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3 senior boys were standing near an alley between two old stores. The stores had been closed a few days ago and no one was near. The said boys were talking to each other quietly as if some one would hear them, but there weren't many people walking, and it was starting to get dark.

From a distance, 3 other boys were walking on the sidewalk. Simple smiles on their faces. They were so happy that they had finished the first semester of high school. They were of course freshmen. "Hey, Gaara, Kiba, do you think we'll be living here for the rest of our lives?" One of the boys said. He had spiky blonde hair that swayed with the fall wind. His skin was a light tan that was all natural, and his sapphire blue eyes put the sky to shame.

"I'm not sure Naruto. Maybe we might. But that all depends on our care takers." One of the other boys with flaming red hair spoke up. His eyes were like green gems as he looked at the street before him. "Come on Gaara, stop being such a stick in the mud!" The boy at the end of the three put a friendly arm around the shorter red head. He had brunette hair that stuck out in all angles just like his two other friends. "Kiba, you're being too loud." The brunette puffed his cheeks and stuck out his tongue at the red head.

As they neared a corner to turn, they were abruptly pulled into an alley. "He you three, were do you think you're going? Did you forget what day it was today?" The three seniors that were talking to each other before looked down at the freshmen they each held. Kiba looked up at the one holding him by the hair. It was a boy with his hair in a pony tail that almost looked like a pineapple. "No, we didn't Shikamaru."

Another of the senior boys pushed Gaara against the concrete wall until he heard the red head groan in pain. This boy had long brown hair that tied into a low pony tail at the bottom. His eyes were so clear that appeared as if he had no pupils.

Lastly, a tall raven haired boy held Naruto by the front of his shirt. His onyx eyes pierced into the blonde's blue ones. It almost appeared as if he was looking into the blonde's soul. "Well, today is actually a much more special day than most of the usual ones, ne Neji?"

The clear eyed boy smirked as he looked at the young red head. "Yes, Sasuke, today is much more special than usual. And do you three know why today's a much more special day?" Each senior looked down at the one they were holding.

All three shook their heads no and looked up to meet eyes with other. "Today is much more special because today is the anniversary of when we met you three two years ago. And we have decided what to give you as a sign for this special moment. It's something you will have all to remember us by when we leave."

Shikamaru leaned down and pulled out a bag with all sorts of items and passed it around to his other companions. Neji took out a carving knife from the bag along with red ink. He also pulled out a lighter handed the bag to Sasuke. The raven put his hand in and pulled out a switch blade that was sharp t o the touch. He also retrieved black ink. He then handed the bag to shikamaru who took out what remained in the bag. It was a cake spatula shaped like a triangle and he pulled out a miniature hand torch. Along with that, he also got red ink.

The three younger boys looked at the seniors with sheer terror in their eyes. "Don't worry, Naruto, this wont hurt, much." The raven smirked as he pulled the blade out.

"Just relax Gaara, it wont be that bad." Neji laughed lightly as he looked at the red head.

Calm down, Kiba, it wont be so troublesome." Shikamaru looked at the brunette with a bored expression on his face.

Sasuke pushed Naruto down on the ground as he held the shivering blonde's wrist. Slowly, he put the sharp edge of the blade to Naruto's cheek and torturously dragged it across the blonde's sensitive skin. "GAAAAAHHHHH!!" Naruto's screams sent a shiver down Gaara's and Kiba's spine. They watched helplessly as their friend's face was being cut.

Sasuke pulled the blade away from Naruto's face as he looked down at the scar he made. He then reached for the ink bottle and poured enough in the scar to cover it. Naruto tried to scream again, but Sasuke covered the blonde's mouth with his hand. It stung and burned Naruto's skin. It was slowly and painfully killing the tissue that would have grown over the wound. The raven continued to do it again as his friends watched.

