Wow guys I seriously can't believe it. It's been 5 years...5 years since I've been on this site. I have forgotten all about it in High School because of school, life and my transition to college. (can you believe I'm a junior graphic and interactive communications major now in college) I'm not a writer I love doing it, but i tend to leave it unfinished... I have all these ideas and then I never get to finish, but my goal on my bucket list is to complete 1 story at least this year..and i decided to finish one up. Not any of my Hinata stories because I lost those drafts and documents for the story long ago for it to be continued.. (sorry guys!) but I did a couple of years ago add some poems and stories to wattpad..i'm thinking of finishing up one called The Titanic Sunk, Prince Charming was a fake and yet you're still a Hopeless Romantic and writing a draft for that chapter as we speak. I'll paste the link here. Thank you once again for the support and kind comments hopefully this story will perk your interests.