Author's note: I wrote this two years ago, before Cartoon Network had aired all the episodes (or at least before I had seen them). It was two years ago, so I was young and stupid. To save you all some greif, I went through and revised it and filled in some plotholes and grammar DISASTERS. I assume that this is set somewhere early in the second season, after Chase Young has been established as an enemy, but before the Dragon Apprentices get all their cool powers and mature (especially in Rai's case). The story contains four OCs, but only three important OCs, so don't feel too overwhelmed, because they all tie in without messing up any of the set-in-stone facts in the show. Enough rambling. Here's chapter one!

Two Vows, One Destiny

A Xiaolin Showdown Story

Chapter 1: A New Student and a New Wu

"Dragon apprentices. I have called you all here to inform you that as of this afternoon you will all have a new companion. The young woman-"

Omi interrupted. "A girl? Another fragile girl coming to train with the men?"

"Hey!" Kimiko cried indignantly, glaring at him coldly.

"Anyone is, of course, welcome to train at temple... I expect you all to behave properly."

"Where's she from?" Raimundo asked, his brazilian accent rolling off his tongue.

"She comes to us from the United States. Texas, to be precise."

"Really Master Fung?! Texas?" Clay bursted out excitedly.

"Yes, Clay. I thought you would be interested." He smiled.

"How's she getting here?" Kimiko asked.

"She will be escorted by her mother."

Raimundo bursted out laughing and clutched his sides. "Her mom is bringing her?"

"That is enough." Master Fung stood. "You will treat our newest student with respect. Is that clear?"

"Yes Master Fung..." Raimundo grumbled.


The sound of tires on dirt came floating through the air, and the Dragon apprentices scrambled out of the temple. Outside in the sunlight, they saw a beat-up, faded red car coming up the dirt road. They couldn't see anything through the dirty windows.

Master Fung stepped up to the car as it came to a halt. The driver's door opened first, and a small woman stepped out. On her head rested large sunglasses, and her thin, permed, fake-blond hair shone in the sunlight. She smiled largely, showing her bleached white teeth, and rested her free hand on her waist, drawing attention to her zebra-striped mini-skirt. This must be the girl's mother.

"You must be Mrs. Jackson. Pleased to make your acquaintance," Master Fung said, bowing.

The woman was unsure what to do, and dipped her back a little. "Uh... yeah. And you must be Amanda's new teacher, Mister Fung?" She had a high, raspy voice with some kind of wierd American accent, like someone from an old timey southern movie.

"I am."

At that moment, the passenger door opened, and the Dragons watched, holding their breath. A young woman stepped out. She was teller than her mother, and had long brown hair tied up in a pony-tail, bright green eyes, and palish skin. Her brown bangs covered one of her eyes modestly. She already wore the red uniform of the temple. Her uncovered eye scanned over them timidly, and she pulled out with her a black backpack and slung over her shoulder.

'Is that her suitcase? Talk about packing lightly.' Raimundo thought, raising a brow.

"And you are the new student, Amanda, I presume?" Master Fung stated more than asked as Amanda shyly walked over to them.

"Yes sir," she replied quietly, bowing, her hair falling around her.

"Please, feel free to come inside." Master Fung said, turning to the woman and indicating toward the temple. "Actually, I really need to get going. I've got somewhere to be tonight!" she said with a wink.

Amanda stared at the ground, a pink tinge coming to her pale cheeks.

"Very well, then. You two may say your goodbyes."

The woman pecked Amanda on the cheek and pulled her into a quick, tight hug. "You be good, y'hear?"

Everyone else looked away, embarrassed to be intrusive.

"Okay, mom," she replied, her hands pinned to her sides.

"I love you."

"Love you, too."

After a few awkward seconds, the woman stepped back and there was a silence. Then, she climbed back into her car and dabbed her eyes with a tissue, smearing her mascara. Then she drove away over the road.

Amanda watched after her for a moment, then turned to the others.

Kimiko though disbelievingly, 'how could those two be related?'

Raimundo was still trying to keep from laughing. The only thing that had registered through the whole scene was the woman's strange behavior and skimpy outfit. 'Zebra stripes?!'

Amanda's hand flew to her head suddenly, and she swayed on the spot, her eyes out of focus.

"What's wrong?" Clay asks as the group rushed to her.

"Are you unwell, new friend?" asked Omi, looking up at her with worried eyes.

"Oh... I'm... fine," she said, lowering her hand and regaining her balance. "Just-"

A call was heard from inside the temple. "No time for a warm welcome! A new shen-gong-wu has just turned active!" Dojo ran out into the yard.

"Good, Dojo. Our newest student will accompany you, apprentices. Now let us first see..."

Dojo held up and opened a scroll. In the picture, a man wore a crystal on the end of a long chain around his neck, and above his head in a bubble, was another person, walking. The man's spirit floated out of him and walked beside the man in the bubble. It made no sense to any of them.

"The Crystal Pendant," stated Dojo. "It gives the holder the ability to see any person on earth or off it, at any period in time. Oh, I remember this one! It can also be used as a tool for spying on your enemies!"

"It sounds most useful!"

"Let's go get'r!"