Disclaimer: I do not own Highlander or Methos, reality bites.

Summary: A glance at Methos journal entries for each encounter with the Highlander, starting with 'Methos'.

March 6th, 1995

Well Darius, I've finally met your Highlander. It was like having an over eager toddler tugging at my pant leg, declaring he'd be my white knight, wooden sword and all. You'd think I'd gone senile in my old age with the way he was treating me, or that I was still some fragile new immortal. I'm still not sure which one is the worst misconception on his part.

That naive valor mixed with his bull headed determination is frustrating and amusing at the same time. And It almost got him killed tonight, hell--it almost got me killed. Though, I think mine ran more along the lines of attempted suicide, that or a rather risky gamble. Either way I walked away with my life and a disapproving Scottish scowl boring into my back. At least if MacLeod had taken my head it would of been someone of my choosing. I mean how often does an immortal get to hand pick their executioner?

I found out very quickly this morning that I couldn't beat Kalas, a rather painful epiphany which hit before we both landed in the Seine's stinking waters. And sending the Highlander to his death seemed such a waste. So I made sure the police arrived once MacLeod had tired the bastard out, after I'd planted a sufficient amount of evidence to put Kalas away for life, of course.

I'm sorry that I wasn't strong enough to avenge you, Don. But we couldn't risk losing the Highlander, not now. If I've ever for one moment believed in the Game, then I believe he could the One. I think that's a future worth protecting, and I know you and Darius would agree. MacLeod's not ready yet, but he will be. I still don't think the he understands the reasoning behind my interference and that suits me just fine.

For now I just have to disappear for a while and watch, two things I'm extremely good at.

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