Just some Jack/Ianto now I've finally actually seen cyberwomen and I'm working on a serious story.

Ianto broke away from the kiss first.

"What's wrong, Yan?" Jack asked, feeling the change in his lover's mood.

"I…you…today…you should know…" Ianto whispered.

Jack, alert now, whipped his head round in alarm. "Are you okay Yan?"

"How could I ever be okay? It was…her birthday. Today. Her birthday…"

Oh crap. Jack had hoped Ianto had moved on, living to honour Lisa by not grieving.

That was how Jack dealt with the deaths of loved ones…

"Listen Yan. She wouldn't want you to spend your whole life grieving, she would want you to live, to have a life, to be happy for her…"

"It's easy for you to say!" Ianto shot back, the emotions taking over his usually calm appearance.

"You think?" Jack shot back, angry now. "You think I haven't lost people? In all the bloody years I've been alive and you think it doesn't hurt? Birthdays, Christmases, you think they don't hurt? Do you?"

"I…" Ianto was lost for words. He'd never considered…Jack was always so happy…

"Yeah." Jack's tone was hard as he stood up and left the kitchen.

Owen glanced up. "Jack? Has Ianto finished shagging you now? Can he MAKE THE COFFEE?" he yelled, obviously trying to make Ianto hear him. Jack ignored him and carried on to his office.

"Jack? Are you okay?" Gwen asked, hurrying after him.

"Leave me alone, Gwen." Jack told her bluntly.

Gwen paused, hurt and confused by Jack's tone. "Jack? What's wrong?" But he carried on walking.

Tosh glanced at Owen significantly. "Whad'ya think happened?" she whispered.

"Check the date. Cross reference it with Jack and Ianto, find out whether anything happened." He suggested. She nodded and went back to her station.

Ianto leaned by the coffee machine, angry and confused. He hadn't meant to anger Jack like that…but Lisa's birthday had been a special day, the time they had moved in together…he felt a pang of regret. His whole life had been taken away from him. And what did he have now? Jack. Jack, who wouldn't care if he went missing. Jack, who'd just find another person to shag, another person to make completely fall in love with him.

Jack was his life, his reason for living.

Lisa was his life though, wasn't she?

He felt confused, wondering who he loved. Lisa or Jack? Past or present?

Owen entered the small kitchen, noticing Ianto slumped over a coffee machine.

"Ianto? Listen mate, I'm not going to ask you if you're okay but…well, did Jack ever tell you how I got this job?"

"No." Ianto didn't really care. He was sure, knowing Owen, it involved sex and drink. And, probably, aliens.

"My fiancé…she was…well, she had an alien growth inside her head. It killed her. She could have been saved." Owen sounded dour.

"Like Lisa, you mean…" Ianto was interested now, trying to picture Owen in a serious relationship, actually in love, committed…

"Yeah. Ianto, the pain never goes away but it becomes…you can deal with it. Even if it reminds you of her…whenever you fancy someone, whenever you love someone…even if it reminds you then, it's deal able. And-" he took a deep breath. "Jack's right. You've got to move on…for her." Ianto nodded.

"I just feel...frightened…it's selfish, I know, but I don't want to be hurt again…"

"He loves you too. He wants you to move on for Lisa for your sake, but he does want you, Ianto. You're not just a shag to him…" Owen muttered. "Look, I hate doing this, but it's so damn obvious you love each other! So please, it's driving us all crazy!"

"Are you sure?"

"I know you loved Lisa, and losing her is hard but maybe Jack is what you need to help you with that. Yeah…I'm sure."

Ianto just nodded and headed to Jack's office, ignoring everyone else's glances.

Ready to let Jack Harkness help him move on.

Hope you enjoyed and that it fitted in with the characters as much as possible. Thanks for reading!