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Legolas had awoken before dawn that morning, feeling very restless. He had not wanted to leave Audrey alone, but he knew she was exhausted, and so he did not wake her. Instead he slipped out of her bed and dressed quickly. In lieu of leaving a note for her, he slipped a single red rose on a nightstand for her to see when she awoke.

He wasn't sure where he was headed, but he let his feet lead him to the Lady Galadriel's house. Hoping she was already awake, he walked up to knock on her door only to have it open before he could knock.

"Legolas, my dear elf, how are you this morning?" the Lady questioned as she welcomed him in.

He accepted a cup of tea and drank a little before answering. "I am much better than I was last night."

She smiled warmly at him but did not respond and the silence stretched for several minutes. He did not know why, but it made him feel vaguely uneasy. Peering down into his cup, he was startled when Galadriel finally spoke again.

"Are you going to tell me why you've come here so early?"

"I am not even sure myself why I've come. I just felt restless when I was at Audrey's house."


"Well I wanted to stay, but I could not make myself. I care about her very much, but something was not right. Something still is not right."

The Lady stood and went to a bookshelf in the corner, pulling a small box down from the top shelf. "You know, Legolas, you are the last elf that was sent to this world to come to Acadia. Now we are all here."

"That is…good, I suppose. But I do not know what you mean." Or how that could possibly have anything to do with Audrey and myself.

He had forgotten about Galadriel's ability until she answered him back wordlessly. It does affect your relationship with Audrey, for now we can leave.

For a few moments Legolas was so overwhelmed by joy that he could not speak. When he found his voice once again, he asked, "We can leave? You mean we can return to Arda?"

"Yes," the Lady replied, "we can return, but we would go to Valinor instead of Arda. Arda is much changed since we were all taken away."

"But how is this possible? I have searched for a way back for many centuries and I have found nothing!"

Galadriel sat in front of him once again. She looked quite out of place in the barely-lit room, turning the small box over in her hands. "The Valar have given us a boon, since we were taken against our wills. They have delivered this to me so we can return."

She handed Legolas the box, and he took it carefully. On the outside it was quite nondescript, but when he opened it, the jewel inside seemed to catch every ray of light in the room, and it shown like a small sun.

"This is your ring, one of the three rings of the Elves!" he exclaimed.

"Yes. I have kept it until you came, and now we can use it to return."

Legolas leapt up from his chair. "Well what are we waiting for? Let us gather everyone together and go! Audrey will be so thrilled!" He turned to run from the room, but a quiet voice in his head stopped him.

Legolas, Audrey cannot come with us.

He froze at that, and could not breathe for several moments. "She cannot come?" he finally whispered, turning back to Galadriel.

"No. The boon is only for the elves. The ring would not accept her."

Legolas felt all his hope and happiness draining from him to be replaced with a dreadful sense of melancholy. "And if I choose to stay here, can everyone else go?"

"Yes, the Valar will permit us to leave without you. But Legolas, if you renounce this boon, you will no longer be an elf. You will remain in the same form like all mortals do in their youth, but you will age like them, and eventually you will die."

He nodded slowly, absorbing the news, and then stood to leave. "Legolas," the Lady called to him, "you must decide soon. There are many elves who are restless and will not stand to wait another month."

"Of course," he murmured, and then he turned back out the door.

Again he let his feet guide him as he was lost in his thoughts. He was surprised to look up and see that he had returned to Audrey's cottage. Dawn had broke while he was in Galadriel's house, and he had no doubt Audrey would be awake now. But his knocking brought no answer, and so he slipped silently back into her house.

Walking back to her bedroom, he heard a quiet humming coming from the room across the hall. He opened the door to find himself in her bathroom; Audrey was in a tub full of bubbles, humming to herself. The rose he had left her was sitting next to the tub.

He closed the door with enough force so she would hear him, and she jerked around. When she saw he was back, her face broke into the most beautiful smile, and he was surprised she could not hear his heart breaking.

Legolas went to sit next to the tub, kissing her gently before sitting. He tried to smile back at her, but he was sure his smile looked more like a grimace.

When he had entered, she had looked as if she was in a talkative mood, but her smile quickly faded at the expression on his face.

"Thank you for the rose," she all but whispered before turning back and rinsing her hair. He felt a surge of emotion at her simple gratitude, and heedless of the water, he reached into the bath to pick her up. She gasped at his boldness, and he wrapped her in a towel before guiding her back into her room. Once there, he kissed her urgently, and she responded just as fervently, peeling his wet tunic from his chest as they walked back to her bed.

