Title: Sleeping Memories-- Introduction-- Rated: M

A/N: Ok, I really love Knight Hunters or Weiss Kruz…whatever you call them but I luv them. I really wanted a continuation for the series after the whole building collapse thing and I was completely in love with Schuldig. This is a prologue so everyone can like get the idea of what is happening. What is a prologue anyway? Alright now…

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Let's get this party started!

Disclaimer: Everyone knows the show doesn't belong to me right? Just making sure…however, the story is mine!

Intro: I Found You

Yohji Kudoh was out driving in his car when he came across the site where they had fought to get Aya's little sister back. The pieces of building were still scattered everywhere as the ocean began to slowly draw it towards the wide sea with its ever changing current. Yohji stared at the water and recollected about the events that had taken place there.

Ever since that happened the rest of the group went their separate ways. They still worked at the flower shop but they hadn't done any assassin work for quite some time. Yohji walked along the shore for a bit, aware that he could cut his feet on the scattered bits of the past.

"Damn, we really did do some damage," he sighed, as he lit a cigarette. As he continued to walk he noticed something, orange. It was a strand of orange, not just any orange, he recognized this orange.

Yohji calmed down and pushed the possible thought that was forming out of his mind and casually walked over to the orange. It was caught between a piece of the buildings wall and the sandy shore. That's when he heard it, breathing. Something was breathing.

Yohji pushed the wall off of the breathing "thing" to get a closer look at it. And there soaking wet, unconscious, was Schuldig. The white suit he was wearing was soaking wet and his skin was pale. Yohji knelt down and checked to see if he was breathing, he was, it wasn't apart of his imagination. Yohji checked his surroundings to make sure that no one was around, then he picked Schuldig up and placed him in his car.

"I can't believe that I'm doing this," Yohji said to himself as he sped off towards his new apartment.