was gone.

She would never shed that name. Diana understood that much as she rode in her Aunt's Lotus Exige S 240. The red metallic paint made the car fanatic in her squeal. She was in the car of her dreams, and Cecilia seemed to realize that as they drove quickly toward Downtown LA.

"You can have it, if you like. I have a Lamborghini that I like much more."

Magic words, those few sentences were.

It was with the offering that Diana decided to forget that her aunt might be reeling her into some kind of ruse set up by the Kindred. She didn't care. Cecilia was the same loving person she had been in life, only with a few minor changes. Those changes paled in comparison to how different things could be for Diana once she was reunited with her family. The thought of meeting LaCroix in the meantime didn't pass through her mind. She could only focus of her father.

Freeway exits and slower moving cars passed by in a blur that Diana barely cared to acknowledge. The only thing that caught her attention was her Aunt reaching into the backseat. With a grin, she put her niece's worries to rest. A swift movement pulled a short black dress from the backseat.

"Go ahead and pull it on. We don't have time to stop."

As Diana accepted the dress and began to strip almost without question, Cecilia reached forward to turn on the car stereo.

Coin-operated boy. Sitting on the shelf. He is just a toy. But I turn him on, and he comes to life. Automatic joy. That is why I want --- a --- coin operated boy.

Diana had never heard the lyrics before, but her aunt seemed to enjoy the song, bobbing her head to the music and speeding up. As the huntress removed her clothes and tossed them behind her, she could only look to either side. She assumed that her aunt was going to fast for anyone to see her changing as the Lotus Exige passed them all up and forced dust down their throats.

Made of plastic and elastic. He is rugged and long lasting. Who could ever ever ask for more? Love without complications galore..

That coin operated boy was beginning to sound good to Diana too. She had recently had some boy troubles herself in the shape of her now ghoul'd boyfriend, Dylan Shores. It was hard to be in a relationship with someone who had a liquid fixation on another man. She tried to forgive him for it, but it was hard to do. She feared that someday, her dislike for the whole situation might drive her to betray Dylan's trust. What a pity that this was to be the case that night.