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Naruto abrutely sat up in his bed. It was four in the morning and he had barely slept. Only falling asleep and waking up moments later. Gaara was in a light sleep across the hall from him in another room.

As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, Naruto looked around his dark surroundings. He felt like a prisoner. It had been so long since he had gone outside and smelled the open air and felt the wind across his face.

His heart felt heavy and his mind perturbed. So many things were going on. He wanted to find a way to just relax, but after all that was happening, there was no way that was going to happen.

He knew Gaara was also feeling the same way. The red head was the oldest, so he worried over everyone. That included Naruto himself. Gaara was always concerned about his best friends. Be it their physical or mental state. He was always there beside them.

Naruto rubbed his eyes and reached down to grab his cell phone from within his shoe. He had hidden it from the guards protecting him and Gaara. They had taken everything they had that would allow them to contact the outside world. Out of everything, Naruto kept his phone hidden.

Even if it wasn't large, he liked looking at the images of the world through the internet connection on his phone.

As he went to open the screen, he noticed that it said that he had received a message. The blonde swallowed dryly. No one, not even Iruka knew his phone number for that particular phone. He had gotten it anonymously and prepaid it. He also never gave the number away to anyone. He only had it for internet purposes.

Maybe it was a wrong number? Slowly, Naruto went over to his text folder and clicked on the new message.

His eyes widened as he looked at the words.

"Hello, my little Naruto."

A shiver ran down the blonde's spine and his hands began to shake. They were only words, but he couldn't help but feel the sinister meaning behind them. It was from Kabuto.

He had gotten Kiba's cell phone. He had somehow….discovered Naruto's number. The blonde had not even given the number to the brunette. So how did this man-…no…-this monster, gotten it?

Another shiver ran down Naruto's spine as two more text messages reached him. He tried to calm his breathing as he clicked on the first new one.

"I knw ur there. Not a word to any1. Or else, bye bye."

What? Naruto didn't understand. Bye bye to what? And how did he know? What was going on?

Again, Naruto opened the second message.

His heart dropped at what he saw.

It was Kiba. The brunette was tied. His body was bruised. There was dry blood over some parts of him. He was undressed. The only thing on his form were his thin boxers.

The phone fell from Naruto's hands. Tears silently made their way down his face. His mouth went dry and his bottom lip began to quiver.

Quickly, the blonde grabbed the phone and ran into his bathroom. He locked the door and slid down the wall.

"Why…." The tears continued to fall. They weren't from sadness, but from anger. He was angry at himself for not being strong enough to do something. Not strong enough to save Kiba.

Again, the light from the phone went on, signaling another message. This time, Naruto didn't take it slow. He flipped the phone open and looked at the message.

"Wat will u do? Want to help?"

Naruto grit his teeth. His fingers moved on their own without his mind to help.

"Wat do I do?"

The message was sent before he had time to think about the reply. But his body and mind were no longer connected.

A new message was sent only seconds later.

The reply back was only three words long.

"Come to me."

Naruto swallowed. He didn't care about what happened to him anymore. He just wanted to stop the pain that Kiba was going through. He didn't deserve to be treated in such a way.


A one word message. It would determine his faith.

Seconds later, he received his reply.

"In 2 days at 3. In your room. I will be waiting. No 1 else. U 4 him. Or bye bye."

Naruto knew that was the last of their conversation.

He had willingly given himself up for Kiba. It didn't matter.

Naruto knew that he would be missed, but Kiba was more important. The young brunette had to live through his family being burned alive. He had seen his mother's body burned and the skin falling.

Kiba was loved by everyone that got to know him. Naruto didn't want to think about himself and people missing him. It was a part of life. He would willingly give himself up if It meant saving more.

If Kabuto had him, he would release Kiba and leave Gaara alone. He would stop threatening innocent people and hurting others.

As thoughts went through Naruto's head, a knock was at the bathroom door.

"Naruto, are you alright? I heard you go into the bathroom and bang the door. I didn't want to be nosy, but you have been in there for a quite a while. Is everything alright?"

Gaara was always concerned when it cam down to him and Kiba. The blonde wondered if Gaara would be mad when he found out about his decision.

"I'm fine Gaara. Just…felt like going to the bathroom." Naruto opened his phone and deleted the texts. If the phone was ever found, he wanted no one to know that he had made a deal with a demon.

After deleting the information, Naruto stood up and looked at himself in his mirror. He turned the phone off and put it in one of the soap boxes and under his sink.

"Are you sure you're alright Naruto?" Gaara put a hand to Naruto's shoulder and gave him a concerned look. He had turned the lights on when he entered the room to check on the blonde.

"I'm fine Gaara, just, you know….stuff going through my head." Gaara sighed. "Alright, but talk to me when you feel troubled alright? I know you're kind of jittery from bring in here for so long, but, it's for the best." Naruto swallowed and gave a fake smile and looked down as he nodded.

"You two should be asleep. Please return to your room Gaara." One of the guards had entered the house when he saw the lights on to make sure the two young men were alright.

"I'm going. Sorry to have bothered you sir." Gaara looked at Naruto for a bit until the blonde gave him a lop sided grin. "Sorry to wake you Gaara. G'night."

After the house fell silent yet again, Naruto laid in his bed fully awake. The things he had just done processing through his mind.

"Did I do the right thing?" He thought for second. "I did."

With Sasuke

The raven haired man cautiously walked down the stairs of Kakashi's home. He had to train his legs into moving. He gripped the side railing and made his way down one step at a time.

He knew that if he pushed himself too much, it would only make his recovery process worse. He had to take it I slow and steady pace. Something he really hated doing.

After a few minutes of careful maneuvering and cautious steps, Sasuke had made it down to the bottom floor.

Kakashi was on the couch watching the news until the phone rang.

"Hello, this is Kakashi." The older man listened to the other speaker until he dropped the phone.

Sasuke watched from a distance as the gray haired man tried to get the information to make sense.

The raven made his way to Kakashi until he was in front of him. He looked down at the phone, then at the man's face. It looked as if he was told the world was going to end.

"Kakashi, what is it?"

The older man finally noticed Sasuke's presence and swallowed.

"They know who tried to kill you…" Sasuke's eyes widened.


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