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Chapter 4: Letters from the Heart

Tsunade Ba-san didn't take the news of Naruto's injury happily. In fact, she was quite upset and fussed over Naruto endlessly about it. As a result, Naruto got a day off of school.

Strangely, Naruto was not happy about that. If before, not going to school was good news to Naruto but today, he had a friendship to make. He wanted to go to school.

Tsunade wouldn't take any of that and she warned Naruto if she caught him leaving the house, then she would force him to eat vegetable and tofu for a week. That was enough a threat to keep Naruto at home. He would die if he had to be a vegetarian even for a day.

Resigned to his fate, Naruto did what he always did when he had free time; he made voodoo dolls. Yeah, I'm not kidding. The voodoo doll that he mentioned to Kiba was not just an empty speech. He really knew how to make voodoo dolls. In fact, he sold them to Old Man Tazuna, who had a relic shop in the town next over; the retired old man used to be a bridge builder.

He knew Tazuna-jiji from his grandson. They met online. Around the time that they met, Naruto was still trying to use his 'talent' for something and he thought voodoo doll was promising. He truly believed at that time, he could do something with the spirits that he saw all the time. He searched the internet for it and met Inari who had more or less the same objective.

Inari wanted to talk to his dead father's spirit.

But what really happened was, he didn't manage to do anything with those spirits that he saw, even with the voodoo dolls. Yet, he developed a liking of making voodoo dolls. He found out that he liked sewing and creating things.

He had become an expert now. With a lot of free time that he had, (well, he didn't have friends so he needed to focus on something else to fill time) he had honed his sewing skill to perfection. Sometimes, he got different orders than making voodoo dolls. He always got extra orders to make dolls during Children Days.

Customers liked his fine handicraft.

But like his other talents, nobody knew about this except for his grandparents, Tazuna-jiji and Inari. Naruto didn't mind anyone else knew about his other talents but this particular skill, he liked to keep it a secret. He didn't want people to find out he liked sewing and played with dolls.

His reputation as a boy would suffer great damage.

So, anyway, that day, Naruto spent his free time sewing. When his eyes felt too tired, he would stop to eat and maybe sketch something in his sketchbook. Then, he would start sewing again. He was not always so dedicated like this, but he wanted to finish a voodoo doll for Sasuke and give it to him at school tomorrow.

Like I said, Naruto is an optimistic guy. He believed this could be the beginning of a real friendship; the voodoo was like a token to mark the start of it.


Naruto rode to school the next day, taking extra care to avoid bumpy road. The stitches on his head hurt if he shook too much. The backpack that he carried to school everyday had all the things he needed in school today except a very particular voodoo doll.

Yes, I know I said Naruto had dedicated his time yesterday to finish the doll so that he could bring the doll to school today…

But, it was raining yesterday and the weather made him sleepy and he felt asleep. He woke with the rising of the sun and there was no way he could finish the doll before he went to school.

Well, nevermind. The doll could wait. It might take several more days to finish it, now that he had school but that was okay. He didn't really need the doll to greet Sasuke today, right? He could have just gone up straight and said 'Hi' (or any similar greetings) to him. And since Sasuke was already at his seat, that made it easier for him.

"Ohaiyo, Sasuke. Hehe. You're early today too." Naruto was grinning.

Sasuke was not. In fact, he didn't even lift up his head from the book he was reading. He acted as if Naruto had not just greeted him cheerfully. One could say, he was ignoring Naruto completely.

"Err…Sasuke," Naruto was scratching the back of his head out of nervousness now, "you're busy, huh? Er..okay. We..er..talk later, ok?"

Sasuke still didn't show any response. Naruto was disappointed but he told himself, maybe it was too early in the morning to strike a conversation; for all he knows, Sasuke might not be a morning person. He would try again at recess.


As soon as the bell rang for recess, true to himself, Naruto tried again. Only this time, instead of staying quiet, Sasuke packed his stuff coolly and left the class without sparing a glance towards Naruto. Naruto was quite shock at Sasuke's rapid departure. Nevertheless, he was adamant to speak to Sasuke; he stumbled back to his seat to get his bento and walked quickly to catch up to Sasuke.

Sasuke swiftly avoided Naruto attempts' of following him. When Naruto got too near, he switched direction. He purposely walked within crowd to lose Naruto. Fortunately for him, the crowd did help him to lose Naruto.

When he had finally sat down on a bench, he started eating his onigiris. To his chagrin, before he could finish his second onigiri, Naruto, who had found him a few minutes later, sat beside him. With his lunch interrupted, Sasuke left the bench. He walked back to class intending to leave Naruto behind.

