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Warning: Slash. Mentions of M-preg and some very dirty things ... hopefully


Sirius Black was turning twenty. His life wasn't going anywhere. When he graduated from Hogwarts at eighteen , he'd had high hopes of living an adventure. Greatly though , things were starting to get better than they were that dreadful 7th year. Some of it had been wonderful. Sirius Black actually found something he'd never thought he'd see for himself in his lifetime. Love.

Sometime after the Marauder's started their final year at school , Sirius Black did something he'd been wanting to do since 5th year. Ask out Remus Lupin. Yes , the ladies man of Hogwarts asked out a bloke. His best friend none the less. What was the harm in trying to be well rounded? Their relationship was a rocky one to say. Sirius was never much for commitment , but he loved the flaxen haired boy like nothing else on earth. When school ended , so did they. Sirius wanted to play and Remus , he wanted to settle down , get a house together ... marriage. Merlin , to Sirius , that word sounded so .. confining.

Now , after two years he wasn't far from where he'd started. Except the fact , he'd bought a house and his most prized possession , his flying motorbike. After his big spendings, Sirius was slowly running out of the money his Uncle left for him. Okay , he still had enough for a house and a small cottage maybe , but to him , that was running low.

To fix that problem , Sirius got a job. He'd been walking down the street , cigarette in hand as he came back from the club he went to. A gay club at that. He no longer had an interest for women. Not after having the greatest fuck one could ever ask for with one very muscular werewolf.

His job was at the Ministry. The werewolf registry at that. He figured it was better him than someone who treated the people with disrespect. It paid well and he had few hours. It helped that sometime , it would be possible to see his old best mate and the only love he ever had. After their breakup , Sirius didn't see much of their friends. James and Lily had their own lives. Who even knew where Peter was.

Today , he was working. The tall , raven haired man was standing behind a counter. He wore a light blue button up shirt with the sleeves rolled to his elbows, a deep blue tie , a pair of black slacks and very shining black shoes. His job was simple. Sirius made sure that people had the correct forms , he checked them and signed off that they were registered then filed their papers away.

"Thank you Ma'am," Sirius smiled toothily to a middle aged woman who'd he'd just registered. "Have a nice day." The brunette woman smiled at him , probably a little surprised by the kindness. Sirius turned and went back , filing the papers. "Hey Drew, I'm gonna take a cigarette break , take over?" The guy he was working with nodded. While Sirius turned back , getting ready to take his fifteen minute break , low and behold it was Remus. It couldn't be. No , it was the werewolf registry and he was a werewolf. It very well could be. He put a hand out to Drew. "I'll get this one."

For a moment , Sirius had overlooked something. That something would be the child in Remus Lupin's arms. Where the bloody hell did he get a child? "Remus.." Finally escaped breathlessly through his mouth. The tall man , who'd been trying to sort crinkled papers in one hand and hold a little girl in his other arm looked up. Remus had changed. His hair was longer than in school , it looked like he hadn't shaved in weeks. The clothes he had were torn and it looked like he'd been wearing the same things for days if not more. The fuzzy black-haired child wearing a lilac one piece , looking much cleaner than he.

"Sirius." Remus' blue eyes widened. He looked away from the slate eyed man and put the papers down. "They should be all here."Remus said quickly. The papers were crinkled and had coffee stains on them.

Sirius looked down at the papers and checked to make sure he had everything he was supposed to. Nothing on it mentioned he or anyone with him had a child "Alright, looks good." He dipped his quill into ink and then signed a fresh form. Sliding it over to Remus he said. "Sign by the 'X' please." Remus carefully moved the girl from one arm to the other so he could scribble down his name on the parchment.

"Dada.." The small girl tried to reach out for the quill. Dada? But his papers said no children. It was then Remus new he never should have brought her. He simply had nowhere for her to go.

"Is she your daughter?" Sirius questioned. Remus stared at him , his eyes filled with sadness. If Sirius filed it , someone could take her away , he wasn't exactly a fit parent being a werewolf with no money and a job he'd probably be fired from soon.

"Yes." He croaked out. Sirius gave a nod and kept a calm face though his heart was shredding inside. His love had a child.

"Her name?" Sirius further inquired. He had to put it down for accurate registration. His best mate or not. His love or not. Remus was hesitant.

"Emily Grace ... Black." Sirius heard the former man gulp. Sirius' eyes grew wide. No... it couldn't be his daughter.

"She's ... mine?" Sirius paled. Remus looked up slightly from his ashamed looking downward glance.

"Yes. She's ours."

A sudden anger flashed through Sirius' eyes. "Why didn't you fucking tell me? Did you not think I had a right to fucking know?" He hissed. Remus gave him a look and tried to cover the girls ears.

"Shut your mouth Sirius. I will not have you speak that way in front of her." Remus said. Emily was just about 13 months and picking up words. That was definitely one a father didn't want his baby picking up. He sighed. "Can you make this quicker? We have to get going.."

"No." Sirius stated. "Your not going anywhere. I know you Remus. If I let you go now , you'll flee and I won't see either of you again." Sirius thought for a moment then lifted his wrist to look at his gold watch. "I get off in twenty minutes. Go sit and wait for me."

"There isn't anything to talk about." Remus muttered. "We're leaving and don't you dare go tell me to sit like I' m some worthless person Sirius." His tone had picked up some anger.

"Leaving? Fine then , I'll write her name down , and I assure you , I'll have custody by the end of the week." Sirius threatened and Remus shot him a pained glare. If Sirius had to do it , he would.

"Why are you doing this Sirius?" Remus questioned. "You even said before you never wanted children." He was right. Sirius had said that.

"That was years ago Remus , I still even hadn't come of age yet!" A couple standing back at the waiting line was getting impatient. "Now. Go sit and wait for me... please." Remus gave a sigh and nodded. He took Emily over to the waiting room and sat with her in one of the chairs.