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"Sirius where are we going?" Remus asked every couple minutes. "I'd like to know" He said and they walked down the slightly busy streets. For awhile , they had to keep stopping because Emily would drop her bear and they'd pick it up , it would drop again and so on. Finally , Sirius just magicked it to not drop. " I really hate surprises, you know that."

Sirius looked lightly at him with a smirk. "Funny , you seemed to really like some of my surprises in the past." He said making Remus blush softly. "Like that birthday surprise for you in 7th year..." The mans blush deepened. In 7th year , for Remus' birthday , Sirius had locked James and Peter out of their dorm for the night and he stripped down , stark naked except for a big red bow tied around his waist and brought along some chocolate sauce... Remus' birthday was the month that graduation was , and that birthday also happened to be the date Emily was conceived. If Sirius would have known then , that his gift would create the gift of life , well , he would have just bought Remus a book or something.

They arrived at their destination. It was a store for babies. Sirius figured that Emily could use a lot of things. First off , a stroller because even though the little girl wasn't heavy , she started to feel it after being carried awhile. Remus smiled as they entered. It was nice to see that Sirius was quickly taking to parenting duties. The small glimmer of hope that they could become a family one day grew a little bigger in Remus' eyes.

Sirius walked around , browsing. "We'll just get the few necessities right now." He stated , holding Emily in one arm and pulling out a light yellow outfit trimmed with white from a rack and scanning over it. "I like this." He stated quietly to nobody really. Sirius handed it to Remus to hold while he continued picking out a few more clothes for the baby. He had always loved shopping. Not for himself though , only when he could buy for others. Remus on the other hand , had been poor his entire life. Shopping was done only when really necessary and then he'd always gotten used never new.

"You know , I have the perfect room that we should fix up for Emily. Right now its just a guest room" Sirius said.

Remus gently bit his lip. "Sirius I don't even think that we're going to stay that long." He didn't want to impose. "You don't have to go to the trouble to make a room for her."

Sirius shook his head lightly and moved over to look at bibs. One that said 'Daddy's Little Girl' across the front caught his eye. "Even if you don't stay long , I still want a room for days when I have her then." He stated and held the bib up."I'm thinking we should get two of these." Sirius said. "And maybe I can charm one of them into saying 'Paddy's Little Girl'. He chuckled. "Both of us going by Dad would kind of get confusing."

Remus just nodded. For when he had her? Did that mean Sirius was thinking of half custody or something. He sighed mentally. Why had he let that little glimmer get his hopes up? Sirius wasn't going to love him again all the sudden. Hell , maybe Sirius never even loved anything but his body in the first place.


By the time they were done shopping , Sirius had picked out things for Emily and forced Remus to pick some things that he liked too. Sirius ordered a crib and some other furniture like a changing table to be delivered to his house. Paying extra for delivery by the end of the night. He gave the cashier his card that directed money from his Gringotts account. They had the bags magicked to shrink into one for easier carrying.

"We've got one more stop." Sirius smiled , pushing Emily in her new stroller.

"Where to? You've practically bought Emily enough to last her lifetime!" Remus exclaimed lightly. They traveled a few shops down. Mens clothing.

"We aren't shopping for Emily anymore. We're shopping for you". Remus sighed. Sirius buying Emily things was different. He couldn't have Sirius paying for him. Especially in the shop they were in. All very nice and very expensive looking. "Go ahead and pick out whatever you like."

Remus slowly browsed a rack they were standing by. "Guess this is nice." He stated holding up a white button up shirt with blue stripes that complimented his eyes greatly. Remus then looked at the price tag. "60 galleons for a shirt? Sirius this is ludicrous!" His brows furrowed. In a place like this , he felt so out of place. Remus had been wearing the same clothes for a while and here they wanted 60 galleons for a bloody shirt!

"Your getting it Remus." Sirius said with a stern tone. "And I don't want you looking at any more price tags." He added. Remus sighed. Why did he even bother trying to fight Sirius? After a little while , Sirius got Remus to go into the dressing room to try on the trousers and shirts they'd found. "Don't just try it on and take it off."Sirius said through the curtain that divided the room from where Sirius and Emily sat. "I want you to come out here so I can see it."

Remus groaned mentally and tried on the first outfit. A pair of trousers which he felt were too tight and a red shirt. He buttoned the shirt all the way to the collar because he didn't want any scars to be visible. "The pants are too tight." Remus complained coming out and standing to face the three divided mirror. Sirius' jaw dropped.

"You look... sexy." Sirius got up and walked over behind the once again blushing Remus. Sirius loved that about him. How the simplest of things made Moony blush. The raven haired man stood behind Remus. His thumbs dipped down into the sides of the trousers and he pulled them up some and fixed them a little.

"Sirius!" Remus hissed quietly. Thank Merlin that Sirius finished because Remus didn't think it would be safe for any more blood to rush into a certain piece of anatomy that really did make the pants tight. Sirius unbuttoned his collar two buttons as well , exposing a little of his chest.

"You really do look fabulous." Sirius said , looking at Remus in awe. He couldn't help himself , Sirius patted Remus' fine looking behind towards the dressing room. but gave an innocent look. "Now get back in there and try the rest." Sirius never caught the bulge growing in Remus' trousers but he was getting one of his own. Maybe tonight would be good , after Emily got to bed ... he'd work his charm. Hopefully he'd get lucky and score too. Sort of a good , reunion fuck? Sirius chuckled to himself. Remus never liked it referred to as a fuck or shag. He had always used the term that they were 'making love'. Well he tried to, most times things had gotten so heated , Remus just let loose. Mostly those times happened around full moons. Which one was coming up...

They bought everything Remus tried on. Then got him a few pairs of boxers as well and socks , shoes and a belt. Walking out the store , Remus looked appreciatively at Sirius. "Thank you so much. I don't know how I could ever repay you." Sirius could think of a few things...

"It's nothing." Sirius smiled back to him. "Well , looks like we should get you two to my place." He looked down in the stroller , Emily was sound asleep , tightly holding her Teddy and covered in a new , little pink blanket. Before they moved , Remus pulled Sirius into a hug , letting it last a moment before pulling away and smiling.

One thing that was amazing to Remus , was that Sirius had completely shattered his heart. For two years Remus had cried nights over it. Now , Sirius was treating him so kindly and acting towards him like when they were together almost. He would be careful though as not to feel that pain again. Pain , which he considered to hurt worse than any transformation for that was merely physical. It was much easier to fix a cut than a broken heart.