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Naruto walked up to were the Uchiha were sitting at with Hinata in tow, the two talked lightly before witnessing the Uchiha getting up to leave. The blond waved at them. "Hey, you guys!" He called

Sasuke turned to him with a small smile. "Yo, great match out there. Shocked the hell out of everyone." Naruto grinned as the gave each other up-top-high-fives. "We're going about the town to get food. This stadium food sucks so we're about to get something that's edible—wanna go?" Naruto and Hinata nodded.

Itachi quickly checked his wallet before looking over at the teens. "So, shall we go?" He turned to Ayame and told them that they were going, she nodded to him as they left.

(On the streets)

Hana Inuzuka. A Chunin, Itachi's former teammate, and Kiba's older sister, sighed deeply as she walked down the road. She went to her room earlier to see if she had gotten a message from him, but no word. She really misses his letters ever since they've stopped a while back, his last letter said something about coming home soon, but he's not anywhere. She felt a rare chill trail down her spine as her mind wandered into the possibilities of him getting caught. The brunette didn't want to believe, but it was becoming more of possibility every day. 'You better be alive...' She thought.


The Inuzuka looked up to see none other than Itachi, together with Kiba's teammate and his students. "How have you been? It's been awhile since we last spoke." He said calmly.

The teen scratched the back of her head. "Yeah, it has. I swear we should get together more, for some drinks and stuff." She said with a laugh.

Itachi smirked. "I'll skip the drinks, I think you just want to fight me again, don't you?"

"Damn right I do! I'll beat you next time we fight!"

"Good luck."

"Er-hem." Sasuke cleared his throat bringing the older teens to his attention. "Itachi-nii, aren't you gonna introduce us?"

The older Uchiha nodded. "That's right... Hana, these are my students and brothers, Sasuke and Naruto." He said, pointing at the two respectively. "Sasuke, Naruto, this is Hana Inuzuka, my former teammate from my genin days." Hana waved a 'hello' to them. "And I'm pretty sure you know Hina-chan."

Hana smiled. "Yeah, I do. Good to see you Hinata, my brother isn't giving you any more trouble, is he?" She said with a dangerous glint in her eye.

Hinata sweat-dropped as she waved her hands dismissively. "N-no! Not at all, he's been kept in line thanks to Shino-kun." The older girl nodded in approval.

That's when a light bulb went off in Naruto's head. "Brother... Inuzuka... AH! Kiba's your younger brother!" He shouted with a dramatic point.

Hana ruffled the blond's hair. "Hahaha, your the infamous Naruto my brother complains about everyday. Sayin' you're in his way for hooking up with Hinata." She said with a wink. Hinata blushed lightly while Naruto laughed nervously. She turned to Sasuke with a smile. "Sasuke, I have to admit it, but you're kinda cute, you were twice as cute than Itachi back in the day, I bet you had twice the fangirls on you." Sasuke crossed his arms and looked away, muttering about how he's 'too old' to be called cute.

Itachi gave a small smile at the genin, then turned to the brunette. "Say, Hana, since you're hear and all, why won't you come with us to Yankiku Q to eat; I bet you're just as sick of the stadium food as we are."

Hana grinned playfully. "Sooo... Is that date, Itachi?"

"Yeeeah... a date..." The teen deadpanned. In the staduims, Ayame felt a sudden spike of jealousy.

The brunette laughed heartily. "I'm just joking, anyhow let's get going!" Her former teammate eyed her as they walked, her trance from earlier still on his mind.

(At the Hokage's office)

Sarutobi slumped in his chair as he took his hat off and sighed contently. Fortunately they would have an hour intermission, thanks to Naruto, which would give his ninja extra time to prepare for the invasion. He looked over at the window to see Jiraiya poking his body through. "Hey, sensei, there you are." The Toad Senin said as hopped through the window, he looked around the room. "Now where's..." Just then, a figure busted through a closed window, shattering glass everywhere. Jiraiya got on edge as Hiruzen pinched the bridge of his nose.

Yokoumaru barrel rolled next to Jiraiya and stood up casually. "Yo gramps! What did you call me for?" Jiraiya's eyes widened as Sarutobi sunk deeper into his chair. "What? Something on my teeth?"

"At least Jiraiya had the decency to open the window." Hiruzen muttered with a sigh. The Sanin could've sworn he saw question marks floating around the demon fox. The Sandaime straightened up his posture. "Anyway, let's get to business, I'm curious as to why Orochimaru hadn't attacked yet; your thoughts?"

