I put off adding this chapter for so long because, I think, I just didn't feel like I wanted to give up the story just yet. And Yet, I feel that continuing would only lead to holes and timeline errors and all those things that I hate when I read other people's work.

So without further adieu, the end...


The hundred year reign of came to a close none too soon for Amelia's liking. She arrived back at the Corvinus mansion the very night of the awakening. She had instructed some of her most faithful to stay behind and keep her home up for her, so she would have it when she rose again.

Standing at the tomb of her husband she found herself inwardly hollow. She did not feel the normal excitement and joy that came with Markus' awaken.

The coven seemed to notice the coldness of their Elder. Little did they know she would become known for this very thing.

Markus' casket rose slowly from it resting pace and Tannis snapped the clips into place locking it in a horizontal position. Once the casket was secure, he backed away. Amelia stepped forward slowly, looking down at her husband and fellow elder. Biting her wrist she let the blood pool in the drain that then moved the blood over Markus' mouth.

The blood slowly dripped down. When she heard his heart begin to beat, she pulled her wrist back licking the wounds that were already beginning to heal.

As was the custom, the coven cheered. Then the council members shooed everyone from the room.

Tannis stepped closer to Amelia. "Milady, shall I stay and help you?" He gestured slightly to Markus' coffin.

"No," Amelia said, with a dismissive wave. "I shall manage."

Tannis bowed respectively and left her alone.

Amelia checked the blood in the bath. It was still warm and fresh. She turned back and found Markus, looking quite dead, behind her. He was leaning heavily against his casket, staring at her.

"Your bath is drawn." She went to move pass him but he caught her arm and pulled her too him.

"Lilith is dead?" He whispered, his voice not as strong as he would have hoped.

Amelia refused to meet his eyes as she nodded.

"Oh Amelia," Markus said, softly, stroking her hair as he felt the pain of loss sharp in his chest.

"I have things I must prepare," Amelia whispered, trying to pull away.

"Amelia, I want you here with me," he said, catching her wrist and pulling her to a stop. He knew it was her allowing him to stop her that kept her there for he was quite weak.

She shook slightly and even with her back to him, he knew it was with tears. Pulling her back, he wrapped her in his arms. The pain of loss cut them both deeply. After she had recovered, she helped him to the bath, which he sank into.

With a deep sigh, he let his head rest against the back of the tub as his strength returned slowly though the blood. "You have cut ties with Lucian?"

"He let her die," Amelia whispered, resting her head on the edge of the tub near his shoulder.

Markus rested his hand in her hair. "I'm sorry"

"What have you to be sorry for?" Amelia asked, her eyes closed. "You did not let your daughter die."

"Neither did you," Markus said, softly, looking over at his wife. "You could not have known of Lucian's attack. Soren trained her himself. He would never had allowed her to join the ranks of the Death Dealers had he not thought her capable."

Amelia gave no response. She wouldn't not be comforted. She knew, the truth: her daughter's blood was on her hands as much as on Lucian's.

"Where is Soren?"

"Around somewhere," Amelia whispered, with a slight shrug.

"Have you had any contact with him since?"

Amelia shook her head. "I moved to America. The mansion is so beautiful…Lilith would have loved it."

"Why do you shun him?" Markus said, enjoying the warmth of her hair under his hand. He had been cold for so long and with this news, he felt he may never be warm again.

She was silent for a long moment. "I don't mean to be so. Every time I see him he looks at me, like he remembers her. It pains me to see it."

Markus nodded without comment. "Are you ready then?"

Without explanation, Amelia knew what he meant. She nodded. "Yes"