Hey everyone! This is my first Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fanfic. So I hope do it all right. And sorry it's short. But that's how I'm gonna introduce the story. Anyway hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.


Jesse sat on the roof of his house and was looking up at the stars. He needed to go out and see what everything was like. But his parents always said no because of what he is. He was listening to his parents fight about how he should and shouldn't be able to get out of the house for once.

"He needs to experience new things! Like people, school, and friends!" His dad yelled.

"I don't want my only baby to go and get killed by whatever or whoever wants to hurt him!" His mother yelled back.

He was growing tired of this. Every time Jesse brought the subject up about going out to explore new things. And try to make friends his parents would always fight. That's when he devised a plan that maybe once a week he would sneak out. But this wouldn't be the best time to do that. So he just sat up there for a few more minutes before heading back down into the open window leading to his room.

As soon as he did that the door to his room opened. He didn't see either of his parents. And he didn't have any siblings. So who could be at his bedroom door without his parents noticing?

"Is your name Jesse Anderson?" The voice asked.

For a long time Jesse didn't speak. He wasn't sure what to say. But then not seeing who or what ever was leaving he decided to answer. "Yes. I'm Jesse Anderson."

The being let out a sigh of relief. "My masters would like to speak with you about an important matter."

Jesse wasn't sure what to do. He couldn't call for his parents. Even though they always fought about Jesse being out into the world. He didn't want to put them at risk. "Alright. Let me just tell my parents that I'll be going out." 'And maybe never coming back.' He added mentally.

The figure wasn't sure but let him do it. So the figure nodded his head and let Jesse pass. Jesse got out to the living room where his parents were still fighting. "Mom, Dad." He said. His parents stopped fighting and looked at their son.

"Jesse, what's wrong?" Hearing his mother's concerned voice he looked to the ground. How was he supposed to break it to his parents?

"Son? Please tell us what you're what's wrong." His dad said. That's when Jesse looked back up and answered.

"Mom, Dad, since it's dark out and no one is out there is it alright if I go out for a bit?" Jesse wasn't sure if his parents would let him. And there were no people out and about at night. So maybe they would let him. He has already gone out a few times. But that was only when he was younger and with his parents.

Jesse thought they start arguing again but they didn't. "Well," His father stated, "as long as your back before dawn and no feeding. Am I clear?"

Jesse just nodded. He was glad that his parents were letting him go. But his happiness was short lived thanks to the figure still lingering in Jesse's room. He headed back down to his room and started packing. He told the being that his parents said it was ok. And he would go with him.

He threw the duffel bag out the window so that his parents wouldn't get suspicious. Then he headed back towards the front door and went out with a 'goodbye' to his parents. After that he headed to get his duffel bag from the side of the house. The figure was already out waiting for him and motioning for him to follow.

"My masters will be quite pleased that I have find you, Jesse Anderson. Or should I say Vampire Prince."