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Chapter 1 Begins

Our story begins in the Konoha Park where Sasuke Uchiha was thinking of a way to get revenge on his older brother. "Maybe I should dye his hair pink" mumbled Sasuke. "But pink makes me puke. I can hide all of his clothes. Then he'll go burn mine." While Sasuke was pondering of ways to get back at his brother, someone shorter with a purple baseball hat, a white t-shirt and navy shorts and was bumped into him. The person fell.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." the person apologized politely with a soft-spoken voice.

"You better!" Sasuke shouted.

"You're just lucky I even said sorry to you punk!" the person shouted.

"What are you blind?! I'm the Sasuke Uchiha. I have millions of crazy fangirls who would go crazy and beat you up for bumping into me."

"Oh yeah, how much do you want to bet that I could make your fangirls beat you up instead?"

"500" Sasuke said with cockiness in his voice.

"Okay, but I'm warning you. I will not lose."


Sasuke and the person were in the mall. A crowd of girls were surrounding them.

"You said you have millions of fangirls. So why do I only see about a hundred?"

"Because some girls are probably busy at home."

"Whatever. Either way I will win." The person said shrugging their shoulders. "Now watch and learn." The person walked up to one of the girls.

"Excuse me pretty lady, that man over there was being mean to me." the person said pointing at Sasuke. 'Like anyone will fall for that silly act.' The girl walked up to Sasuke and skapped him right across the cheek.The person walked up to Sasuke.

"Oh, you just got bitch slapped!" The person whispered. Sasuke punched the person.

"But mister I just wanted to check if you're okay!" The person said loud enough for the whole crowd to hear. Sasuke looked at the crowd and noticed that they were getting closer by the minute.


"So, when do I get my 500." The person said. The two were back at the park. Sasuke gotten beaten up not only by the fangirls but also nearly everyone who heard the person.

"You actually think that I had the money." Sasuke said tired.

"Well yeah, you agreed to the bet."

"You are the most stupidest person I have ever met!"Sasuke shouted. " I was never going to give you the money. Now look; I never want to see you ever again. If I ever see you again little worthless piece of-"

"OKAY MISTER!! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" The person shouted. "You can call me stupid, assume that I'm blind, beat me up, but never, NEVER call ME worthless." The person removed the hat revealing pale white eyes, short dark blue hair.

"Hinata Hyuuga!?" Sasuke shouted. 'The #1 shy, most quiet, nice, and polite person in school is shouting in my face.'

"Because of your ignorance, from now on I shall be your pimp!" Hinata said, pointing a cane that came out of nowhere at Sasuke. Sasuke bursted out laughing. "And what is so funny about you being one of my bitches?"

"1. A girl like you doesn't even know a thing about being a pimp. 2. I'm Sasuke Uchiha the No. 1 badass in school. 3. I'm nobody's bitch. So, why don't you go back home and play with some dollies." Sasuke was about to leave, but then he noticed something. "WHY THE HELL DID YOU PUT A COLLAR ON ME!?"

Hinata smirked taking out a remote. "Just a little present from me to you for deciding to let me be your pimp. Now if you don't listen to me that collar will send an alert to someone who will make you listen to me when I press this button." She pointed at the big black button on the remote.

"Ha! That's just a stupid bluff. Besides there is no one that I can't beat!" Sasuke scoffed. Hinata pressed the button. Sasuke looked around for anyone. Hinata pressed the button again. Nothing happened.

"Well where is he?!"

"Oh yeah, I gave him a day off today." Hinata softly said. She turned to Sasuke. "Just wait, you'll see that you should never underestimate me! And I shall get my money!" Hinata put her hat on and ran off.

'Today has been really confusing,' .

Itachi was hysterically laughing. The almighty, Mr. Serious, you-should-never-see-him-laughing-because-laugh-was-stupid-gay-and-creepy Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke was standing under his older brother's doorway frowning.

"I'm being serious here. I mean, where does she get the nerve to make me her bitch." ranted Sasuke. "And what is up with this collar? Couldn't she think of something that was a bit more scarier. She could have made it shock the victims or cut my head off or something."

"Actually, I think that is pretty smart." Itachi said putting on his jacket. "It has more positives than negatives. As for yours, it will end up with a lot of unsatisfactory results." Sasuke's jaw dropped dropped.

"Okay then, how is mine more worser than hers?" Sasuke asked.

"Yours includes bitches ending up dead. The police will be looking into it. You'll go to jail eventually. You'll end up bugging me to help you out. Then I'll go to your cell and kill you for thinking for a single moment that I will help you out." Itachi said nonchalantly. "On the other hand, hers insures that no one gets killed, reported, and the bitches will listen to her."

"Stupid Itachi, thinks that her idea is better. He doesn't even know a thing a about being a pimp" grumbled Sasuke walking down to the kitchen.

"You're just angry cause you got pawned!" Itachi shouted.


"I'll get it," Itachi shouted running downstairs to the front door. 'Maybe it's one of his friends.' Sasuke gotten out the carton of milk.

"Hi Itachi, sorry for disturbing you at your home." 'That voice!' Sasuke dropped the carton and ran to the front door.

"YOU!!" Sasuke growled. "What are YOU doing here?"

"You guys know each other?" Itachi asked.

"Unfortunately," Hinata said letting herself in. "I came to talk to you about this idiot."

"I can hear you," Sasuke said.

"I know I wanted you to, stupid chicken butt," Hinata retorted. Itachi started snickering.

"What did you just call me?!" Sasuke shouted.


"YES!! I CAN!! NOW SHUT UP!!" Sasuke shouted.

"Hey chicken butt, learn how to use your inside voice," Hinata said. Hinata headed into the living room.

"Chicken butt, bring in some hot cocoa," Itachi ordered.

"Who said you can call me chicken butt?" Sasuke grumbled getting the hot cocoa while Itachi and Hinata talked in the other room.

"So, Sasuke is the new kid. I always knew that his stupidity will make him end up here."

"Yup, he bet 500 and didn't pay it back and called me worthless!"

"Well at least it's a better excuse than last time."

"What was the excuse last time?" Sasuke asked the two interrupting their conversation.

"None of your business," Hinata scoffed.

"Fine then no hot cocoa." Sasuke said. Itachi smacked Sasuke and handed Hinata a cup of hot cocoa. "How in the world do you guys know each other anyways?!"

"Secret!"Hinata shouted. "Anyways, tomorrow you have to go to this address at 12 o'clock." Hinata handed Sasuke a piece of paper with an address written on it.

"Why do I have to go?" Sasuke asked.

"Cause your life depends on it." Hinata said in deadly tone. She turned to Itachi and said sweetly "Bye Itachi have a great night!" Sasuke slammed the door and looked at the address.


Chapter 1 Ends

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