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Elizabeth looked around the cabin, running her hands together nervously. She had been inside Jack's cabin before, when it was under Barbossa's captainship, but she'd never really taken a good look around. When she was the older captain's prisoner, she remembered it being dark and stuffy, with heavy, red fabric curtains and old fashioned décor. But now it smelled like Jack, like a mixture of salt water and spices and rum. It didn't give her the same feeling it had before. Jack was right. It felt like home.

He took her back to the flat she'd been staying in while in Isla Delmar to get what little possessions she had before taking her to the Pearl. As they walked back to the docks, he tightly held onto her hand and would occasionally place a hand on the small of her back protectively.

When they reached the ship, all the familiar faces she had hoped she would see were there, including Gibbs. But Jack didn't give her much time to look around before he ushered her towards his cabin. Once inside, he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her deeply before pecking the end of her nose and telling her that he'd be right back. With that, he disappeared out the door and she hadn't seen him since. Each moment that he spent away from her, the more nervous she got. She knew what Jack had in mind for her first evening on the Pearl, and while it was something she wanted just as much, her stomach still fluttered. She had wanted this for so long that now that it was finally happening, she couldn't believe it. Everything felt so surreal, she was afraid that at any moment she would open her eyes and find herself alone, as she had so many mornings.

She stood at the window and folded her arms over her chest, chewing on her bottom lip nervously as she waited for Jack to return. She was so wrapped up in the thoughts that swirled through her mind, she didn't even hear him enter the cabin. She nearly jumped three feet in the air when he placed his hands on her hips.

"S'alright, darlin'," he whispered in her ear. "It's just me."

"I didn't hear you come in," she replied, swallowing as she did so. She turned around so that she was facing him, both her hands on his chest. "I noticed we've set sail. Do we have a heading?"

"Does it matter?" His voice was husky as he leaned in, gently kissing her lips, his facial hair tickling her face. He pulled back, his eyes dark. When the reality of being that close to him struck her, she was about to pull her hands away when the ship rocked slightly. The lantern that hung in the center of the cabin swayed with the ship and hot wax from the candle engulfed the flame, eliciting a smoky fragrance into the air. The only light that was left in the room was from the nightstand, which miraculously hadn't gone out as it did in the lantern. The room was now bathed in a soft glow, fate's way of setting the mood. She looked up at him to see that he was looking down at her, his arms wrapped around her entire body, his hands pressed flat against her lower back. Her hands were still pressed against his chest, which was warm considering the cool breeze that had started to blow through the Caribbean.

"Are you alright?" he asked softly, noting how nervous she seemed. She didn't answer him, for the loud thumping of her heart and the fluttery feeling in her stomach had distracted her from hearing his question. She'd never had these feelings for anyone before, not even Will. No one she'd ever met even came close to how enticing Jack was. She couldn't take it anymore and before she could stop herself, she was doing something that she prayed she wouldn't regret later. Without blinking, she placed both of her hands on the back of his neck and pulled his head down to hers, their lips touching. The pace of her heartbeat quickened as he pulled her closer to him. She gasped against his mouth. This clearly hadn't been the first time they had kissed, but the softness of his lips still surprised her. She finally pulled away, again lowering her hands to his chest, averting her eyes to the ground.

"If that was yer way of thankin' me for what happened earlier in that alleyway, then yer quite welcome." Jack was the first to speak, his eyes still closed. When he opened them he saw that she was looking at the ground, the wall… anywhere but at him. "Don't be sorry," he said softly, turning her head back towards his. "Never apologize for acting on desire." He leaned in close to her, his lips so close to hers that when he spoke, they just barely brushed against her. "May I…?" Wait—did Jack Sparrow just ask permission to kiss her? She grinned, loving how he was a constant surprise.

She nodded and he captured her mouth with his, softly and slowly. She couldn't deny that she wanted him, the conflicting feelings from such a yearning swirling through her mind. On one hand, she felt ashamed for behaving so wantonly. Here she was the daughter of a governor and a British socialite, in the company of a well-known scoundrel and rogue and she was allowing him to KISS her?? More importantly, SHE kissed HIM first! She hadn't even done this with Will, even after they were married. They spent their last day together just lying in the sand, talking about what they would do once the ten years were up. But her life had changed since then, just like Will had told her it might. And now she was with Jack, alone with Jack, in his cabin…

Oh, but how she wanted him… she longed to feel his hands all over her and something deep within her core began to ache in the most delicious way. Yes, she wanted him and judging by how his kisses were growing more and more fervent, he wanted her as well.

She brought a hand up to the back of his head, entangling her fingers in his hair. The other hand steadied itself on his hip, bringing him all the more closer. She felt the tip of his tongue trace her upper lip and she instinctively parted her mouth, allowing him the entrance he was seeking. A slight moan escaped from the base of her throat when their tongues met, and she felt him smile against her lips.

