Title: Sleeping Memories--Chapter Three--Rated: M

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Chapter Three: What…The Hell

Schuldig woke up again, his body covered in another cold sweat caused by another nightmare. He felt a sudden pressure run across his stomach, it was Yohji. Apparently Yohji wanted to take him somewhere but Schuldig was still tired and decided to take a nap. He guessed that Yohji wanted to keep him company; it felt weird having someone hold onto him while he was sleeping. Thoughts of the kiss between him and Yohji filled his mind, he blushed thinking about it.

Schuldig slipped out of Yohji's grasp and walked over to the closet. Yohji really had bought him some clothes, a whole bunch of clothes. They were all different colors and some were even expensive looking. Schuldig didn't know what he should wear.

"Did you find something?" Yohji asked, he was standing upright in the bed. Schuldig tried his best to keep from blushing, Yohji looked extremely…he didn't even want to finish his train of thought. Yohji was wearing a white collared shirt that was unbuttoned at the top and a pair of black slacks, it was very appealing.

"I thought you were sleeping," Schuldig shouted out of surprise.

"I was never sleeping. I just like watching you when you sleep, not to mention that you talk in your sleep as well," Yohji said with a smile.

"I…no, I don't…besides, what would I ever talk about?"

"Your childhood, preferably how lonely you were."

"Shut up!" Schuldig was contemplating about crying, he hated the fact that Yohji found something out about his childhood. It was supposed to be his secret; no one was supposed to know about that. In the middle of his panic attack Schuldig found himself being wrapped around by arms, Yohji's arms. Yohji had wrapped him into a hug, at first he squirmed but seeing how Yohji refused to let him go he learned to relax.

"I'm guessing I have to wait for you to tell me that," Yohji said. He told Schuldig to pick out something to wear as he went into the other room to find his socks. Schuldig settled on something green…green was his favorite color after all.

"My, my, my…don't you look rather cute," Yohji said. He peeped in on Schuldig as he was putting his green t-shirt on.

"It's hot out today, wouldn't shorts be better than jeans?"

"It's fine, where are we going anyway?

"The flower shop."

"W-What?!" Schuldig was in complete and utter shock. He was going to meet the rest of Weiss Kruz…alone? Yohji sensed the panic on his face and giggled to himself; Schuldig looked cute when he was panicked. Yohji told the psychic to calm down and relax, he was definitely sure that Schuldig would feel a bit better after the trip to the flower shop.

"Here's a hat and some sunglasses," Yohji said as he plopped a green hat on Schuldig's head and pulled his sunglasses off and put them on Schuldig's face.

"I don't need these," Schuldig protested.

"Of course you do, I can't have other people eyeing my lovely roommate," Yohji smiled.

"Stop smiling! This isn't a happy situation!"

"I'm smiling because you're so cute."

"I'm not that cute."

"You are when your face turns red, it makes me love you even more."

"Don't say that!"

"Say what?"

"Never mind, let's just go already." Schuldig wanted to leave in a hurry but because of his panicky state he managed to run face first into the door. Yohji tried so hard not to laugh because Schuldig just stayed right where he was, head still glued to the door. Yohji smiled again and held onto Schuldig's hand.

"I think you should let me lead," Yohji said. As much as Schuldig tried to protest he could only end up blushing and letting Yohji do what he wanted.

"We're here," Yohji told him. Schuldig looked to his left…a flower shop?! He remembered this flower shop, of all the places to bring him why did it have to be here? Schuldig shot Yohji a glare and Yohji only smiled.

"You forgot where we were going…didn't you?" Yohji asked him, smirking. Schuldig couldn't believe that he had completely forgotten where he was going. He grabbed Schuldig by his face and gave him a quick kiss.

"Don't worry, I have a surprise for you inside," Yohji said. Yohji grabbed Schuldig's hand again and shoved him inside. Schuldig noticed Ay, Ken, and Omi. They were all staring at him, Yohji came in and told Schuldig to go downstairs. Schuldig walked down the stairs and immediately hit the ground.

"What the hell just hit me?!" Schuldig shouted. He heard something bark, it was a dog.

"S-Schuldig?" Schuldig perked up when he heard his name, he knew that voice…Crawford? He looked up and he was staring at Crawford and Nagi but…weren't they supposed to be dead.

"What are you two doing here?" he asked them. The dog barked and pounced on Schuldig causing him to fall onto the ground again. It was a big dog too. Crawford laughed as he helped Schuldig up.

"Omi wanted me to get a dog to keep me company when he went to school," explained Crawford.

"Did you have to get a German Shepherd?!"

"Well, it was smaller when I bought it but that was about half a year ago."

"Half a…what day is this?!"

"Don't tell me that…you were discovered a few days ago?"

"Shut up! That isn't the issue here!"

"Is that a hickey?"

"Stop staring at my neck!"

"It is a hickey," Nagi pointed out.

"What did I just say?!" Schuldig sat with Nagi and Crawford and asked them what had happened. Crawford said that he doesn't remember, apparently he managed to contract a case of amnesia. Nagi, on the other hand, remembered everything. He was living with Ken and was working as a soccer coach assistant.

"So…you guys already woke up and started getting on with your life huh?" Schuldig wondered.

"I guess you could say that," answered Crawford. Schuldig noticed Nagi staring at him and asked what his problem was.

"You've got three hickeys on the back of your neck, they look fresh. Did you just get those this morning? Did Yohji give them to you?"

"No he did not! I got these last night!" Schuldig shouted, he stopped his path of rage when he realized what he just said. "Damn it Nagi, I hate you…so much."

"I have hickeys too," Nagi said.

"What the…from who?!"

"Ken gave them to him, he also has a couple on his stomach," answered Crawford.

"Then…do you…have any?"

"Nope…" Schuldig breathed a sigh of relief.

"I give Omi hickey's though."

"What the…What the hell is going on?!"