"JAKE PERRY!!" Melanie Perry called out. "get your stubborn self up and go get Evelyn from school."

Ever since Melanie left the Mayors son she has her Alabama accent back bad. "Why don't you, you know I don't like the staff!" Jake mumbled back he hoped it was loud enough for Melanie to hear. He thought maybe she would end up cooperating . "Don't you sit there and lie to me how can u hate' um if your Best friend works up there…." Jake knew his old best friend works up there but their relationship had changed once he found out he was a gay. "Melanie I told ya I'm homophobic!" Jake knew she wasn't gonna barge and go get Evelyn if she was now pregnant once again, but this time with twins. Jake thought she was up to something , always pregnant so she didn't have to go do anything the only thing she did was pout and sleep and mostly comand.

Jake did end up going to Evelyns school and getting her and when he did he ran into his mama. "hey ma' what you doin' out so early don't you got work?" Jake said holdin Evelyn in his arms since she was only in pre-k. "Jake how many times do I have to tell you not to worry about me and to worry about your self for once, anyways wheres your little young lady?" She told him putting her hands on her waist and tilting to the side. "well once again I got sent to get Eve while she sits at home watching her soap operas." Jake told him Mama. "Good for her at least shes not letting you sit around and get fat and lazy like I let your daddy do….that was a bad thing I did at that time but now ive learned right from wrong I know Melanie is doing the right thing for you so don't go messing anything up like you did the last time……. Well dear I gotta be goin to the piggly wiggly to get some tomata juice for the bloody marys…. Bye" she walked off into the store leaving Jake and Evelyn all alone while jake thought about how Melanie had left him all those years ago and nows she back with her stubborn husband he ought to be treatin her right.

He loaded himself and the baby into the truck and drove silently home. "Honey… me and Eve are home you wanna go out to eat out over at Grendores' that barbequ place?" Jake says placing Eve on the ground and goes into the living room to see if Melanie is in there but surprisingly shes not. "Mel……. You home?" He then goes into the bedroom and theres a small piece of paper on the bed which read:

Daer Jake,

A lot has been going on in our lives and I know ive been stressing you out so I thought I would get out of your way tonight. So I decide to go over my mamas house you may drop Evelyn off if you like or you may spend time with her. I just don't want you to think I deserted you again I hope im doing the right thing this time around. I sure hope im not as annoying to you as I think if im wrong and you would want me over or home tonight you may also come and get me if not then I will be home tomorrow morning at 10' o' clock. I love you even if you are a stuburon husband.


Jake thought that he had messed up again when he saw the note lying there he was glad he was mistaken. Jake didn't want to go out tonight though once his mama told him or actually reminded him about that one time he just wanted to come home go to dinner and then spend some time with his daughter and Mel playing a few board games. Jake went into his room and threw on a nicer shirt and grabbed Evelyn and headed back out to his old pickup truck and fastened them in. He was on his way to pick back up Melanie. The two of them drove down that dusty road on there way to get her . Jake started thinking again was Melanie just using that as an excuse and really just wanted to get away today or if it WAS the truth. Jakes mind was overflowing with thoughts he just tried to clear it and keep on driving. In less then five minutes they would be arriving at the place where Melanie and Jake used to play and talk at. It all just brought back memories.