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Edwards POV (Point Of View)

I hated this man with of my being at this moment in time. Hated him with a force I felt he should feel. But when ever I opened my eyes, he was there, looking at me with a calm face, serene eyes, a small, apologetic smile on his face. And I

hated him. I hated him for making me feel this pain, this intense, unbelievable, unvavering, undying pain. Because I was going to die anyways. Didn't he see it was all for naught? Once someone caught the spanish flu, they died, no do-overs,

no second chance. And I hated the man before me for making my final hours those of intense suffering, of excruciating pain. What had happened? Dr. Cullen had always been so kind, so helpful to me and my mother. What was he doing? It had been

two days now. How long would he continue to torture me before the disease took me? How long could my

damaged body hold on before I slipped into oblivion? My only comfort at this time was that my mother had passed away only moments ago, my father weeks ago. They wouldn't suffer any grief and I could join them shortly. "Hold on, Edward," Dr.

Cullen said with a small smile. "I know it hurts, but it's almost finished. I'm sorry" Why was he apologizing. What was I to him? An experiment? Something to torture? I was dying anyways. What was a little more pain here or there? What could I

do about it? Absolutley nothing. But then I noticed something. The pain was beginning to fade from my fingertips and the original places he'd cut me. The fire still raged through my chest, pounded in my head and staked through my throat, but it

was fading. My heart beat was also slowing. It could only mean one thing, but instead of being afraid, I was relieved. I'd see my mother and father soon and the Dr.s' evil little game was ending. I looked him in the eyes and smiled. The very action

pained me, but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing this hurt.
"I am dying," I announced quite clearly. He looked confused for a moment before his expression cleared. He hadn't looked

angry or bored as I had expected, but almost happy. That's when I heard it for the first time. A faint whisper in my head.
'The poor boy. He has no idea what's happening. Maybe I should explain. Maybe later, when he's stronger..." and then it

faded out again, and I was alone in my head. What was that? I know I didn't think that. But the thought was thrown from my head as a fresh wave of pain crashed down upon me like a tidal wave, swirling around, blacking out my vision for a few

minutes. My heart beat became critically slow and my breaths few and far between. I closed my eyes and said a quick prayer, gratefull it was all coming to an end. The pain had faded from my hands and feet now, and my forearms and calves

were slowly cooling. Myheart beat only once every minute now, but my breathing stayed almost regular, like I was sleeping. Or maybe I just thought I was breathing. Yes, death would come very soon. I was almost impatient for it, knowing it was so

close. The pain had faded up to my shoulders and hips, leaving my extremities cool, and my headache was lessening. But I was sad. I was only seventeen, and already was my story coming to an end? My headache was gone now, my heart beat

was almost non existent. The pain was a low trumming in my chest., almost spent. I prayed that what ever Dr. Cullen had put in me he didn't have more of it. The pain was almost gone now. I could feel it leaving, only a faint ache now, hardly there

now. Finally, it disappeared and at the same time, my heart stopped as well. I sighed happily, ready to go, my eyes closed. Ten seconds later, I opened my eyes, expecting to either see the white gates of heaven or the firey pits of hell. Instead,

much to my dismay, I was still in that damned doctors office. I gasped. Wait, how could I gasp? I was dead! I didn't have a heart beat! I searched frantically for the doctor, terrified. "What happened!" I demanded. "I'm supposed to be dead! I don't

even have a heartbeat! How is this possible"
"Edward, I need you to calm down," he answered.

"I will most certainly not calm down! Not until you tell me what's happened! Oh my god, am I some kind of... freak experiment? A new treatment for dying patients? How dare you!" I was hysterical now. Furious he had used me, scared out

of my mind - I DIDN'T HAVE A BLOODY HEART BEAT! - and my throat was aching. I was ... hungry? Did dead people eat? "Edward, please, everything will be explained. Just give me a moment!" Carlisle said again. I didn't say anything, and he

took at as a sign that I would listen.
"Thank you. Now, what I am about to say is extrmely unbelievable, but I need you to understand everything I am about to

say is true. Do you fully understand that?" I nodded my head yes. Carlise looked into my eyes and took a deep breath, prepared to tell me.

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