Legolas continued kissing her as Audrey unlaced his breeches and removed them. At the first gentle touch of her hand on him, he ripped the towel from her, swung them both onto the bed, and entered her in one swift movement. He did not cease kissing her as he thrust into her, and she seemed to realize that he did not need gentleness now. He came quickly, regretfully without bringing her pleasure, but she kissed him insistently as he pulled out of her warmth, holding him to her regardless. After his head began to clear, he realized that the wetness on his face was not bath water, but tears.

Audrey did not stop kissing him, running her hands up and down his arms and his back, and he felt himself beginning to respond to her again. This time when he entered her, it was much more slowly, and they rocked together until both of them gasped out in ecstasy. He collapsed onto one side and pulled her to him, and they both fell asleep.

Legolas woke several hours later to the sensation of Audrey's eyelashes against his chest as she blinked. He stirred, slipping his head down to kiss her softly. He pulled away to study her, and she smiled at him.

"What's the matter?" she asked softly.

Legolas sighed. "I had a talk with Galadriel this morning, and she knows a way to get back to Middle Earth."

Somehow Audrey knew this was not good news, for she did not even smile. Legolas did not know how to break the news to her, so they laid looking into each other's eyes for a long moment.

"She said I could not come, didn't she?" Audrey's voice was almost too soft to hear.

"Yes," Legolas whispered back. Audrey buried her face in his chest, hugging him to her tightly.

"You should go anyway."

"Audrey, I do not want to leave you—"

"No! It is your home. I will be fine here, and you want to go back to your home. You'll be happy there, and I want you to be happy."

Legolas could not believe what she was saying. Eru, how am I supposed to leave her when she is selfless enough to give me up for my own happiness?

Audrey continued, "Besides, I'm just a girl and you will meet other women there. You are an elf and you have to live a long life with your friends. If you stay here, I'll die and leave you alone. So you should go."

Legolas lay with her for what felt like several hours, but he knew it was only a few minutes before he replied. "Yes, I should go. Tonight, too, for everyone will be waiting." They smiled sadly at one another, then slipped out of bed and dressed.

Legolas headed toward Elladan and Elrohir's home to tell them to spread the news, but Audrey went to see Galadriel one last time. Before they parted, she kissed him and promised to stay there to see the elves go.

Several hours later, all the elves of Acadia had gathered outside the Lady's house. They stood looking expectantly at Elrohir and Elladan who waited outside Galadriel's door for her to come out with the ring. She emerged after a few minutes, accompanied by Audrey.

"It is time," the Lady said, and all the elves gathered around. Audrey went to move outside the gathering, but Legolas stopped her. He turned back to the Lady, and she nodded at him to say goodbye.

Legolas followed Audrey outside the circle of elves and took her into his arms one last time. She smiled brilliantly up at him and then hugged him tightly to her. "I will never forget you, Legolas Thranduillion."

"Do you love me, Audrey?" he asked softly of her. She stepped away from him, taking his hands and smiled once again.

"Of course I do, silly elf. I will love you for always." He nodded, then kissed her forehead and turned to enter into the circle of elves, leaving her standing alone.

Legolas approached the Lady and she asked, "Are you ready to go now?"

He smiled, taking in the sight of all of the eager elves, and then turned to his two best friends.

"Elladan, Elrohir, I will miss you." They blinked in surprise and he turned back to the Lady before what he said had time to register.

"I wish to renounce the boon of the Valar, and remain behind as a mortal."

The circle of elves was deathly still, stiller even than elves normally are, but Galadriel simply nodded and placed the ring on her finger. In an instant, Legolas and Audrey were left alone in Acadia.

He turned slowly to meet her eyes, only to find them closed. There were tears running down her cheeks, and she made a lovely picture with the wind blowing her hair every which way. He walked silently toward her and stroked one cheek with his fingertips. Audrey's eyes flew open and she threw herself upon him.

"You're still here?"

"Of course I am, silly girl. I love you, and I could not leave you simply for a country."

Her face dropped into despair though, and she shook her head. "But I will die and you will have to be here forever."

He laughed at that, and responded. "Since I renounced the boon, I am now mortal."

Audrey beamed at him, and then wrapped her arm around his waist and walked with him back into the village.

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