Jiraiya crossed his arms. "I don't know. According to Kimimaro's information, the signal should've been set by now, and the Sound 4 should've trapped Orochimaru and you."

Sarutobi took a smoke from his pipe as he contemplated an explanation. He knew the lanky ninja wasn't lying about his information, but why hasn't it happened yet? Yokoumaru stepped forward. "I think I may know, Gaara hasn't gone yet. He's their secret weapon right? They must be waiting for Sasuke and Gaara's fight, so that way they can activate the signal under the intensity of the fight and put everyone to sleep."

Jiraiya looked over at the demon fox with a nod. "That's sounds about right, but I have a feeling Sasuke fits into this equation somehow."

The red head nodded. "Yeah, Orochimaru may use this to activate Sasuke's Curse Seal, and try to break his sanity." He replied with seriousness in his voice.

The Third gazed with intensity while Jiraiya's eyes widened. "Break his sanity? What's the point of that?"

"Sasuke's been fighting the dark temptations of the Curse Seal, and it has been taking a toll on him. He can't sleep well, and he looks like he's losing it. But that boy has been doing his best to hide it." Yokoumaru said.

"So, by breaking his sanity... He can openly control Sasuke and force him to give into the Curse Seal!" Jiraiya shouted. "This is bad, I should find Sasuke and get rid of that seal!"

"No! If you do that, you'll only hurt his pride. That's the last thing he needs right now. It will make Sasuke believe he doesn't have the power on his own to fight it. What he's been trying to do will go to waist... Sasuke has a plan, I believe."

Sarutobi looked on interested. "A plan?"

Yokoumaru nodded with a smile. "Yup, I think Sasuke's planning to control the Curse Seal, and make it his own."

The Third laughed. "I see, I believe he has the willpower to do it." Jiraiya nodded stiffly. "Moving on, when I fight Orochimaru, I'll be needing backup. So who's going to?" He finally said.

"Kakashi and Itachi, along with us two, will be backing you up. We're not letting Orochimaru getting away with his life this time around. We need the best help we can get." Jiraiya said.

Hiruzen nodded. "Alright then, you two had better go, and get to helping prepare the village for the attack. We must make sure casualties are a minimum. Dismissed." The ninja disappeared in a poof of smoke.

(At the Yankiku Q)

Naruto and Sasuke were at it again with their eating contest, Hinata and Hana were both cheering them along. Itachi crossed his arms and smirked as Sasuke once again went down in defeat, gurgling that he can't eat anymore. Naruto stood on the table and announced his victory to anyone who cared. "YEEAH! I'm undefeated! Yosh!" Hinata looked up at him and clapped as Hana patted Sasuke's back in condolences.

"All right, get down from there before you break the table." Itachi said with a smile. Naruto sheepishly got off the table while the girl next to him giggled at his dispense. The older Uchiha looked over at the group. "So Hana, how have things been?"

The brunette looked up at him. "You know, some ol' same ol'. Doin' mission, taking care of the dogs, the like. So how has a genin team been working out for you?" She asked with a smile.

Itachi looked down, Hana immediately noticed the happy air was waxing and waning as Naruto's expression darkened and Sasuke's expression changed to a mix of anger and sadness. "My first genin team... I lost a student in the Chunin exams."

The teen's eyes widened. "Oh my... I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked..."

Hana looked down as Itachi gave her a lofty smile. "Don't worry too much about it, you didn't know."

The girl smiled sheepishly. "Um... may I ask how it happened?"

"She was killed during her match in the preliminaries." Sasuke suddenly said with his head down. His fists balled up as he remembered the gory scene. "...And I'll avenge her death."

Hana put to and to together. "So... she was your teammate. Sakura Haruno. I'm terribly sorry for your loss."

Itachi shook his head. "Stop that already, you have nothing to be sorry about. We our ways of dealing with it, so just stop apologizing already." The Inuzuka scratched the back of her head sheepishly.

As soon as Sasuke recovered, they left Yankiku Q, They started walking towards the stadium as they made light conversation. "Well this is where we part." Hana said with a sigh. "I'm going to catch up with my family, so I'll be going." She said as she waved to the group.

"Oh, Hana, wait a second." The teen raised an eyebrow at Itachi when he walked up to and whispered something in her ear. The brunette's eyes widened as she raced off to find her family. The kids looked up at him and the Uchiha shrugged.

