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"Jack?" Ianto asked as he entered the office.

"Yan." Jack sounded miserable. "Come to move on?"

"You…you were listening…?" Ianto whispered.

"Sounds like we've been stupid." Jack turned around, treating Ianto to a grin even though both of them knew Jack's heart wasn't exactly in it. "Everyone else has known that I…"

"That you what Jack? That you…love me?" Ianto spat. He couldn't help being annoyed at Jack for listening into a private conversation.

"Yeah. I promised myself I would never fall in love again…that it wasn't fair…but I guess you can't help it can you?"

"You really love me?"

"I…I love you, Ianto Jones. Yeah, I really love you."

"Don't sound so miserable." Ianto joked. "Jack, I…I think I love you. But this guilt…inside me, all the time, making me think of Lisa…"

"Okay." Jack breathed deeply. "I know I'm crap at psychology but, well, I know how I deal with this okay? So just listen."

"Right." Ianto nodded.

"Remember a time when you were ill or something, when you were with Lisa. Remember how that felt… was she happy that you were ill? Or sad?"

"She was sad." Ianto whispered. Jack noticed his tears but pushed on, not unremorseful, but knowing he had to help Ianto and this was the way to do it.

"Yeah. She was sad, wasn't she? She didn't like you being ill. Now remember a time when you were happy. How did she feel?"

"When I made amends with my mum. I was happy…she was pleased for me, she was happy too." Ianto said, smiling through his tears.

"Yeah. So, do you think Lisa would want you to waste your life grieving over her? Being sad forever? Or do you think she would want you to move on, be happy but honour her?"

"She…she would want me to be happy…" Ianto said. "She would want me to move on…"

Jack came over and kissed him, hard, both of them finding pleasure in each other, Ianto not holding back but kissing Jack back.

"Now Yan…" Jack said, his eyes glowing with delight. "Now how do you feel about being with me?"

"I feel…no more guilt…" Ianto told him unbelievingly. "But do you really love me Jack? Can you love me?"

"I used to think I couldn't love again…but then...then I met you, Ianto Jones. That day with Lisa…you never told me but you broke my heart."

"Because I loved someone else?"

"No…well, there was that as well. But you actually made me feel bad. What was it you said? "I just clean up your shit, no questions asked"?"

"I think that was it." Ianto agreed. "It was true…then."

"Yeah. Then." Jack said. Then he asked. "I'm never going to disrespect Lisa or anything Ianto, okay? So…are you okay with us being together now? It's not just shagging, okay, so are you alright with it?"

"I don't have a choice Jack…I love you." Ianto replied, kissing him again softly, out of love.

"I love you too but I would stop because in…ooh, ten seconds, someone's going to come to see whether we're killing each other in here…" Jack said.

"They should know better then to sneak in on us by now…" Ianto laughed, stopping all the same.

"Have I helped, Yan?"

"Yeah. Maybe…maybe there can be life after Lisa after all."

"There is Ianto, I promise." Jack murmured, kissing Ianto's neck, sliding his tongue down…futher and futher, tearing Ianto's clothes off as he went...

Owen and Tosh laughed when they heard Gwen's shriek of apology.

"Told her not to go up there…" Owen said.

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