It was about 7:56 and Martin was sitting on his bed waiting for Marvin to show up. After about another 2 minutes he heard a knock at the door and went to answer it. Once he had answered it he was met by a pair of lips slightly pressing against his for a quick kiss. Martin blushed.

"Sorry, couldn't resist," Marvin said as he looked over Martin with a perverted smirk, making the blush on Martin's face grow. After a few moments of Marvin staring and Martin blushing Marvin grabbed Martin's hand. Martin looked up at Marvin, not really knowing what was going on, and Marvin smiled kindly at him. "We do have a date," Marvin said. Martin smiled and nodded.

Marvin then showed Martin to their ride for the night and they left.

Later on

Martin smiled at Marvin. They had been to the movies and dinner and were now walking on the beach. Martin was, once again, blushing.

"So, are you having a good time?" Marvin asked.

"Yea, the best," Martin said back, his blush growing. Marvin smiled and decided to hug his date. Martin couldn't help but wonder if he'd ever stop blushing, but truthfully didn't care at that moment. Marvin put his hand on Martin's chin and pulled his face closer to his own.

"That blush is so cute," he said. Martin smiled, deciding that he didn't want to lose the blush. They both stared into the other's eyes, neither noticing that the distance between their faces was getting shorter and shorter until their lips met in a passionate kiss. They continued to kiss for what seemed like forever, only stopping to breath.

"I love you," Marvin said. Martin smiled.

"I love you too," Martin said back. With that they went back to kissing.

The next day

"AH! IT CAN'T BE!" Marvin's fan girls screamed.

"Yep, it's the truth! I'm gay!" Marvin announced proudly, once again making the girls scream. "And taken, ain't that right Martin?" he asked as he looked towards the very embarrassed Martin Mystery who only nodded his head at the question. For once he wished he was invisible.


A/N: Okay, that's the end! I hope you all liked! Sorry it was so short!