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"Let's make the best of tonight..."

"Well, this has definitely been an interesting few days." Aerrow sighed to himself, leaning against railing of the balcony.

Tired of meeting his parents' overly talkative quests and being asked by every young - and sometimes older - woman for a dance, Aerrow had slipped out (though not before pointing the young women in a 'Finn-ly' direction). He'd made his way up a level and out onto a balcony, where the sounds of music and chatter were only a dull roar.

The balcony had been carved out of the side of the terra, much like the windows in the Storm Hawks' quarters. No matter where Aerrow looked - up, down, left or right - all he could see was the deep blue sky, stars still twinkling in the early morning light. A gentle breeze whipped Aerrow's hair around his face. It almost felt like being on his skimmer.

"I see I'm not the only one who needed to get out of there." Aerrow turned to see Piper standing in the doorway.

"Please say that your alone." was Aerrow's reply.

"You want me alone, Aerrow?" Piper asked with a smirk, as she walked over to stand beside the Sky Knight.

"You know what I mean." Aerrow answered with a smirk of his own, shoving the crystals specialist playfully, "I just didn't want those crazy court girls following you out here so they could find me again!"

Piper laughed, "They did seem to be growing quite attached to you. But I can't blame them."

It was Aerrow's turn to twist a comment, "Really? You can't?"

"Oh, don't start that, 'Mr. Hero Sky Knight Prince Sir', isn't that what one girl called you?" Piper shot back playfully, "Or how about, 'Gorgeous Young Man', that was the seventy-odd year old woman, am I correct?"

"Oh, what did I do to deserve this?" Aerrow asked dramatically.

"Well, that's what you get for saving the day and defeating the Dark Ace in front of all those people!" Piper laughed, and then put on a pretend pout, "Oh, and for not finishing that dance with me."

"I totally forgot about that..." Aerrow admitted, rubbing the back of his head with his hand.

"That doesn't change the fact that you owe me a dance!" Piper said, winking at Aerrow.

Turning to Piper, Aerrow bowed low and exaggeratedly, "May I have this dance, lovely lady."

Piper giggled, but gave Aerrow her hand. The pair twirled around the balcony to the low sound of music that drifted up from the below. They found themselves staring into each others eyes and not ever wanting to look away.

When the music died down, Aerrow stopped dancing, but didn't let go of Piper.

"You know, you look really beautiful tonight." he commented, making blushes spread across both their faces.

"You're looking pretty sharp yourself," Piper answered, "All dressed up and not in those old uniforms."

"Hey, I like our uniforms." Aerrow said, leaning closer.

Piper smiled, "Me too."

As their lips touched in a gentle kiss, Aerrow couldn't help but have one thought. Maybe he should give his parents some more credit; they were right after all.

"...here comes the rest of our lives."

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