Twenty years later…

Twenty years later…

John Peter Tyler tugged at his bowtie uncomfortably while checking his reflection. The aging process of a Time Lord had slowed down to a stop five years ago and he could pass as his father's younger brother if he wanted to.

"I hate this suit!" John declared "every time I wear it something awful happens"

"Your father always said that" a calm voice said behind him. "But if you ask me it was always him that attracted the trouble"

He turned abruptly to see a beautiful dark-skinned middle-aged woman with grey hairs starting to show and wrinkles just forming round her eyes.

"Aunt Martha!" he exclaimed gleefully "nice to see that you and Tom managed to make it. Adoela and Adam weren't sure you could beg the time off of Jack"

"It's Jack's daughter's wedding. Everyone that's Torchwood was given the day off. We have K-9 manning the Hub, though I don't trust that tin dog not since my tampons disappeared from my desk drawer and appeared onto Ianto's desk in an Eiffel tower model"

"Erm…yeah about that…that wasn't K-9" John said tugging his ear

Martha rolled her eyes "just like your father" she muttered "I'm here to check your pockets"

"What? Why?"

"Let's just say your mother is outside right now emptying your father's pockets which just happens to be filled to the brim with bananas and since you're your father's son…"

John sighed and pulled out the banana from his pocket and handed it to Martha, who raised an eyebrow causing him to pull out a few more bananas.

"But you should always bring bananas to a party!" John protested

"Good god you sound exactly like your father"

John and Martha turned to see Rose walking in looking as young as she was when John was six. Turns out the effects of Bad Wolf included immortality which Jack gleefully experimented with for two months before the Doctor told him to stop killing his girlfriend (causing a whole round of teasing on Donna's side).

"Besides Donna has banned all bananas to be even mentioned to her after the incident at her third wedding" Martha reminded John.

"I was ten! I didn't realise that leaving a banana skin on the aisle meant that the bride will trip over and break her leg! And it's not my fault she pretended she was all right just to continue the service"

"The woman just didn't want to go through a fourth wedding" the Doctor said coming in the room "which is ridiculous because the first she ended up in the TARDIS and her fiancée was a fraud. The second wasn't even real and she can barely remember it. If you ask me the third one with Ianto should have been counted as the first. And it's not like she even planned this one, nope Ianto did. Though Ianto always seemed a little anal when it comes to this planning stuff. Not that I should be surprised since he slept with Jack"

"Done babbling?" Rose asked teasingly

"Yes" the Doctor said scowling down at his wife. He turned to John "out of all the women in the entire time and space you had to choose Jack Harkness' daughter to get married to…why? Do you not realise what a pain Jack is as a friend let alone an in law?"

John let out a chuckle "Rowena Toshiko Cooper-Harkness is not only the love of my life but probably the only one that can spend the rest of my life with. It's lucky she inherited the immortality gene"

"There's nothing wrong with Owen" Rose said agreeing with her son.

"The woman likes to be called a man's name and that does not worry you at all?" the Doctor asked raising an eyebrow.

"It's Jack and Gwen's fault" Martha pointed out "they were the ones who chose Rowena just so they can nickname the girl Owen after their friend who died far too many times if you ask me"

There was a knock on the door and a small redhead popped her head through. John beamed down at his baby sister, the youngest of them all only seven named Belladonna after Donna (something that Donna wasn't pleased about when she pointed out that Belladonna was a poison. And the day ended with the Doctor getting slapped when he said 'well she was named after your poisonous tongue then!' John wondered if his father was ever on Donna's good side).

"All right Bella?" he asked "you look smashing in your flower girl dress"

Bella looked down and blushed; she was unnaturally shy considering who her namesake was and who her parents and grandmother was. "Thank you" she whispered "I just came to tell you that Victoria and Jenny are arguing again and Jamie has gone making out with his girlfriend and Auntie Donna is shrieking at Uncle Jack"

"Oh dear god I can't turn my back on these lot for one minute" Rose said sighing.

Victoria was the same age as John's lovely future wife, literally the exact age. Jack had hinted that the pair of them was conceived at some sort of symbolic sex night. But the Doctor immediately ruled it out when he pointed out that the two girls were conceived when Rose and he were reunited and Jack and Gwen got together. Victoria Jacqueline Tyler had the same headstrong personality as her grandmother and she had also inherited the same slap. Both she and Jenny got into many fights.

Jamie was sixteen and was enjoying the rush of Time Lord Hormones. It wasn't till when Donna threatened to give him the snip when he slowed down on the girlfriends. His latest had actually lasted two months. Something that everyone was pleased about.

It was about two seconds before the door flew open and Donna stomped in. "honestly that man! What Gwen sees in him I don't know" she snarled "what kind of father gives his daughter kinky sex advice?"

"Jack" John, Martha and the Doctor said in unison.

Donna rolled her eyes "the ceremony is starting in two minutes, I'm supposed to tell you that you need to be in your places now" she then stamped off muttering under her breath.

John, Martha and the Doctor quickly walked out of the backroom of the church and took their places. John stood at the front by the alter with his best man (Bannakaffalatta the third); from his position he could see his family and friends. On the brides side was Gwen sitting with her three other children (Jack Jr, Emma and Andrew) Ianto, Donna (though Donna was tempted to sit in the grooms side) and their children (Gwendolyn, Liam and Ceridwen) and a few college friends of Owen's.

On the groom's side he could see his mother and father, Jenny and her latest flame, Jamie and his girlfriend, Martha and Tom (and their twins Adoela and Adam), Sarah Jane and a few other friends he had made through time travel.

The music started and Bella strolled down shyly while throwing petals onto the ground, she was shortly followed by Victoria who was made of honour and the Jack led Owen down.

The ceremony was short but sweet and most importantly got to the point. That he was prepared to spend forever with this woman. The photos were taken and everyone was prepared to have fun at the reception when Ianto dropped the video camera on his foot.

"Mother fu-" Ianto began to curse, when Donna coughed loudly to remind her husband that there were younger children around. "Fudge! Mother fudge"

Bella tugged at Donna's skirt and whispered to her "Uncle Ianto was going to say a naughty word wasn't he?"

Donna sighed; nothing ever really changes does it? But when she looked round the room to see the happy faces of her family and friends. And when she saw John who she once nicknamed the Rift Child dance with his wife, she realises that she doesn't want anything to change.

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