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Chapter 1: Potter and Snape

"Now, Potter, there's a story that I need to tell you about the Dark Lord," Severus Snape, Potions Master of Hogwarts and Head of House for Slytherin, told the green-eyed, be speckled boy.

"The Dark Lord? What about Voldemort?" Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Will-Not-Die, asked him, leaning forward in the chair that was positioned in front of Severus' desk.

"Amazing, potter, you know who the Dark Lord is. Please, enlighten me more," Severus drawled. He sat down at said desk and raised a brow for Harry to continue if he so chose to.

Harry glared at him, "What is this story, sir?"

"Watch your tone, Potter," Severus growled, "Remember, the rest of the school believes that you are in detention with 'the evil bat of a professor' disemboweling frogs. That was exactly my plan of punishment before the Headmaster stepped in and told me this wondrous story that I now have to tell you." Severus got up from his seat and walked around the desk, coming to a stop in front of Harry.

"Listen here, Potter," he placed his hands on the arms of Harry's chair and leaned in close, "if this wasn't so bloody important I wouldn't be doing it. So listen good because if your stupid, moron mind does not grasp what I'm about to tell you I'm not repeating myself."

Harry gulped and nodded, not wanting to argue or provoke his professor more (for once).

Severus smirked, "Good. Now I'm going to tell you the very long and complicated story of Ellie Ivy Potter—"

"Potter?" Harry exclaimed, getting a glare from Severus for interrupting.

"Yes, Potter, Potter," Severus winced at how stupid his statement just sounded but continued none-the-less, "your great-aunt Ellie was alive at the time Tom Marvolo Riddle went to school."

"She went to school with Voldemort?" Harry asked.

Severus nodded, "Precisely, now no interruptions or you'll be visiting the Frog Bucket," he smirked when a look of disgust plastered itself on Harry's face.

"Yes, sir."


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