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I Can See the Venom in Their Eyes

Bella's POV:

I arrived home at dawn once again. Though Edward had fallen back asleep quickly, I stuck around. I couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to protect him, though the greatest danger to him all night was myself. I just couldn't get Alice's vision out of my mind-it couldn't have been me.

"How is it?" Alice asked as I walked through the door.

"Shouldn't you know? You're not seeing Edward with someone else, are you?"

"No," she replied slowly. But I saw you with someone else…

I stiffened. What could she have possibly seen that I would be with anyone else?

"Who?" I whispered. The next thing I saw in Alice's mind nearly threw me off balance.

In the woods at night, I ran through the trees-obviously hunting. Suddenly a dark figure dropped from a tall Evergreen.

"Bella…long time no see." The figure chuckled lightly. His voice was deep and menacing as he continued. "You know, I never did understand your…habits. Where's the fun?" The figure stepped into the moonlight, where I noticed the playfully dark smile on his face…and his ruby irises.

I gasped, eyes wide. Alice stared at me with concern.

"Bella? What is-" I ran to my room, dragging her with me. Arriving there, I shut the door. Although it didn't entirely matter-vampires can hear exceptionally well whether there's a door or not.

"Who is it Bella?" Alice whispered. I could hear the panic even in that and I was sure that I appeared close to hysterics. I gripped the door handle; shaping it to the inside of my hand I couldn't look Alice in the eyes as I answered, nearly silent.


Alice's POV:

As Bella told me about James, I couldn't help but worry even more.

"I met James when I was out on my own for that little while…"

"Your rebellion?" I asked. Bella finally looked up at me.

"Yes." She said, coolly. "I was traveling when I met up with him, he being a nomad and all. I thought he could be a valuable companion at the time."

"But?" Bella shuddered a little.

"He's a tracker. And a malicious one at that…while I would be the one to help someone from a stalker or a thief or a cold-blooded murderer, he was the stalker and the murderer. Eventually I couldn't handle it any longer and I left him. Not without a fight though…" If my stomach could turn, it would've at that moment.

"What would bring him here now?"

"I don't know."

"Could he be looking for you?" I asked timidly.

"I don't know," Bella repeated, her voice flat. We were silent for a while but when Bella spoke again, it seemed as though she was talking to herself. "I thought he had a new mate," she muttered. "That Victoria…"

"You were his mate?" I hissed involuntarily.

"No!" Bella snapped back. "He expressed an interest in me, but I refused. Though he didn't take it coolly." I tried to wrap my head around it all. I knew that Bella had left ten years after becoming a vampire, but I hadn't known any of this…

"Could you be-"

"-the one he's here for? I doubt it." She finished. "Why, after all this time? No, it has to be something different." Bella paced back and forth, the room progressively getting lighter as dawn broke. Suddenly, her head snapped up as if something had just occurred to her.

"Alice, the other day…you saw something about me, right?" Her question caught me off guard.

"What are you talking about, Bella?"

"The night of Edward's date, I came home and you said you had seen something. But I didn't want to know."

"Oh," I replied, things snapping into place.

"It wasn't anything with Edward and…James. Was it?" I saw her expression grow frantic as she awaited my answer.

"No, if you remember correctly I was smiling as I told you about that."

"Right," she breathed a sigh of relief and her shoulders loosened from the tense pose. "What was it, then?"

"I thought you didn't want to know…" I smirked lightly, but I soon noticed that Bella wasn't one for humour that morning. Her impatience rolled off of her in waves. I sighed a little and continued. "I saw him here. Edward. Meeting everybody." She raised an eyebrow at 'everybody' and I knew what she was getting at. "Okay, maybe not everybody. Sorry to say that Rose hasn't smartened up by then."

"That's all it was? Nothing life threatening for him? Well, other than walking into a house full of vampires."

"That's all, Bells. I promise, we'll all be on our best behaviour."

"I think I should wait a little bit before bringing him here." She said, more to herself again. "Let things settle down after last night and all…"

"Your decision," I said before standing up. I patted her shoulder and walked down to the room Jasper and I shared. It swam in front of me and I knew another vision was coming.

James had Edward pinned against a tree, ready to bite. Bella arrived just in time to keep it from happening. Brief flashes of fighting entered before I saw James escape and lunge for Edward, biting him just above the collarbone.

I came to and found myself gasping for breath. Which was ridiculous considering we don't need to breathe.

"Alice?" I head Jasper mutter in my ear, right before going under again.

Edward's body lay there, motionless and blood flowing freely from where James bit him. Screaming sounded off in the distance, though it was unintelligible.

I saw Jasper's face in front of mine again, but it didn't last for long. It swam there until I was back in the dark forest.

Bella held Edward's broken body in her arms. His rose and fell slowly, as if he was asleep. Bella cried tearless sobs while James stood in front of them-laughing.

His cruel laughter still rang in my ears as I pulled myself out of the vision once and for all. I was in Jasper's arms immediately, shuddering as I felt him try to soothe me.

Almost as quickly as the despair took me, I felt the wave of calm wash over me. I was amazed to find myself on the floor, but I didn't think twice about it. I buried my face in Jasper's shoulder and shut my eyes, trying not to think about what I'd just seen-for both my sake and Bella's.

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