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This exact thing happened with my friend jenny & i while we were walking to the library. It was fun :D

You'll have to be imaginative with the FLOWAHS FLOWAHS FLOWAHS! part (you shall see) because I can't exactly say how it is through the computer. ;)

Mike Newton is walking out of the school with Angela and stops when he sees Edward and Bella laughing about something probably not even worth mentioning. He stops.

"Have you ever noticed how weird they are?" he asks her.

Angela heaves an exasperated sigh. "Stop being such a jealous pine cone!"

"No, seriously. I saw them walking to the library yesterday, and, might I mention, they took the long way both times, those idiots, and as they were walking Edward picks up a flower and—"

"Oh, gosh! You mean Bella's boyfriend gave her a flower? Blasphemy!" she gasps.

"I'M NOT FINISHED!!" Mike sputters.

"Well, I'd say you're the senile one…" Angela murmurs.

"And he goes "FLOWAHS, FLOWAHS, FLOWAHS!" in this really weird voice and does a little jingle."

"Stop lying, you asshole." She begins to walk away.

"I'm not! And then they passed this innocent bystander and Edward offered him a flower in the same exact super-weird way. Bella proceeded to fly off like an airplane and Edward skipped off after her. It was so weird…"

"Mike, seriously." She looks over to the silver Volvo on the hood of which Bella is perched while Edward plays with her hands. In an entirely normal-and-human-flirtatious-boyfriend sort of way, of course. Angela rolls her eyes and begins to walk away from Mike.

It's Mike's turn to roll his eyes when she begins to go talk to them. "ANGELA!" he exclaims. She turns around. "What?"

"I haven't told you about how they tried to chase the storm clouds as they were approaching. It was a sad attempt." Oh, Mike, you mere human, you.

"Now you have." She pauses. "Bye." She walks over to the Volvo. "Hey, Bella!" she calls out.

"Hey, Ange," she says. "I got to run around in the rain without any shoes on yesterday!" she giggled.

Edward chuckles at her excitement over this and kisses her on the top of the head.

Bella begins to ramble. "We were walking to my house from the library and I started to see clouds so then I decided it'd be cool to race them so we wouldn't get rained on and then it started raining and my shoes hurt so I took them off and we ran to my house and it was so cool," she says, all in one breath.

Angela laughs. "Sounds cool." She deciders to spare Mike and not tell them about his crazy stories.

Bella nods vigorously for no apparent reason and then cracks up laughing. Her and Edward seem to have a conversation using only their facial expressions and this sets her off again.

Later, Bella's POV:

Edward and I sat in my room while the torrential downpour threatened to break my windows.

"You were so silly yesterday," I commented through the comfortable silence.

He laughed slightly and replied simply with, "so were you."

I giggled. "FLOWAHS!"

I was originally going to make this a chapter of my notes story, because I wanted to write one about it after it happened because it was really fun, but then I felt like making it a one-shot, rather than fitting it all annoyingly into a note...


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