When the kiss broke, they were both breathless. She smiled and looked down, noticing a slight bulge in his pants. She looked back up, noticing that his eyes were still lusty and dark. "I want you," she said quietly, yet firmly.

"That's a good thing because I want you, as well," he said, resting his forehead against hers. Her gaze shifted downwards slightly, a grin curling onto her lips.

"I can see that," she giggled when he smirked at her. She loved what he was bringing out in her: a new side to herself that she never knew was there. He took her mouth in a brief kiss before pulling away again.

"Are ye sure?" He asked, brushing a clump of hair out of her face. "Because if we do this, there's no taking it back… and I would hate for ye to think of me as a regret." She smiled at him, her heart melting, and she wondered if he realized how vulnerable the brave Captain Jack Sparrow was allowing himself to be.

"I am," she reassured him, her fingers tracing the outline of his lips and slowly making their way down his chin and over the two braids that dangled from his face. "I love you, Jack," she said, looking directly into his eyes.

"Really?" he asked, a wide grin breaking onto his face. She nodded. He kissed her slowly before pulling back. "I love ye too, darlin'."

She leaned into him, kissing him as her hand continued its way down his body. It traveled down his chest, over his belly and closer to the juncture between his legs. She boldly ran her hand over his groin and he groaned loudly, breaking their kiss. His hips involuntarily rocked into her palm and his eyes squeezed shut. She delighted that she could elicit such a response and continued to rub him there, squeezing gently.

He grabbed her shoulder and sucked in a sharp breath through his teeth. "Christ, Lizzie…" he muttered, his head falling back slightly. She took this opportunity to kiss his neck, running her tongue over his Adam's-apple. He grinned and opened his eyes, looking down at her. Without saying another word, he shed his coat, letting it fall to the floor. He then kicked off his boots, one at a time, before beginning to remove the rest of his clothing. All the while his eyes never left hers, watching her as her own eyes shifted from place to place as more of his bare skin was revealed. His pants were the last article to be removed, and once he'd slid them down his hips and stepped out of them, he smirked, noticing her reaction upon seeing him completely naked.

"I'm up here, darling," he said smugly, smirking again when she looked up to his face, blushing. He watched as her eyes then went to the two round scars opposite his heart, and they widened with emotion. She stepped forward, her fingers tracing the old wounds gently as if afraid of hurting him. He wrapped an arm around her, running his hand soothingly down her back. "S'alright, luv. What damage that could be done was done a long time ago. You won't hurt me." She looked up at him, kissing his lips briefly but sensually before lowering her head and kissing each of the scars. He smiled at the tender gesture, returning it by raising her hand and pressing his lips against the back of it, slowly.

She stepped backwards towards the nightstand and leaned over, as if to blow out the candle.

"Don't you dare," Jack said quickly. She stopped, a look of panic washing over her face. "You've seen me in my nakedness. Fair's far, luv."

"But…" she rubbed her hands together anxiously. "But… I'm not…"

Jack read her mind and stepped forward, cupping her cheek in his hand. He looked down into her face, all seriousness washing over his own. "You are. You are more beautiful creature I 'ave ever beheld. Never doubt that." Reassuringly, he leaned down and kissed her as his hands moved to the back of her shirt, tugging at the laces that held it together. She bit her lip and held onto his arms as he pulled the strings loose. She pulled back slightly, putting her arms over her head, allowing him to pull the shirt up and over. The air in the cabin was cold, and she instantly brought her arms up to cover her now bare breasts. When she met his stare, she noticed his eyes were fixed on hers. He stepped forward again, brushing the back of her cheek with his fingers. "If you don't want to…"

"No," she said quickly. She looked up at him and slowly lowered her arms, exposing herself. No other man had seen this much of her before. "I want to," she whispered.

"God, Elizabeth… you are beautiful…" He stepped forward and gathered her in his arms, crashing his lips against hers. She gasped at the skin-to-skin contact, but quickly grew to love the sensation of his chest against hers and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt his arms wrap around her and soon he had swept her off her feet, carrying her towards the bed. He lay her down gently so that her head was against the pillows. She spread her still-covered legs, allowing him to settle between them as he once again descended upon her mouth. However, it was her this time who sought entrance, which he gave willingly. Their tongues danced together as his hands steadied themselves on either side of her, so as not to lay on top of her with all his body weight.

His lips moved from her mouth and kissed along her jaw line before reaching her neck. She moaned slightly, rubbing her hands down his back as he began to travel downwards. He soon met her collarbone. One of his arms remained firmly planted on the mattress while the other one came up to softly cup her breast. She gasped and his mouth broke contact with her skin, his eyes looking up at her reassuringly. She nodded her approval and he grinned, continuing his kneading.

He looked up at her. "Darlin'?"

