WheresTheButter has signed on

ItsKennedyBitch has signed on.

WheresTheButter: Hi Ken.

ItsKennedyBitch: Hi Misty.

WheresTheButter: Greetings.

ItsKennedyBitch: And salutations.

WheresTheButter: ..

ItsKennedyBitch: .

WheresTheButter: Stop

ItsKennedyBitch: Finishing your sentences.

WheresTheButter: Ugh

ItsKennedyBitch: !

WheresTheButter: You annoy me Ken. Ah, can't finish my sentence now, can you?

ItsKennedyBitch: No, but I can start a new one. See?

Misty rolled her eyes. Leave it to Ken to try and make himself look intelligent.

WheresTheButter: Why are you so annoying?

ItsKennedyBitch: I have nothing better to do.


WheresTheButter: Did you just quote "The Breakfast Club"?

ItsKennedyBitch: I'm not sure… did I?

Ken smiled to himself. He knew he did. He just liked being difficult.

WheresTheButter: Must you be so difficult?

"Heh," he chuckled to himself.

ItsKennedyBitch: It's what makes me, me.

WheresTheButter: And what you are is a pain in the ass.

ItsKennedyBitch: I bet you like pain in your ass!

Misty's jaw dropped. What in the hell kind of comment was that?

WheresTheButter: You are such a guy, Ken.

ItsKennedyBitch: Really? Well that's comforting to know.

WheresTheButter: Well… you can be a bit gay sometimes.


Misty couldn't help but laugh. Making a gay comment towards him always ruffled a few feathers. She couldn't say she didn't enjoy it.

WheresTheButter: Lol, you sure about that?


ItsKennedyBitch: Just…forget you, Mist.

WheresTheButter: Well considering that I see myself every day, that'd be kind of hard.

ItsKennedyBitch: You have to look at yourself every day? I feel so sorry for you, hun.

"Hypocrite," she muttered to herself. He spent what had to be nine or ten hours in front of the mirror every day. Hence, the gay comment.

WheresTheButter: Your attempts to lower my self esteem amuse me, Anderson.

ItsKennedyBitch: Yeah well, I try.

WheresTheButter: Well stop trying; you make yourself look like an ass.

Ken laughed out loud. That was Misty, always the blunt one.

ItsKennedyBitch: Yeah well… well… you wear thongs and I don't. Ha.

It was Misty's turn to laugh. "That was odd."

WheresTheButter: I do not wearing thongs! Boyshorts, get it right. And don't think I didn't see those g-strings in your suitcase.

ItsKennedyBitch: I wore those on a bet!

WheresTheButter: … That's disturbing. And bet or not, why did you keep them?

ItsKennedyBitch: ...

ItsKennedyBitch has signed off.

Misty laughed again before closing her laptop and walking to the other side of the room, seeing the person she was just talking to. She sat on his lap and laughed as he pouted.

"You weren't very nice to me." Ken informed her, the pout still intact on his face.

"Yeah well… you'll live."

And with that, she kissed him.

-End Story-

It was one of those random short idea oneshot things. I'm not sure if it was funny. It wasn't meant to be, just random. If it was funny, that works too.

Reviews appreciated.