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Description: Honoring the Yondaime, Kyuubi raises Naruto like his own son, main pairing. NaruHina

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All hope seemed lost for Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf Village. Today was October 10, the day everyone will not soon forget—The day Kyuubi no Yoko attacked the village.

"Kyuubi, why now? We could've stopped the Uchiha together!" Namikaze Minato, the fourth Hokage murmured. "Something must've pushed Kyuubi-sama to the brink." Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage mused. Minato gathered up his resolve and walked out. Sarutobi rose up from his seat in the Hokage's office. "Minato, you're gonna use it?" The 20-year-old Hokage sighed (A/n: thats how old I think he might be, don't flame, K?) "Yeah, I'm gonna use it...I may have to bargain with the Kyuubi about my son..." He looked at the bundle of blankets in his arms to reveal a newborn blond boy, Minato smiled sadly at his only child. "Alright! Sarutobi I'll see you in the afterlife." At that, Minato vanished in a Yellow Flash.

He appeared on the battlefield, countless dead bodies lay there, and injured ninja. Minato looked at the fuming fox, mooring overhead. Minato sighed and bit his thumb: Kuchiyose no Jutsu! A poof of smoke appeared as a giant toad appeared, the ninja spotted the person on the toad's head. "It's the Yondaime, he's arrived!" With a mighty roar from the crowed, their morale skyrocketed. Kyuubi saw this and growled. "Namikaze Minato...why...why won't you let me kill them! They took the life away my only kit...THE UCHIHA MUST PAY!!"

Minato could only sigh. "I'm sorry Kyuubi-sama, but it must be done! I am Hokage, It's my duty to defend the people of Konoha!" Minato prepared the seals.

"Shiki Fujin!"

Kyuubi looked in horror as the Shinigami appeared, He then felt the soul suck out of his body. Then, Minato spoke up, only the two could hear. "Kyuubi, I've something to ask of you..." Kyuubi's eyes went wide, he respected Minato as a shinobi without equal, and he owed him a request. "Anything, old friend..."

Minato smiled. "I'm giving you only your yang chakra, my son here will have your yin chakra, I want you to take care of him, raise him as your own child...or kit."

Kyuubi was honored, now that was something coming from the Demon Lord. "Request granted, I'll raise your child to be a force to be reckoned with." Minato smiled, a white light surrounded the Kyuubi, "What is the child's name?"

Minato's lasts words were--

"Uzumaki Naruto."

The Kyuubi proceeded to 'Vanish' along with his 'good' Chakra.


The Next Day

"The Child must not be allowed to live!"

"He holds the Kyuubi inside of him!"

"He's a demon! He must die!"

"ENOUGH!!" Sarutobi roared as he calmed the council down, Sarutobi leaned back, surprised that baby Naruto managed to sleep, even over the councils shouting. "Now, I'd like you're opinion one by one, starting with Hiashi." Hyuga Hiashi cleared his throat. "This child is my friends, son. The Yondaime was an unparalleled shinobi, I will not sully his name by murdering his only son—who is just a newborn."

Sarutobi smiled, he knew that Minato had rescued Hiashi's wife from a kidnapping attempt from a Kumo-nin, and that Minato rescued a battalion of Hyuga during the Iwa-Konoha war.

"Well I for one claimed that it should die." Said a certain Fugaku Uchiha. "He's the Kyuubi incarnate, and no doubt that he has no other living relatives, or guardians, that just further proves my accusation."

"Hold up"

All eyes turned to a man standing by the doorway, the man looked to be in his early twenties with long, almost glowing red hair with matching eyes, he wore a Konoha jonin outfit, and he had whisker marks on his cheeks, He was also six-foot flat, and held a power of authority--only Sarutobi knew who it was

So, Kyuubi did agree after all...

'Kyuubi' stepped forward to the council, the all noticed his sharp claw like nails, and a fox-fang necklace. "I'm Naruto's legal guardian... Yokoumaru. " Before the Uchiha could retort, Danzou—the bandaged war-hawk spoke up. "Exuse me, but have you any proof?" Checkmate

Yokoumaru smirked "I have the Hokage's word, write Sarutobi-ji?" The council looked at the jonin like he was nuts, he just addressed the Hokage an old man. Sarutobi nodded. "Correct, Minato himself told me to leave Naruto in Yokoumaru's hands. The Council was dumbfounded, they couldn't go up against the word of the Hokage, even if they were council members.

"All right, we'll sign the papers..." said a defeated Danzo. Yokoumaru smirked. Fugaku;s mouth hung open, Hiashi's eyes narrowed. Hmmm...there's nothing threatening about his aura, but the thing is.. who is he? I've never met him before in my life.

Later that evening, Yokomaru was escorted by the ANBU back-ops to his new home, Yokomaru didn't fail to notice the hateful glares the villagers sent him, and the infant in his arms. He used his acute hearing to listen in

"What is that demon, doing with that attractive man?"

"I cant believe the demon is alive! What the hell was the Hokage thinking?"

"I'm going to kill that bastard, infant or not."

Kyuubi spiked his killing intent enough for the villagers to scatter, he looked into the child's eyes. He noticed he had the same whisker marks on his cheeks, Kyuubi smirked again. At least when he joins the ninja academy, they'll think I'm his father.

As they arrived, Yokoumaru was sent in, it was a simple two story house two bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and a living room and a half-kitchen. Kyuubi walked and and received the key from a shorter ANBU with a dog-mask.

"Thanks for looking after my sensei's son, Yokoumaru-san." Kakashi said as he bowed. "Take care of him."

Yokoumaru smiled. "Thanks, I will." He closed the door and looked into the ceiling. "I will protect to, kit. I won't let anyone harm you, ever"

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