Hello everyone! This is my first multi-chapter fic, and my second Storm Hawks fic. I tried to make this fic a bit more happy (be warned, I've made many sad attempts of humor in this fic), but I couldn't totally stay away from tragedy (really, I'm an overally happy person, but in my writting, there always seems to be this tragic stuff that shows up...) Anyway, I did my best to feature all the Storm Hawks in this fic, though it is mostly based on Aerrow, and I did my best to keep true to how I think the characters would act to the situations I've put them in.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Storm Hawks or any plot line or character that may be assosiated (though I do own some of my own characters you'll meet in the comming chapters). Also, I do not own the song which I've take the beginning and end quotes from (this will be further explained below).


"Just wait though wide he may roam
Always a hero comes home."

The sun shone merrily in the clear afternoon sky. The scattered cloud floated by gently in the light breeze, moving happily on its way. To the average eye, this was a beautiful day, one to be thankful for. However, there was one, slightly paranoid merb who thought otherwise.

Stork stood ridged at the Condor's controls. His eyes twitched back and forth, searching for any early signs of some future peril. Mumbling to himself about certain doom, his eyes darted from one lazy cloud to the next, his intense glare daring any of them to suddenly become some kind of bringer of death.


Stork jumped in surprise at the sound of the communicator, hitting his head off the ceiling. Grumbling as he rubbed the bump forming beneath his black hair, Stork pressed a button to accept the message.

"Urgent message for Aerrow of the Storm Hawks!" came a voice from the communicator.

Aerrow looked up from the round table behind Stork where he and Piper were going over her latest 'best plan ever.'

"This is Aerrow, Sky Knight of the Storm Hawks speaking." he responded.

"Aerrow," the voice on the communicator, "You're parents request your presence on Terra Atmosia."

"That's impossible." Aerrow answered, a tinge of pain in his voice, "My parents are dead."

"No, I meant you're real parents." the voice answered.

"What kind of sick joke is this?" Aerrow asked, his voice sharp with irritation, "Who are you?"

"I am the Head Councilor of the Sky Knight Council, and this is no joke." answered the voice on the communicator.

"I don't understand." Aerrow answered, confused.

"Come to Atmosia and I will personally explain everything." the High Councilor said before signing off.

Aerrow stood stunned, unable to move. He jumped when Piper gently layed a hand on his shoulder.

"Oh, sorry." she said as she pulled her hand back, then looked at him with all seriousness, "So, what do you want to do?"

Aerrow looked out the Condor's front window for a moment, considering what their next move should be.

"Set a corse for Atmosia." Aerrow finally said, "I want to get to the bottom of this."

"He goes and comes back alone
But always a hero comes home."

Ok, time to explain one or two things...

Music is a very big part of my life, and I find I get much of my inspiration from it. However, this fic was not inspired by any music whatsoever! But, I've gone throught the many songs on my iPod, and found some quotes I believe go with each chapter of this fic, and have decided to give you guys a little game to play. At the beginning and end of each chapter, there will be a quote from the same song (a different song for each chapter). I will not name the song the quotes are from until the next chapter, so you guys can see if you can guess the song their from! I hope you guys will find this entertaining...

On a similar note, the quotes from the prologue are actually more of a forshadow of what is to come then anything. If anyone can guess what these two quotes are forshadowing to (at anytime during the fic) , I'll be very impressed! Have fun!

Lastly, I'll be putting up this fic pretty quick. Being by first multi-chapter fic, I wanted it complete before I posted it (because I know how annoying it is when an author starts a fic and never finishes it). I plan to put up a new chapter everyday!

So, review if you can, but I'm not going to push the issue. I know how hard it can be to find the time to do a proper review (I'm a busy person myself!)