BEFORE UNDERWORLD WITH HELP FROM THE FIRST SCENE IN UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION. (You will come to see that timeline is slightly mortified but this is done to help the story move faster. All major events from the two movies should be in the correct order)


Amelia leaned against the railing. 'Out again' she thought as she saw two horses ride into the stable. She knew it was Viktor and his lap dog, Kraven.

She let out a sigh of annoyance. "What are they thinking?" She turned on her heel and ran into Markus chest. She gasped and stumbled backwards, surprised to see him on her balcony.

"Did I startle you, Amelia?" Markus asked, smiling down at her.

"Ma-Markus" she stuttered, trying to calm her racing heart. "I didn't see you there"

"Were you going to see what Viktor and Kraven were up to?"

"Yes" Amelia said, looking up at Markus.

"Well then" Markus stepped out of the way, allowing Amelia past him.


Viktor leaned against the door of his horse's stall. He was exhausted and yet very satisfied.

"That was far too close, Viktor" Kraven said, coming out of the stall next to him. "We cannot keep doing this"

"And why not?" Viktor asked, sounding very bored.

"Because someone will notice" Kraven said. "Amelia is going to want to strike back against these attacks."

"Then we let her strike back" Viktor walked towards the door. "We have no reason not to have her help us." He opened the door to find Amelia reaching for the doorknob. "Amelia"

"Where have you been?" Amelia growled, walking in past him.

"Amelia, darling" Viktor began, turning towards her. She stopped him with a dark green glare. "The Lycan have attacked again."

"And you went after them yourself?"

"Of course not. Kraven was with me"

Amelia turned her glare to Kraven. "You're both stupid." She turned back to Viktor. "Do you think you are invincible? That nothing can hurt you? Are you really that brainless?"

"Watch it" growled Viktor. His temper rising. How dare she insult him?

"Watch it? You watch it! You continue to do these stupid things-"

Viktor caught Amelia by the throat. "I said stop it, Amelia!"

"Put her down, Viktor" Markus snarled, as he walked into the barn. Viktor dropped Amelia. Kraven knelt, pulling Amelia up and away from Viktor.

"The Beast has attacked another village" Viktor said, turning his head slightingly to the side.

"William?" Markus said. "Then let us go and find him!"

"We will go after him, Markus" Viktor said, "But He is not worth the risk taken alive."

"He cannot be killed Viktor. You know that"

"We have little choice"

"Let us capture him" Amelia said, standing. "We have tried to control him but we did not put all our strength into it. Let us try again." She paused pushing away from Kraven. "We can work together to take him."

"Tomorrow" Viktor said. "He can't move to far in the day and it will be dawn soon"

"Tomorrow" Markus said, taking Amelia's arm and leading her away before Viktor could speaking again.


"Amelia" Markus said, grabbing her arm as she went to disappear into her room. "I wish to talk to you" he spoke deliberately slow, as though thinking very carefully before speaking.

Amelia allowed him into her room and shut the door. As she turned she said, "What is it-"

Markus pressed his lips to hers as he pushed her back against the door. "Amelia" he whispered against her lips. "You mustn't make him so angry with you" She kissed him back as he pushed her back against the door.

"It's not my fault he's a-" He cut her off, with a finger on her lips.

"What are you doing" Amelia asked, as he leaned his forehead against hers.

"I love you, Amelia" Markus said, slowly, looking deep into her eyes. "I have for quite sometime. I want to be with you."

Amelia looked backed into his eyes and nodded.


Amelia walked into the thrown room. She sighed, thinking she was alone, when a pair of arms wrapped around her shoulders. "I need a favor" a voice said in her ear.

"Let go of me, Viktor" Amelia said, trying to shrug him off.

Viktor turned her around before letting her go. "I need you to help my men track down William."

"That is what we are going to do tomorrow, Viktor" She said, giving him a look. "Remember?"

"No, my dear" Viktor said, a sinister look passing his face. "I need you to use all force necessary to capture him and lock him away. Even if it harms him. Even if it kills him. I need you on my side about this Amelia."

Amelia looked at him, confused. "Are you saying…?"

"Markus' love for the beast is foolish and I will do all in my power to sever it"

"You-You're going to kill William?"

"No, not necessarily kill him…but use force that may…harm him." Viktor grabbed her arm to stop her from turning away. "Markus will not want to harm his brother but we must do what we must do"

"And if I refuse?" Amelia looked down at his hand around her arm.

"You would not dare refuse me" Viktor said, rising to his full height.

Amelia nodded, understanding the unsaid threat. "Yes, my lord" she whispered. He released her.


The army, led by the three elders, rode up to the village that William had attack. Dead and dying, lay everywhere. "My God. Brother, what have you done?" Markus whispered.

"Find him" called Viktor. The army spread out, Amelia among them, honoring her promise to Viktor.

"THEY'RE TURNING" a vampire solider yelled, as he was attacked.

"Go" Viktor yelled to Markus.

"You need my help" Markus protested.

"We need you alive" Viktor rode off into the fight. Markus rode into the woods.

"Find Amelia" Viktor called to one of his men.

A roar ripped the air as the man ran up to Amelia. "We found him."


Markus came upon the scene as the soldiers shot grapples through William''s furry form. "MORE" a female voice called. Markus turned to see Amelia.

"Amelia!" he said, shocked. His voices showed he was hurt.

"More" she called again before looking at Markus. "I'm sorry."

William finally fell as Viktor came up. "Markus" he called.

Markus turned on him. "He was not to be harmed. Place him in my charge as we agreed or you will pay for your deceit!"

"And you will learn your place. Your sympathy for this beast is foolish. Your brother is entirely beyond control. It will be done MY way." Viktor said, stepping closer.

"You know well the consequences if your murder me. Or William."

"If you so much as speak his name again you will have chosen that future for him" Viktor growled.

Markus looked around. Amelia looked crestfallen as Viktor's men raised their crossbows towards Markus. "What is thy will, my lord?" he whispered.

"Imprisonment for all time. Far from you." Viktor said as he turned away.

"What have I done?" Amelia scrambled down to where Markus stood. "I'm sorry. Please, forgive me. Please, forgive me, Markus" she begged.

"Go find your precious Viktor" Markus growled turning and starting away.

"It's not my fault" Amelia said scrambling after him. She managed to get in front of him and grab his shoulders. "Please" she begged "I had no choice." When he refused to stop, she pulled him back around to face her. "I had no choice, Markus."

"Get away from me, Amelia" Markus said, sharply.

"I-I" Amelia released him. "I'm sorry" she whispered more to herself them him.