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Chapter One

As Joey walked down the streets of Domino, he wondered if he would ever find the courage to tell Seto how he feels, then maybe they would have what the others found, true love.

He passed by Domino High and memories flooded his mind. He remembered how he and Seto first met, and all the name-calling between them and a tear ran down his face. Joey was so hopelessly in love with Kaiba that it was killing him, because he was terrified to say anything to him about it.

As he walked, Joey passed by the coffee shop where he use to work and where Seto would come in and order the same thing every time and how he use to fantasize about Kaiba coming in and asking him out.

As he stood there looking in the window, Joey thought that he was seeing things, because he thought that he was seeing Seto standing at the counter and he was ordering his favorite café latté.

Joey closed his eyes and when he opened them, again Seto was gone. He must have been hallucinating. Then he heard a voice from behind him and there stood Seto Kaiba and Joey wanted to crawl somewhere and hide.

"Wheeler, what are you doing here?" Kaiba asked.

Seto stood there waiting for Wheeler to answer him, but for some reason he acted as if he could not hear. Seto then tapped him on the shoulder, and when Joey turned around Seto said a little louder, "Wheeler what are you doing here?"

Joey jumped, then he swallowed, and he said, "Last time I checked it was free world, so why do I have to answer to you?"

Seto chuckled as he heard the come back and then he said, "You're right, it is. Now would you be so kind to answer my question."

Joey then said, "I was following you."

Seto couldn't help it, he started laughing, and then he said, "Why would you be following me for?"

Joey then sarcastically said, "Didn't you know that I've been in love with you for years?"

Then he walked off leaving a bewildered Seto standing there with his drink in his hand.

Joey hurried down the road and as he got nearer to his house, he began to run so that no one could see the tears running down his face. When he got inside he slammed the door shut, he locked it, and as he stood there against the door, he just fell to pieces and cried until he couldn't cry any more.

Seto stood there watching Joey hurry off and still he didn't know if what he said was the truth or just a way to get back at him. Seto then walked to his car, got in and he drove home.

When Seto got home, he went inside and as he closed, the door and he stood there wondering if he should call Wheeler and asking him what he meant?

Roland came out of the den and he noticed Seto standing at the door and by the expression on his face, something was really bothering him.

"Seto, is there something I can help you with?" Roland asked.

Seto jumped because he did not hear Roland come in. Seto didn't know what to say, so he just nodded his head no. Then he went upstairs to his room, leaving a very mystified Roland standing there.

Joey stopped crying and then he began to laugh, and he laughed until his sides hurt as he remembered the stupid look on Kaiba's face when he told him, "Didn't you know that I've been in love with you for years."

Seto was in his room and what Wheeler had said began to bother him, because if what he said was the truth, then he could go tell Joey that he too had been in love with him for years.

Just then, there was a knock on this door and as he opened it there stood Roland and he said, "Seto, what's wrong?"

Seto asked him to come in and then he said, "Today while I was at the coffee shop, something really weird happened and I don't know if what Joey said to me was the truth or not. If he was telling the truth, then I have to let him know that I feel the same way about him."

Roland just stood there and then he smiled because he understood what Seto was saying and he told him, "If it were me, I'd go speak to Joey and find out exactly what he meant." (Roland had a good friend who came out and admitted to being gay, and after that no one ever trusted him again. Roland wasn't about to let that happen to his son.)

Seto smiled at him and then he said, "You're right, I should go and find out just in case what he said was true." Then Seto grabbed Roland and kissed him, then he rushed out of the room, ran down the stairs and out the front door on his way to talk to Joey.

Joey had just walked to the kitchen to get something to drink when there was a knock on the front door. He stopped and turned around; he didn't know who it was. Maybe it was Kaiba and he was there to knock the hell out of him for what he said.

Joey wanted to run and hide in his room until whoever was out there left, but then he heard Yugi call, "Hey Joey you in there?"

Joey all but ran and threw open the door and there stood Yami and Yugi. Yami then said, "Can we come in and talk to you for a minute?"

As they came in, Joey wondered why they were there for, but he didn't say anything. Yugi then said, "Joey do you like Kaiba?"

Joey fell off his chair and hit the floor when he heard that, and as he stood up he said, "Why in hell would you say that for Yug?"

Yami smiled at Joey and then Yugi said, "Mai and Tea are worried about you and they asked us to come talk to you about it."

Joey closed his eyes and then, just as he was going to tell them, there was another knock on the door. Joey went and when he opened it, there stood Kaiba. What was he to do now?

Seto nearly barged into Joey's front door and he saw Yami and Yugi sitting on the couch with weird smiles on their faces. Seto then asked, "What in the hell is wrong with you two?"

Yugi stood up, he grabbed hold of Yami's hand, and he said, "We were just leaving. Joey I'll call you later if that's alright?"

All Joey did was nod his head as he watched them leave, then he turned to face what he thought would be Seto's wrath, but what he found out really threw him for a loop.

Seto walked up to Joey and then he said, "What you said to me outside the coffee shop, was it just a way of getting rid of me, or did you really mean what you said?"

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