"Yes," she said softly, nodding her head. "Yes." He grinned as she raised her hips, allowing him to pull her pants past her creamy white thighs. Once he had them off completely, he tossed them across the room, and they landed somewhere between her shirt and the rest of his clothing. He then pulled off her shoes, followed by her stockings, pausing to kiss her beautiful, long legs. His mouth made its way back up her legs and she giggled when his facial hair tickled the inside of her sensitive thighs. She parted her legs slightly when he prompted her by resting his hand gently on the crook between her leg and the juncture between it and the other leg.

He pulled away and she opened her eyes, looking up at him. She smiled at him and he smiled back, brushing his thumb against her cheek. She watched as he reached down and took hold of his member, then looked back up at him when she felt the head brush against her ready opening.

"This is it, luv," he reminded her. "It's not too late." She answered him by bringing his mouth down to meet hers, kissing him long and slow to prove that she really wanted him. When she released him, he was smiling at her, and was about to enter her when she stopped him.


"Yes, Lizzie?"

"Will it hurt terribly?" she asked genuinely, the sincerity and innocence on her face broadening his already-present smile.

"I'm not sure, darling," he answered. "It will hurt some. I'm not sure how much." She nodded. "But I promise, if it's too much for ye, just say so and I'll stop. Alright?"

"Alright," she was again blown away by how gentle this "fearsome" pirate had been with her.

"Hold on," he told her, and she obeyed by grabbing onto his shoulders. She felt the tip of his member again probe below and she closed her eyes, taking a deep breath to try to calm her nerves. She felt him begin to work his way in, which wasn't difficult thanks to the lubrication she'd naturally provided him. He paused, and then suddenly sheathed himself within her as she cried out, a white-hot pain washing over her. Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes and her nails bit into the skin on his shoulders. He pulled back slightly to look at her face, brushing the tears away. "I'm sorry, luv…" he whispered gently against her ear.

After a few moments, the pain began to subside and she lessened her grip on him. "I'm ready, Jack," she said quietly. He nodded and brushed his lips against hers. She felt him begin to pull out almost completely before thrusting back in again, causing them both to groan. She brought her legs up around his hips, encouraging him to move again, which he did all too willingly.

He moved slowly at first, before establishing a rhythm. He rocked in and out of her at a steady pace, groaning as his breathing became more and more erratic. His control would not last long… the sensation of finally being inside his Lizzie, his beautiful Elizabeth… it was incredible.

"Oh, Lizzie…" he moaned, his eyes squeezing shut.

She began to bring her hips forward, attempting to meet his thrusts. He slowed down a bit, bringing one hand to her hip. He smiled sweetly at her and kissed her lips gently. "Here, darlin', like this." He guided her body up to meet his and she cried out at the unbelievable sensation. Pretty soon, she was meeting him thrust for thrust and she began chanting his name as she could feel her end coming nearer. Hearing her call for him only encouraged him to move faster.

"Jack…" she moaned, her hands moving down the velvety hard muscles of his back. Tears of pleasure welled up in her eyes as he thrust into her feverishly. "Jack… Jack!" She felt her world spinning out of control as everything came crashing down around her.

When he felt her nails rake down his back and those vice-like muscles tighten around him, he was only able to buck his hips into her a few more times before his own release consumed him. He groaned, long and loud, as he flooded her. He collapsed on top of her, both their bodies hot and sweaty. After a few moments of heavy breathing and panting, he pulled back to see her smiling at him through heavy eyelids. He kissed her forehead and pulled out, gently, rolling to her side. Once he had positioned himself comfortably, he pulled her into his arms, which she graciously cuddled into.

It was only a few moments before her breathing steadied and he knew she was asleep. He looked down at the beautiful being nestled in the crook of his arm. He bit his lip and looked at the ceiling. He'd been with many women before Elizabeth, and had done many a –thing with said women, but never in all his experience had he ever made love before. He looked back down at her, realizing she was the purest, most genuine individual he had ever known. Yes, he'd been with many women before her… but he knew that there would be no one to come after her.


The little girl stood as high as she could, her nose nearly pressed against the window on the cold London street. The snow had started to fall only several moments earlier, the 

small, white snowflakes landing on her dark brown ringlets. The store window was frosted with ice, but she was still desperate to see inside. Just a few more days, her mother kept saying. A few more days and Christmas would come.

Her little head shot up from the window when she felt a large hand gently squeeze her shoulder. "Look, daddy," she said quietly, glancing back at the window. "Look how many there are!"

"An' which one do you fancy, little one?" he asked her, his grin glinting gold as he spoke.

"I like them all!" she chimed, her eyes glowing against the light pouring from the window.

"Good girl," he chuckled. He hoisted her onto his shoulders, smiling as she shrieked with laughter. "Come on, Miss Annabelle. Yer mum's waitin' for us." He turned into the crowd of last-minute holiday shoppers to see his wife, his beautiful Lizzie, waiting for him, one hand lazily resting against her full, round stomach. When he approached her, she smiled and held her hand out.

"Let's go home," she said to him as he took it. "I'm sure Gibbs is wondering what happened to us."

And with that, the three of them headed towards port, where they were sure to find the Black Pearl, home, waiting for them.

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