(In the Stands)

The group found their seats and sat down, Hinata said that she was going back to her father so she went on ahead. They looked down to see Genma clear his throat. "Ok, now that the arena has been fixed, can Shino and Kankuro please report down to the stands?"

"Oi, I give up." Kankuro called from the stands.

Genma raised an eyebrow. "You give up? Are you absolutely sure?"

"Yeah, no way I'm gonna win."

The Jonin referee sighed. "Fine, The Winner by default is Shino Aburame!" The crowd booed at Kankuro's forfeit, Shino meanwhile felt highly annoyed by the fact that he got an empty win. Genma sighed. "Well, can Shikamaru Nara and Temari report down to the arena?"

Naruto stood up from his seat and walked over to where Shikamaru was. "Hey! You're match is up! You ready?"

The pineapple headed genin groaned. "I don't feel like it, I think I'll give up like Kankuro..."

The blond grinned sickeningly sweet. "I thought as much." And with that, he pushed the teen off the stands and into the arena. Temari saw that and grinned, good thing that Shikamaru wasn't forfeiting, because she actually wanted to fight.

Shika got up and pointed up at Naruto in the stands. "Naruto you troublesome blond! I'll get you for this!"

Naruto laughed. "Hurry up and get your match done! You know what's next? You're the appetizer!"

"I hate being an appetizer!"

"Too bad!"

Shikamaru turned to see Temari patiently tapping her finger on her fan, waiting for him to get over so that they can start the match. Shikamaru sighed, "How troublesome."]


Omake: Father's Day

An eight year old Naruto was currently walking through the village, looking for a gift for his dad. Sasuke and Itachi followed behind him. "So... What are we doing, exactly?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto grinned. "We're looking for a gift for dad for Father's Day today! What else!" The boy went into one of the stores and the Uchiha boys followed.

Itachi had one question though. "What's Father's Day?"

Naruto's eyes widened. "You never heard of Father's Day?" Sasuke nodded as well. The blond shook his head. "Why haven't you? Don't the Uchiha celebrate Father's Day, too? The Hyuga do!"

Itachi crossed his arms. "The Uchiha don't celebrate much. We have Clan Day, and that's it."

Naruto beamed. "Well, Father's Day is the day were you appreciate your father. By telling him that you love him, giving him Father's Day Cards, a new set of shuriken, you name it!" The Uchiha boys nodded in understanding. But...

"Yokoumaru isn't our father. Our real father..." Itachi trailed off, not wanting to even think about his name.

The hyper-active blond shook his head. "Uh-uh! Yokoumaru is just as much as a dad to me as he is to you two! So we're going to get him a gift when he gets back from his mission!" The Uchiha boys' eyes widened.

Sasuke looked down. "Really? So, he thinks of us like his sons?"

"Of course! Why else would he? He's our dad!" Sasuke felt the sting of tears as he smiled, Itachi couldn't help but smile, too. "Alright! Let's find him a gift!"

Later that day, Yokoumaru came home from his mission, tired. He yawned loudly as he searched for his keys. He opened the door to notice it was dark, the demon fox turned on the lights, and as he did, Naruto and the Uchiha boys appeared out of their hiding spots. "Happy Father's Day!" They all shouted.

"Father's Day..." Yokoumaru trailed off. He remembered his first Father's day with Naruto, it made his day.

Naruto grinned as the trio brought up three separate gifts with cards attached. "We were stuck between three awesome gifts, so we decided to buy all three of them!"

Yokoumaru chuckled as he opened up Naruto's first. "Well whaddya know! I knew Shuriken Set! I really needed one of these."

"Courtesy of the future Hokage!"

The demon fox tucked Naruto's card away as he opened Sasuke's gift. "New Ninja Sandals? Thanks a lot, Sasuke!"

"Well, your old ones look pretty worn out, so I bought you some new ones."

Finally, Itachi's gift. "Er... Pajamas?" Yokoumaru took the Pajamas out of the box and looked at them, they were black with an orange spiral on the back of the top. The demon fox also noticed some chibi fox slippers, too. "Ehehehe... How.. adorable."

"Yep, those slippers were especially difficult to find. It took us all day."

Yokoumaru took both Uchiha's cards and tucked them away. He wrapped all three of them in a hug. "Thanks you guys, I'll take good care of my presents, count on it!" The boys all smiled up at the man, who took all three of them (Naruto doesn't know Yokoumaru isn't his blood father) in, when they had nowhere else to turn to.

"Happy Father's Day."


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