In a land very, very far away, almost unheard of, there was a young man named Link.

Link was trying to live his life normally, but after the events that had happened several months ago, that was hard to do.

Link was a hero.

He had been born with a Triforce mark on his left hand. He hadn't known it way back when he was little, but this tiny mark made of three connected triangles made him destined to be the hero of the mythical land of Hyrule. Several months ago, a strange curtain of twilight had enveloped the land of Hyrule. People turned into spirits. Monsters turned into more horrific monsters. Link, however, had been transformed into a sacred wolf due to the power of the Triforce of Courage on his hand. After being imprisoned, breaking free, and finding a strange helper named Midna, who was a member of the Twili who had covered Hyrule in twilight, Link went on a long quest to vanquish Zant, the usurper king of twilight, and eventually Ganondorf, who was a dark lord who had been pulling the strings all along.

And ever since then, Link couldn't look at one of his friends without thinking, "I remember how I saved him by jousting a monster on top of a bridge," or see a cat and think, "I remember talking to Louise the cat in wolf form."

He wasn't quite treated the same, either. It wasn't just because of his change from grungy farm clothes to the garb of an ancient hero. His friends still hung out with him as usual, but there was almost like an aura around Link that made people want to get on their knees and beg an autograph from him.

Link was done with his farm duties for the day. He had a job as a goat wrangler for a man named Fado who lived in Ordon Village along with Link. Link always enjoyed taking a refreshing walk in the woods after this. Which was what he was doing now.

Link passed over the bridge and entered the Faron Province, which was a particularly wooded area known for its lush forests. A squirrel scurried away from him as he passed by it. Link smiled as he saw the furry creature. He liked squirrels.

But he didn't expect what was coming next.

Suddenly, the squirrel stood upright, still as a statue. Link watched it with small amazement. But his amazement grew when the squirrel toppled over sideways. When Link looked closer, he saw a small dart sticking out of its neck. A hunter?

How wrong he was.

Out of the woods came a small creature Link had never seen before. It was ugly. It looked like a mixture between a crab and a scorpion. Its tail was already growing another dart. Link had faced much more fearsome foes (like a gargantuan spider in the Temple of Time), but this one looked dangerous. It leaped onto the squirrel and starting gorging itself on the fresh meat. Link backed away slowly, hoping it wouldn't notice him. He wasn't equipped with any of his usual weapons, so fleeing was about his only option.

It noticed him.

It craned its small, ugly body over to Link, the squirrel's blood across its tiny face. Link froze, keeping eye contact with the thing. He dared himself to breathe. The scorpion-thing arched its tail over its body.

Link stood still no more. He dashed off in a zigzagging pattern. He sensed that the dart had been fired but had missed him. The ugly little creature was following him now. He could hear its many legs tapping along the ground behind him and its unearthly cries. He looked behind him and saw its tail was arched again. How can it grow darts back so fast? Link thought to himself. This was a creature he had never even dreamed of in his nightmares, and he certainly didn't want to see it again.

Link felt a sharp pain in his ankle. He had been hit with a dart. His leg became strangely numb, and he fell over.

It didn't taken long before the ugly monster was on him. It began stabbing him with its pincers, trying to immobilize him. With his other free leg, Link kicked the thing off and tried to stagger back to his feet. He felt it leap onto his injured leg, grip it like a vice, and take several bites out of it. Link stepped on it with his other leg and kept it pinned to the ground. The thing raised its tail again.

And that's when Link noticed it. A huge, sturdy tree limb was lying nearby. He grabbed it, leaned back, and swung forward. The hideous monster was knocked several yards away, near the bridge Link had come across. Without hesitation, Link took another swing at it and smacked it off the bridge. He listened to it shriek horribly on the way down and heard a bloodcurdling crunch as it bashed against a boulder as it fell. Link stared at the dead monster for awhile before he felt the numbness in his leg start to spread.

There could be more of them around, Link thought to himself. Keeping the stick as a weapon, Link limped off to home, where he collapsed in front of his house.