Chapter one for my new story Ibiki has nothing on me. I really wanted to see how this idea would be like as a story. I'll have to check out the reviews to see how it is.

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"Where's naruto, he's been gone for hours" the voice of sakura rang out across the diner table.

"He's still probably training, you know how he is he'll never stop tryin his best until he's hokage" kakashi replied hoping to calm his student. Sakura of course didn't find his words reassuring. "What if he's hurt all alone in the forest, he could die even from a non-fatal wound without medical attention" she said insisting on going to look for her teammate.

"Your all going to die if you keep trying to fight gato, he'll kill all of you" inari cried out. Sasuke of course was quiet through the whole conservation until now. "How do you know were going to die, we got your grandpa all the way here without trouble nothing else can stop us from keeping him away from harm" sasuke calmly stated.

" Yes inari there right there ninja they can easily defeat any of Gatos samurai thugs" inaris mom tsunami said trying to soothe her son, which was clearly not working. " Your all going to die fools!" inari cried while running to his room. Then tazuna proceeded in telling the ninja about inaris father and why he was like that, the crisis about naruto completely forgotten.

"gurgggggggurrrrrrrrr" a muffled scream rang out of the abandon meat factory just a measly forty five miles away from tazunas house. The outside was a light gray color with tracks of red rusted water damage running down the big building. The doors were ajar which held a not very welcoming smell of decaying meat and blood.

Now most people would think the smell was caused by leftover meat that had rotted over the years and sunk into the walls thus making the smell waft all over the building. Nobody actually knew that before the business closed down the place was scrubbed down and cleaned for the people that decided to buy the building for a new business. The smell was caused not from cows carcasses but humans.

Living In the building was a foul man that most people wouldn't look twice at if walking down the street, but I'm sure no one would guess he was a serial killer and all around psycho.

Now back to the previous sentence. "gurgggggggurrrrrrrrr" a muffled scream echoed out around the abandon meat factory. In the factory past the main sanitation station in one of the many meat lockers there was meat that hanged from rusty metal hooks all around the room.

A blonde teen about twelve years of age was gagged, and tied to a old looking chair by the back of the locker. He let out another muffled scream that traveled past the room, but not out of the factory. He stopped screaming Seeing that his screams held no effect to help him.

The heavy rusted iron door in the front of the room creaked open with an ear-splitting noise. Out stepped a man in his twenties dressed in all white with brown hair that dropped all round his head. His poison green eyes searched the room until stopping on the boy in the chair. The boy let out a few muffled pleas to let him go. The man grinned at the boys foolish cries.

He slowly made his way to the back towards to the boy. His strides had a hypnotic effect to the boy because he stopped his pleas. The man finally made it to the boy, he then got down on his knees to be on the boys level. The man looked the boy straight in eye and pronounced " my name is Kiyoshi, what is your name boy" then he untied the boys gag.

The boy coughed a couple of rough dry coughs, but looked up to glare at kiyoshi. "fuck you mother fucker" the boy shouted in a dry unused voice. "such insolence, foolish boy" kiyoshi yelled. Kiyoshi then punched the boy in the gut thus making the boy cry out. "I said tell me your name" he shouted.

The boy not wanting to be hurt again answered "Naruto" then proceeded in throwing up on himself. Kiyoshi though disgusted smirked "You learn fast" he commented getting a weak glare from naruto. "you will have to in order to survive" kiyoshi then walked back to the metal door and exited.

When kiyoshi closed the metal door naruto started to struggle with his binds. Suddenly naruto smelled something then it all went dark.

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