Neji got tired and looked down at Gaara. "See Gaara, it's not that bad." The red head was breathing shakily as he looked at the older boy. Neji, pushed Gaara down against the wall and held his hands up above his head. "Now, what to do?" Neji pretended to think until an evil smile spread across his face. " Right here is perfect." He moved some of Gaara's hair from his face and put a finger on the left side of his forehead. "That would be a lovely spot to make it on." Leaning over the redhead, Neji put the edge of the carving knife to Gaara's forehead and began. "Ha-AHHHHH!!" Gaara, screamed as Neji kept carving his flesh and moving the knife to different angles as if writing.

Shikamaru sighed and noticed how is friends were taking their sweet time with the boys. He looked down at the shaking Kiba, and smiled boredly. "Don't' worry, I won't take as long as them. Just hold still." Shikamaru grabbed the cake spatula and the torch and began to heat it up until it was bloody red. Kiba felt the heat radiating from the burning item and swallowed hard. Shikamaru leaned in and placed the scorching hot instrument on Kiba's cheek. The brunette screamed for all he was worth and tried to pull away, but Shikamaru had him by the waist.

Sasuke got up and smirked as he looked down at the blonde's face. Three black scars were on each side of his face. Blood still running down and fussing with the left over ink. Tears ran as well.

Neji sat on the ground looking at Gaara as the boy shook violently. A deep red wound on his forehead stood out. It spelled 'love' in Kanji. Ink had been put in it to make it stand out more. Along with that, Neji gave himself the privilege to burn around Gaara's eyes. The red head could barely open his eyes due to the fact that they burned every time he tried to.

Shikamaru looked at his work and smirked. Kiba had gotten two crimson red burns on each side of his face. Triangles pointing downwards. Red ink was put on them to make them look like art, instead of burns.

All three older boys walked to each other and smirked. "That was fun." Neji passed a hand through his long hair and looked back at Gaara. "I think we should go. It's getting dark and we still need to practice for tomorrow's show." Sasuke and shikamaru sighed as the looked up. "Yeah, Sasuke, you need to finish that song. Neji and I'll be practicing on our parts. Besides, I need a new symbol and Neji needs a new string for his bass. "Alright then, we should go."

Neji and Shikamaru waked away while smirking as Sasuke looked down at the blonde. "See you tomorrow Blondie. And remember, if you or your friends tell anyone that we're behind this, you know the consequences." Sasuke picked up the things they used and walked away. Leaving the three boys to shake in pain and fear.

A few hours passed and it was already dark. "G-Gaara, K-Kiba. We need to get home." Naruto stood up and helped his friends up as well. Dry blood stuck each one of their faces as they looked at one another. "Naruto, why does it always happen to us?" Kiba was beginning to sob as he ld onto the blonde. "I'm not sure Kiba, but our luck will change one day you'll see." And with that said, the three of them walked home.

The next day

Sasuke Neji and Shikamaru stood at the gates of he school as soon as the bell rang and waited for the three freshmen to come out, but they never did. "You think they squealed?" Asked Shikamaru. The three sighed decided to go see if the three other boys.

After a few minutes, they had arrived at an old run down apartment. The went to the owner of the building and sighed. "Excuse me, do three boys around fourteen live here?" Sasuke looked at the old man leaning against the wall on a chair. "Oh you mean, Naruto Gaara and Kiba?" The old man smiled at the three. "Yes, so they live here?" The old man sighed and looked down. "Well, those boys were a mess yesterday and it was the day their care taker came to see them. From the looks of it, that woman wasn't very happy. I'm afraid the three boys were moved. I just found out they were in the witness protection program and were hiding out here to be safe. But, they were attacked." Sasuke and the others tensed up for a bit ."The thing is, non of them would say who it was. But because of it, they have been moved to a safer place. Sasuke looked down. Maybe they had taken it to far.

"Do you know where they were moved to?" It couldn't be the that far thought the raven. "Well, they were moved to America." All three older teens looked at the old man. "Yup, that's what the woman said. To the states with those three. And they were such good boys."

Sasuke, Neji and Shikamaru regretted what they did, they had taken it way to far.


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