SUMMARY: Elizabeth finally gives in to what she wants most and heads for Tortuga to find Jack. But she finds Gibbs instead, and what he tells her absolutely devastates her.

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Elizabeth Turner sighed and draped her arm across her eyes, begging the good Lord above for sleep to take her soon. She could hear the persistent clicking of the mantle clock across the one-room cottage she had come to call home. The minutes of another sleepless night ticked by, minutes that she knew were being wasted, minutes she would never get back. She'd been like this for weeks now, almost since she'd been left alone on that sleepy little island where she was waiting for that one day. Her first night there, she couldn't help but sleep deeply, her body exhausted from the battle she'd fought in hours prior. But every night since was spent lying awake, her thoughts consuming her, and she considered herself lucky if she got two or three hours of sleep.

She rolled over and sighed agitatedly, facing the window that framed the view of the ocean and what lay beyond. She edged towards the side of the bed and pulled the covers back, placing her bare feet on the cool, wooden floors. She crept across the room, stopping dead in her tracks and wincing when one of the floor boards creaked underneath her. She stood absolutely still for several moments before continuing, flashing back to her past in Port Royale. She couldn't count how many nights she had snuck out of bed to stand on her terrace, gazing up at the night sky and out at the harbor. Almost every night since her escapade with the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow, she would just stare at the harbor, looking for a ship with black sails. She shook her head at the memories, thinking of how she had and hadn't changed since those days.

Elizabeth reached for the front door of the cottage, breathing in deep at the sea breeze that greeted her once it was open. Perhaps a walk would make her sleepy. She looked up at the star filled sky. She wouldn't need a lantern. The moon was so full and bright, she could see perfectly where she was going. She made her way through the tall grass and down the staircase that had been carved into the sea cliffs. When she reached the beach, she plopped down in the sand, pulling her knees up to her chest. She stared out at the ocean, the moonlight glimmering its reflection on the water's glass-like surface. A small voice inside her head asked her what she was doing, what she was looking for, and she was again reminded of those nights in Port Royale. She was waiting for the Black Pearl, for her ticket out of this place.

The one night she remembered most was the night she almost did leave Port Royale. It was the night before her impending nuptials with Will…

She stepped off the balcony and back inside her room, leaving the door open. The room was flooded with light and the glittering in the corner caught her eye. She turned to face it and bit her lip nervously, taking a step towards it. There it was, draped with lace and beads, the color of champagne… her wedding dress. It fit the mannequin so perfectly. She let her fingers trace the collar before taking a step back. She stared at it and in the glistening moonlight that hung on each bead, she could see her future. She saw herself sitting in a rocking chair by the fire, mending one of Will's shirts. She could see herself struggling to carry the baskets full of items she bought at the market… milk, eggs, produce. She could see herself sweating over the fire, turning the large wooden spoon in a simmering pot of stew that no matter how hard she tried, still didn't have any flavor. She saw a half dozen round, pink children, all screaming and crying for her at once, her belly full and round, ready to pop out the next one. She didn't like what she saw. She closed her eyes and her heart sent the image of what she wanted more than anything—a vast, empty ocean full of possibilities and adventures. She saw a tall, dark, handsome pirate with kohl lined eyes and a grin that glinted gold. When she opened her eyes again, her dress was still facing her, calling her to a future she wasn't sure she wanted anymore.

She had tried to be subtle with her desires when talking to Will, to feel him out and see if a life on the sea was at all tempting to him. But when she asked him about their future, she was met with the answers she feared most. He talked about owning the blacksmith's shop as his own one day and being able to provide for her. He talked about security and safety, of all the things he wanted and thought she did too.

She sighed as she stood there, staring at her wedding dress. She loved Will, she really did, but she had spent so much time waiting to feel something passionate, something fiery and primal. It just wasn't there. When he kissed her, it was always friendly and chaste, gentle. There was no hunger in his kisses, nor desire in the way he touched her.

She gradually came to accept the fact that a life at sea was not in her future and that she would just have to be happy with what she had. She would do the right thing, the honorable thing. She would do what would make her father proud and she would do what would spare Will's unsuspecting heart. She would marry the blacksmith. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad after all. Everything would be fine. She was ready to be married. Wasn't she?

She went back to bed and closed her eyes, pondering for at least an hour before she fell asleep. And when she did sleep, she was met with a dream that terrified her. She dreamed of that pirate with kohl lined eyes. She dreamt of his tan skin against her creamy, pale skin. She dreamt of soft touches and caresses. It was so real. She could feel the rough hair of his goatee against her skin as he kissed her neck. She could feel his calloused hands moving up her bare thighs. She could feel the wetness of his mouth against her breasts. The feeling of how full she felt when he was inside her was exquisite. She felt that red-hot passion, the animalistic want she had been missing out on.

