They're always the same. Always in the forest, alone, cold and dark, like in the horror movies. Branches were breaking, leaves crackling, wind blowing so hard that it made my whole body shiver as I was running towards the light, at the end of the tunnel of trees, in nothing more than a nightgown struggling to escape the darkness, bruises and cuts appeared on my pale skin as I brushed past branches, but I gave them no attention. I was running towards my destination; the light.

Relief flooded through me as I saw it within my reach. I ran towards it, eager to leave, to make my escape. A few trees away it started to disappear and I started to run faster to catch up but it was too late. It was gone taking away my hope and replace it with despair. Once again the darkness surrounds me and becomes my only comfort. Broken I fell to the ground, crying in distress because I wanted to get out but was trapped. A chilling breeze rustles up the leaves and I hear it. The sound of my name being whispered. Whispered by him. Panic begins to fill my body and I know I must get away. Away from him. Away from the loneliness the dark brings.

I ran blindly in the dark trying to find a safe place to hide or a glimpse of some sort of exit. Ignoring the pains in my legs and the burning sensation in my lungs, for fear that his body may be somewhere lurking behind me. Running through branches I trip on the root of a tree, falling on to damp, mushy soil. Dirt, twigs, and leaves were tangled in my massive strands of dark blue hair. My nightgown was ripped and torn covered in dirt but I didn't care. I was more concerned about my ankle. It had snapped when I tripped and was throbbing with pain. Biting my lip in frustration I tried to stand but the pressure of my body on my ankle made stumble down in pain.

"Hinata. Hinata. Where are you?" I heard him getting closer but I couldn't get up. I tried but was unsuccessful. I grimaced in pain because it hurt so much. Tears started to form and I desperately wanted to get away. I attempted to crawl when I heard a twig snap behind me. I froze. My body went cold as I felt him body behind me. I couldn't move when I felt his breath in my ear or when his cold hands touched my shoulders, fear held me in place and I couldn't do anything about it. He brushed my hair behind my ear. I could hear the smirk in his voice when he said my name.

"Hinata," he whispered as he wrapped his cold hands around my chin facing me towards him, he make me look as his face where I met a pair of crimson red eyes. "It's time to play." He said, laughing as I screamed.