Hey so this story is about what Dom and Mia went through after their dad died.

Mia's friend, Katie, ran to the door when she heard the door bell.

"Oh, hey Dom. Whats up?"

"Is Mia here?"

"Yeah, one sec." Katie felt that something was up. Dom was acting weird. "Mia! Your brother's here."

Mia cam running down the stairs. "Hey Dom. What are you doing here? Dad said he would pick me up after the races."

Dom couldn't believe how happy his sister was and that he was about to destroy that happiness. "Get your stuff, Mia. It's time to go home."

"What are you talking about?"

"Mia! Let's go. Get your stuff. Now!" He growled.

Silently Mia went upstairs to gather her stuff together. Five minutes later she said good bye to her friend and left with Dom. In the car they were both silent. Mia was so confused. What the hell is going on, she thought.

Dom pulled into their drive way, parked the car, and got out of the car. Mia followed him into the house.

"Dom! Dom!" She said as he walked away from her. He didn't know how to tell her. "Dom! What's going on?"

She followed him into his room "Dom..." Mia was surprised when she saw her brother sitting on his bed with his head in his hands as he looked up she could see a small tear on his face. "Dom, what's wrong?" She said very concerned for him.

"Mia uh...come here." He motioned for him to sit down next to him. Mia did so. "Listen um...at the race dad um...he..."

"What? Dom is he okay?"

"He uh...he got hurt and he..."

"He what? What the hell happened Dom? Please Dom your scaring me."

It killed him to hear her say that just liked it killed him to say this, "He died, Mia. He's gone."

"What?! No! No! No! You're lying. NO! I don't believe you!" Mia ran into her room and locked the door.

Dom got up and followed her he tried to open the door but couldn't. "Mia? Mia, let me in? Please Mia let me." He practically begged.

"Go away. I hate you! I hate you!"

Dom stopped banging on her door when she said that. It cut him deep. Slowly he walked into his room to think.

1 hour later

"Mia. I got ya some food. C'mon, Mia, please let me in. You gotta eat sometime."

Mia got up, unlocked the door and went back to her bed. Dom could hear her unlock it and minute later he opened the door and came in. "Here." He said handing her some pasta while sitting down next to her. Mia sat up and play around with her food. After a couple of minutes Dom asked if she was okay. Mia just looked away. She had no idea what to say.

"What happened?" She asked meekly.

Dom sighed. "Mia, I don't think--"

"Just tell me." She growled at him.

"Another guy clipped his bumper and the car...well there was a lot of nos."

Mia started to cry violently. She could no longer control herself. She let it all out. Dom held her tightly.

"Ssshhh...it's okay. I got ya. Ssshh...It'll be alright. I promise you. I promise I'll make it better. Ssshhh..."

As Dom told her all this he couldn't help but doubt himself and wonder if things were ever gonna be as good as they were before all this shit happened.

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