When she woke up the next morning, her wedding day, her brow was damp. She could feel the moisture between her legs that the dream had left her with. But that's all it was. It was just a dream. Pre-wedding jitters, right? That's all it was. She was going to marry Will. She loved Will. It was just a dream… just… a dream.

The wedding didn't happen. The clouds that loomed overhead foreshadowed the rest of the day, in which she and Will were arrested for helping that pirate escape certain death.

But she had had other dreams of him, other dreams of Captain Jack Sparrow since that initial one on the eve of her wedding to another man. What was wrong with her? How could she lust for another man, a pirate no less, when she was betrothed to another? She berated herself for those dreams, but no matter what she did, how she tried to distance herself from him, it didn't work. The dreams kept coming. They started out as nothing but lust-filled fantasies, sweat slicked bodies moving together in heated passion. But as they continued and the nights went on, they changed. The touches became softer, more gentle. In her dreams, he would kiss her with feeling and emotion.

The night of June 16, 1782, she dreamt something that truly frightened her. She and the pirate weren't engaged in illicit activities as they had been in dreams past. They were just lying there together, looking at each other. He leaned down, his mouth so close to her ear she could feel his facial hair tickling her skin. He whispered something to her, and the sound of those words coming from his mouth was something she still remembered. I love you, Elizabeth. And what's more, she answered him. In the hazy confines of her dream, she looked back at the man lying next to her, the man who was not her fiancée, and answered him. I love you too, Jack.

The next afternoon changed everything. Jack was dead, by her doing. She used the lust (for she would not admit to love; it was just a stupid dream) she felt him as a weapon. She used a kiss to distract him, to shackle him to the mast of his ship. And then she left him there. She just left him there, alone. The guilt that would swallow her in the weeks to come proved her worst fear: she was in love with Jack Sparrow.

So she would set things right. She would rescue him from the locker and die trying if she had to. But when they did bring him back, she just couldn't say it. The dreams, she reasoned, her hers and hers only. She might love Jack, but he certainly did not love her back, especially after what she had done to him. So once again she found herself destined for a future with Will. Not that that was such a bad thing. She still loved him, just not the way he loved her. And love, if only by means of friendship, existed, then it would be good enough. She could be happy with that. Couldn't she?

This time there was a wedding. She sighed. Yes, there had been a wedding. There were vows. But there was no marriage. They were married on a pirate ship in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of a battle, in the middle of a maelstrom! Where was the paperwork that legalized there union? Nonexistent. The rings? Nonexistent. And contrary to what Barbossa or Jack said, the word of a pirate would not be good enough for the rest of the world. The marriage she shared with Will was a marriage in name only.

It had been roughly two and a half months since she'd been out at sea, "gallivanting after pirates," as her father had once put it. Two and a half months since she had seen Will or Jack. Two and a half months alone. Jack Sparrow, she mused, might have been a complicated man, but when he talked about freedom, he hit the nail right on the head. 

When she'd been with Jack, even while stranded on a deserted island, she'd been given a taste of the freedom he talked about, and now she found that she craved it, dare she say, needed it. She closed her eyes as a gentle sea breeze wafted over her. With that salty zephyr she could feel something, some invisible force tugging at her. She could never explain it, but she felt as though something was calling her, beckoning her away from the fate she was supposed to have. She wanted to be able to do it, to wait for ten years for her "husband" to come back for that one day.

You don't have to wait for me, Elizabeth, he had said to her, those two and a half months ago. I can't ask you to, nor do I expect you to. If your heart begs for you to move on, then do it. Do what makes you happy. I just want you to be happy. But she wanted to wait for him. She felt like she owed it to him, after everything she must have put him through. She promised to be there on that one day.

She looked up at the horizon. The sky was starting to turn a pinky-orange. The sun would be up within a matter of minutes. A new day was beginning. As she sat there, watching the birth of the new morning, she felt reborn herself. Will was right. She did not have to wait here, wasting away all alone. She could go after those dreams and still be there on the one day. She could have it all. Every other thought she had was of a life that she wanted, with a man she wanted to be with. Maybe Jack didn't love her, but she would be a damn fool to wait around and not try. She smiled. Isn't that what Jack would do, anyways? Try?

She knew Tortuga wasn't far. So that's where she would go. Jack made port there often, and the odds of finding him there were higher than finding him anywhere else. She would use what little money she had to buy passage off this rock. She knew that once she found Jack, things wouldn't go exactly as she planned. They never did, for life was too unexpected. But the possibilities were endless and the desire for a new beginning had grown too strong to ignore.

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