It was silent in the hub

It was silent in the hub. Jack was sulking in his office, Gwen was half-asleep on her desk and Ianto was sitting out in the reception. It never used to be like this, a couple of weeks ago there was laughter, music and shouting.

A couple weeks ago Tosh and Owen were alive.

Gwen sighed and shifted slightly, she was meant to do some paperwork, but couldn't keep her mind on it. Things have recently been tense, everywhere. At work she, Jack and Ianto were quiet for most of the time, when they were out on the field Jack would panic and treat Gwen and Ianto like china dolls.

Actually they treated each other like fragile china dolls.

At home Rhys was barely there. When he was he would glare at her, sigh and tut. For the past two weeks he's been trying to get her to quit. She refused and it ends with massive rows where he runs off and stays with his mother or Dave.

It didn't help that Ianto and Jack were officially broken up. That just multiplied the tension up. Ianto said it's because Jack was using him to get over someone, that he was using Jack as well. And yes he loves Jack to pieces but their relationship will get the no where.

Life in the hub was silent and tense.

There was a beeping sound, Gwen jumped up and rushed to the computer, glad to hear the sounds of rift activity. She typed hastily the codes and saw the little blimp on the map.

"Jack, Ianto, rift activity" she shouted running to her desk picking her jacket up. Jack was running down from his office, his coat swishing behind him.

"The SUV is ready" Ianto's voice said through the com.

"Thanks Yan" Gwen said running to the SUV and sliding into the backseat as Jack took the drivers.

Five minutes. Five short minutes and they were there. Like the hub is was quiet, the warehouse was ever so quiet.

"I'm getting déjà vu" Jack said "we stick together, no one strays away"

The other two nodded and the three pulled their guns out, holding them up in the air, treading slowly through the warehouse, eyes looking everywhere.

There was a sound of soft breathing, getting faster and faster, the closer they got to it.

"Helloooooooo?" Jack called "we don't want to hurt you; my name is Captain Jack Harkness, and I -"

A small boy stood up quickly from behind a crate. He had messy brown hair, big brown eyes. He was in jeans and a t-shirt, he looked at Jack and said, "But you can't be, Captain Jack is a story"

"What?" Jack said looking confused "I think I'd know if I was a real or not"

"You're in the story" the boy said "the bedtime story, the story of the Doctor, you can't be real"

"Little boy I can assure you that I am real" Jack said "so is the Doctor, great bloke…sometimes…he's a bit rude"

The little boy edged out from behind the box looking up at Jack in fascination. "The Doctor is real?" he asked his eyes sparkling. Jack nodded. "Amazing" the boy whispered he then held out his hand to Jack "you're on of my favourite characters, after the Doctor, his companion and the TARDIS of course"

Jack took the hand and shook it "I'm flattered…I think"

"Did you really almost turn the world into gas masked zombies?"

"Err…rather not talk about it"

"Sounds like something Jack would do" Ianto murmured in Gwen's ear. Gwen muffled her giggles when Jack glared at the pair.

"But you can't be here" the little boy said "Mummy said you died"

"Oh? Well I can't"

"Can't what?"

"Can't die?"

The little boys eyes widened into big chocolate coins "was it a Torchwood experiments?" he asked "some of Mummy's workers have weird side effects from the experiments, one time Uncle Jake lost all of his hair"

"No I was like this before Torchwood….hang on how do you know about Torchwood?"

"Because Mummy and Grandpa run Torchwood, silly Billy"

The three exchanged startled looks; there was something off about this little boy.