A/N: Hey everyone, welcome back to another chapter of Cantante

A/N: Hey everyone, welcome back to another chapter of Cantante!! Hope you love it as much as you do the rest of the story. I can't help but feel that as the story has progressed, it's only been getting worse. Not to say it isn't good, I suppose, but it's not exactly what I'd like. I feel it's too choppy. Anyways, I'll continue on, and the next chapter will be the most painful moment ever recorded in Twilight history, even worse than Renesmee's birth…EDWARD LEAVES! NOOOOOOOOOO! However, it is necessary to the plot line, and I'm so sorry to have to put you all through that again! But from his POV, it should be uber interesting! K, this chapter is dedicated to…BellaandEdwardLover! Congratulations! On with the story!

I could hardly stay still when the plane taxied on the runway at Pheonix International Airport. I was so close to seeing Bella. It was as though I was attached to her by an invisible elastic, an elastic which was quickly constricting, pulling me to her. Carlisle rested a hand on my shoulder, as though trying to calm me down. But I was beyond calming. Already I could see her face, the way she would smile and flush crimson, how she would feel when I finally held her in my arms again, so safe and warm. So safe. Finally, the plane came to a stop. I ripped the seat belt off and was in the aisle before most of the humans around me were even aware we'd come to a complete stop. Carlisle's hand on my arm again reminded me to be more inconspicuous. I slowed my pace, but still walked swiftly up the aisle, my patience having run out as soon as the pilot had announced we had begun our decent. Through the terminal, and the exit gate, I instantly began to listen for Alice or Jasper, knowing she would be right beside them. I allowed my senses to be flooded with the sights and smells of the crowded air port. I could smell her! Her scent was as powerful as the first time I'd met her, but the need to see her far overpowered my desire for her blood. In seconds I located Alice's thoughts, but they were far from what I expected. She was having a vision.

Bella, running, through the airport, throwing glances over her shoulder. She was expecting us to come after her. The exited the airport and dove into a cab. She didn't go anywhere. The cab driver hadn't decided whether or not to take her. Suddenly, she was moving. The cab stopped outside her house. She ran in, then back out an away from the house. She tripped once, but didn't stop until she reached the ballet studio. A tv was playing a video of her mother. The tape stopped. James stepped out from the shadows. Bella tried to run. James lunged.

I was moving, running before the vision was over. Bella would not die! No! I wouldn't let that happen. I exited through the parking garage. Damn! How was I going to get to her in time without going in the sun! If there was ever a time I regretted being a vampire, it was now. Sticking to the shadows, I moved like a ghost out of the garage and on to the shaded side of the street, ignoring my family's call for me to stop. Stores lined the street, goods on display for passer-bys to see. Perfect. I flitted past one such stand, grabbing a hoodie off one of the racks and ducked into an alley. I pulled over my head and, making sure it covered my face, began climbing to the top of the building. I didn't have time to pretend to be human. I began running across the roof tops of buildings, vampire speed. I'd never believed that if there was a God, he'd pay much attention to me, but as I ran, I now prayed that I'd get there in time, that Bella would be ok, that he wouldn't take such a brave, selfless, strong person like Bella. Seconds seemed like hours as they passed, each one closer to Bella's death. Or finding her body. No! No, I would not think like that. I would stop the future from happening! I would save my Bella! I would! The roof tops disappeared beneath me, b not fast enough. It was ten minutes before I reached the studio. Bella, Bella. How long could she hold on? How long would the hunter drag it out? How long could he hold on? I jumped down to ground level and hurled myself through the door. Suddenly, the single most seductive smell in the history of the universe surged up my nose, dragging me forward, into the studio. But what I saw made me forget all about the scent. Almost. Because I realized that what I was smelling was Bella's blood. And James was leaning over her. And he was hurting her. Without even thinking about it, I lunged as I vicious snarl ripped through my chest, crashing into James, forcing him away from Bella. I was vaguely aware of the rest of my family spilling into the room, before Rosalie and Esme promptly left again. Her blood was too much for them. Carlisle walked over to Bella, no discomfort showing on his face. Emmet and jasper came and took James from me. I badly wanted to destroy him, he who had almost taken away the reason for my existence, but a moan from Bella had me beside her in an instant. Carlisle was examining her many wounds, trying to see where the bleeding was.

"Edwaaaaaard," she moaned weakly, struggling to open here eyes. When she did, I could see they were full of blood from a wound in her forehead. I wiped the blood away from her eyes.

"Edwaaaard," She whispered again. She opened her eyes again and found my face.

"I'm here Bella," I whispered, looking down at her. My Bella, broken on the floor. And then I started crying, broken, heart wrenching sobs.

"He said he had my mom, Edward." The anger in her voice sounded pitifully frail.

"He looked at our tapes." She started to close her eyes again.

"No, Bella!" I said, "No, Bella, stay awake. Stay with me!" I begged.

"I will," she promised even as her eye lids sagged. Suddenly, her eyelids flew wide open.

"My hand," she said. I looked at her hand.

"He bit her," Carlisle said with disgust. My breath caught in my throat. He'd bit my Bella. Bella was changing.

"My hand's burning," she said a bit louder, pain showing on her face.

"My hand's on fire!" She screamed, writhing. I watched in horror as she twisted, trying to escape the fire.

"Watch her legs, it's broken!" Carlisle said to Alice. She grabbed mats and had them bracing Bella's leg before her next writhe.

"Carlisle, isn't there anything you can do!" I cried. He looked thoughtful for a moment before replying.

"You could try to suck the venom out," he said. The idea shocked me. Carlisle couldn't do it. Alice definitely couldn't. It was down to me. I steeled myself and stopped breathing, grabbing her hand and raising it to my lips.

'You can do it, Edward,' Alice encouraged me from beside me. I'll stop you if you come even close to killing her.' Very encouraging. And I began to drink her blood. It was the best thing I'd ever tasted! Amazing, and so much better than the scent, pouring down my throat, sweet and seductive, alluring. At first, Bella writhed more, my own venom mixing with the venom already in her blood stream. But slowly, oh so slowly, she calmed, and then I could taste morphine. I knew I had to pull away, to stop.

Why, Edward? The monster inside me asked. Why stop? This is what you've thirsted for, what you lived for. Don't stop. I almost gave in. But then I knew why I had to stop. Because I loved her. And I always would. Nothing would ever change that.

A/N: K, that's going to be the lead up to the next chapter, when he leaves. Becuz he's all, I love her, never gonna change, and then he has to convince her he doesn't. It's all very twisty  Alright, awesome! Another chapter! And here's the dedication question…Which Band's CD did Phil give Bella for Christmas? Good luck, and see you all in the next chappie!