Author's note: Hey

Author's note: Hey! Its me again. I hope none of you guys are too bummed that I stopped writing my other story. It wasn't doing very well anyway. So this is my new story. Its pretty self explanitory. Just read and find out. If you haven't read my other story, How to Embarrass a Cullen, then I suggest you do, cuz I mite be refering to it. Mite! Just to be safe I would. Anways, here is my new story. R&R and most of all enjoy!

Truth or Dare with the Cullens

By Books r a girls best friend


It was an average Saturday night. Bella and I were in my room listening to music. She picked up a magazine Emmett had left in here. It was a very…revealing magazine.

I could see Bella's face twist into anger and confusion. I knew she was gonna ask.

" Edward?" She said holding it up.

" It's Emmett's. Don't ask me why he has it."

" Oh."

Edward. I would like you to call everyone and come down stairs A.S.A.P.

This better be important, I thought.

I sighed and said " Follow me Bella.."

" Where are we going?" She asked. Her face looked confused. She looked so innocent. I couldn't help myself. I had to lean down and kiss her. " Alice." Was all it took to replace the spot that used to be confusion, with horror. Bella knew what Alice was capable of. I didn't blame her for being horrified. I wold have been to if it weren't for the fact that I was invincible.

Cullen living room ((5 minutes later))

"Alright Alice. We're all here. Now tell me why you wanted us ."

"Um. Well, I'm bored."

"And…" Emmett said. Rosalie elbowed him.

A little help Edward.

I sighed. It had been a while since ALL of us did something together. In fact I don't think we ever have.

" truth or dare." I mouthed to her. And that was about all of the support she was getting from me.

" I just got a great idea!" she said throwing a glance in my direction. " We could play truth or dare!"

Well if you don't know my family, that didn't go over very well. Everyone was groaning and mumbling under their breathe and sighing. Their thoughts weren't all that positive either, but we won't go into detail on that.

Well it was a nice try Alice.

" Come on guys! We never do anything together! This could be fun."

" I guess so. I'll play with you Alice."

Before I knew it we were ALL sitting down.

" Well I'll go first. Emmett, truth or dare?"