Naruto didn't give up; he followed Sasuke back to class. He was about to start talking to Sasuke again when the bell rang. Damn. He had lost the chance to eat his bento and now he lost the chance to talk to Sasuke. Naruto was clearly not happy about the situation. But never mind, he could talk to Sasuke at the end of school.


At the end of school, even before he finished packing his stuff, Sasuke was gone. That was fast. Sasuke must have had something important to do if he had to go home that fast. Naruto refused to think Sasuke was that way because he wanted to avoid talking to him.

No. Even if that was true, Naruto wouldn't believe it until Sasuke said so himself.

Until then, he'd try again tomorrow.


For the next two days, Sasuke was still acting that way: pretending Naruto presence was non-existence. Now, Naruto had become annoyed. What was wrong with Sasuke? If he didn't want to speak to him, then fine. But avoiding him and pretending he wasn't there was actually a bit hurt. Even people around him (who treated him like he had a deathly disease) never pretended he didn't exist; they scold him or looked with fear at him or jeered at him but they never ever pretended he was not there.

But Sasuke? He didn't even acknowledge Naruto's presence, when just a few days back, they were almost civilized to each other.

Did he do something that makes Sasuke mad at him? He tried to think but as far as knew, he didn't do anything wrong.

Maybe Sasuke was angry about the pinkie?

Well, if he angry about the pinkie he would have said something three days ago, right?

Truthfully, Naruto would have asked 'what's wrong?' if only Sasuke would give him a chance to talk to him.

Was Sasuke afraid of him too? Well, he didn't think so; by the way Sasuke's acted in the detention room, Sasuke didn't seem afraid of him.

If he only knew why was Sasuke acting this way. He could keep guessing but the only way to find was to get the answer from Sasuke himself. He might have to use another method to make Sasuke speak to him.


At the end of the class, as per usual lately, Sasuke hurried to his slipper locker to get home as quick as he could. And as usual there were several love letters stuck in that locker. Typical of love letters, they were either pink or perfumed. He was about to do what he always did to those letters—threw it out—when one letter, that was not pink and perfumed, caught his attention. If he was not mistaken, the letter that had his name on it was written by a familiar handwriting. He had seen the handwriting often lately since he sat beside the guy who writes it: Naruto. Even if he didn't recognize the handwriting, the swirl signature was a big give-away.

Looking left and right to make sure that Naruto was nowhere in sight, he stashed the letter inside his jacket pocket and with hurried steps moved towards his car.

He had his reasons to be in a hurry. First, he didn't want to have to meet Naruto. Second, he wanted to know what the idiot had to say in his letter and he could only do that in the privacy of his car.

The letter, which was very different from the love letters that he always got stuck in his slipper locker, should actually be called a note than letter; it didn't have envelope and it contained a two-liner. Well, actually there was more—something like a paragraph—but it was scratch out. Sasuke could detect words like 'voodoo', 'fun', and 'out' from the scratched paragraph, but he couldn't tell what the sentences were meant to be.

The only clear sentences—that Sasuke guessed what Naruto wanted him to read—were

'Hey, Sashuke. You, oke?'

It was simple and straight to the point. So like Naruto. That mere thought managed to bring a smile to Sasuke's mouth. He had known Naruto for what, less than a week?, but he knew Naruto was that kind of person; simple and straight and innocent although a bit weird: he still didn't know why Naruto wanted to bite off his pinkie.

He should be angry about the pinkie incident—shit, it did hurt like hell—but it was so unexpected that he didn't manage to get angry about it. He was more shock than angry, really. Heck, that weirdo also bit his own pinkie! What an idiot.

It was entertaining to see and Sasuke hadn't had any entertaining thought for such a long while now. More like his life was so dreadfully gloomy, entertaining thoughts had no foundation in his life.

Thus, this weirdo really intrigued him. Sasuke could actually imagine his dull life might be a little different if he associated himself with that idiot.

The rumours about him—the one about black magic—could only be adding to the excitement.

He heard the rumours about Naruto the day before the detention a.k.a the day of Pinkie Incident. The fangirls, who feared for his safety, took the honour to tell him all about it—they were concerned about Sasuke's safety since Sasuke had to sit beside Naruto.

If he had made a habit of chuckling in public, he would have had when he heard them gossiping about the Witch Boy. Some even went as far as accusing him of sacrificing innocents for black magic.

It was ridiculous, sure, but Sasuke might believe a bit about the rumours—about how cruel Naruto really is—if he hadn't saw himself what a total opposite Naruto was from the rumours.

That day, Sasuke decided to visit the toilet facility before he went home (he ate too much sweet onigiri for lunch) and the furthest toilet was the safest choice if he didn't want to be mobbed by fangirls. The toilet was certified to be haunted by some, so nobody dared to go near it. As for Sasuke, it took more than 'ghosts' to scare him.

He was walking towards the toilet which was situated near the bicycle rail when he heard Naruto's voice. He didn't mean to pry but the loud voice could be heard meters away.

Naruto was talking to himself. Or to be specific, he was talking to the line of ants that was situated too near to his bicycle. He was assuring the ants that they were safe with him, that he won't hurt them just because they had blocked his exit. True to his words, instead of stepping on the ants, he hauled up his bicycle and carried it away from the ants before he rode it. He even said goodbye to the ants.

Sasuke was a bit speechless to see/hear that. If that boy wouldn't kill things as non-significant as ants, what was the odd he would kill innocent people? Well, if you said the odd is high, hmm…better check your brain.

Hn. That idiot sure is something. And for a moment there, he thought, he didn't mind having that idiot as his friend. He smiled unconsciously and resumed his walk to the toilet.

But then, the Detention Incident happened. Before he even started friending that idiot, he was reminded why he didn't make friends before.

Sasuke tore up Naruto's letter and strengthened his resolve to simply ignore Naruto's existence. He never expected Naruto to understand his cold action because sometimes even he didn't understand it either.

But, he had lived like this (alone) for awhile now and it proved that that was the best way so far.


The next day in class, after recess, Sasuke received another letter; the letter was put inside his desk's drawer this time.

Well, actually he received more than a letter after recess. Fangirls loved that kinda thing, sending letter, that is and that kind of letters, he received it almost daily.

So let me rephrase it.

The next day in class, after recess, Sasuke received another letter from Naruto. The letter was put inside his desk's drawer this time.

Uh-huh. He wanted to read the letter immediately but he could feel Naruto's stare on him; he couldn't read the letter when Naruto was watching him cause then Naruto would know that he did read the letter. It was important to act as if he didn't bother with the letter or else, Naruto would think that he cared.

Carefully, under the cover of his drawer, Sasuke put the letter in between the pages of one of his books so it was hidden in it. He would read it when he got home today.

Naruto looked disappointed because as the bells rang to signal that school was over today, Sasuke still didn't read the letter. He seemed to miss the letter too. Maybe somebody had taken it before he had the chance to read it, was what Naruto told himself.

No sweat. He would just write another one tomorrow.


Sasuke was almost running to get to his car when the school's final bell rang. He wanted to read the letter really badly.

When he finally had the chance to read it, the letter read:

"Hey, Sasuke (I got it right this time, yeah?) Did you get my letter? Guess not, eh cause you didn't reply or anything. Right….if you was wondering, the letter said, 'Hey Shasuke, you okay?'"

Sasuke could feel that Naruto took a pause here.

"So, yeah…are you okay cause you kinda being really quiet and stuff. You sick?"

And that was that.

Sasuke detected real concern in the letter. Was this guy for real? He was either refusing to believe that Sasuke was avoiding him like a plague and therefore should leave Sasuke the hell alone or…he was just plain stupid that he couldn't see the obvious.

Nevertheless, Sasuke felt guilty because even when he was avoiding that idiot, he still got that idiot's concern.

He tore up the letter this time too.


Next morning, instead of finding a letter, there was a note scribbled on his desk, with orange crayon.

Apparently, Naruto had come to school early to do this. He was grinning at Sasuke at his desk. This time, Sasuke couldn't help but read it outright before he cleaned up his desk.

Beside him, he knew Naruto was waiting for him to response and just like the letters before, he didn't.

Because of that, he got another letter, put in his slipper's locker. This time Naruto sounded angry.

"Hey, bastard! You're really avoiding me, eh cause you definitely read my letter before! Why don't you just tell me? I'll leave you the hell alone."


The next day, Naruto received a letter when he came to school. His grin could light up the whole class. He turned to Sasuke to show that he knew whom the letter was from. However, after reading it, Naruto's grin quickly turned to frown. His cheerful good mood just now turned grey.

Those two sentences in the letter were the reason why. Those two sentences in the letter were harsh. Disappointed couldn't even begin what Naruto was feeling.

"Usuratonkachi. Now that you finally get it, leave me the fu#k alone."

God knows this was his nth attempt to make a friend and failed. Naruto was already used to the rejection but somehow Sasuke's rejection this time had hurt. Cause this time he got rejected not because Sasuke was afraid of him, but because Sasuke didn't like him.

What else could it be? Like others, they were afraid of him but Sasuke? He must have hated his gut.


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