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Trish's POV

Being a WWE Superstar is fun, for the most part, except for the part where our lives are turned into never ending roller coasters. Sure, being recognized at any part of the world is great, but it is not fun when we get compared to the characters we play on television. Some people in this company are nice, while others are rude, just like their characters. Take Randy Orton for example. Most people take him to be a jerk, but in reality, he is one of the sweetest guys in the world, well, at least to me he is.

I am sure that the fans think that he is conceited for all the luxuries he gets thanks to being Vince McMahon's top guy in the business besides John Cena, without concentrating on who he really is. Behind his jerk façade, Randy Orton can be caring when he wants to be. He is nice, but when people corner him about his personal life, the monster inside of him, comes out. After being left by his wife Elizabeth, and stole money from their joint account, Randy closed off most of his friendships with the guys, and gave the cold shoulder to everyone, even Vince. Once, the guys all rounded on him, and suggested forgetting about Elizabeth ,which was her loss anyway, and he punched Carlito, John, and Edge, who where the closest to him. This attitude landed him in anger management classes for a period of 9 months. After this time, everyone could see Randy had changed into a better, nicer, calmer man. During his time in those classes, he still tried to be friends with Amy, Lillian, and I.

Of course, he was rude, and told us to butt out of his life. We did, for a while anyways. Being the caring people the three of us are, we forgave him. Unlike other guys who said things when they were mad, Randys was forgivable because he was going through hard time, and it was understandable. Randy and I have what you call a special bond. We are always there for each other during the hard times, or the easy times. Randy treated me so nicely and with respect, but sometimes I think he feared that I would take a path like Elizabeth, and leave him.

I am an open-minded person, and I am always there for my friends no matter what. Another example would be Jeff Hardy. We met when I debuted March 19, 1998. He had been so sweet, and so kind. Over the years, the Jeff I met changed. His behavior became different, and less spunky. He became more quiet, and reserved. He started missing show a while back, and it scares me. I feel as if he is slipping away from reality. I have confronted him about my suspicions about him using drugs, but he denies it overtime, or just straight out ignored me, or walks out of the room, and ignores me. The only problem is that Randy and Jeff don't get along.

I mean to say that Jeff and Randy are not friends, is putting it kindly, because if they stay in a room together, alone, they will fight as if there is not tomorrow. You could say that it is basically Elizabeth's fault because she went out with Jeff before she came back married to Randy. She went out with Jeff for 2 and half years, then without a note or anything, she left him. She said it was over, and that she couldn't be with him anymore. She said it had gotten too hard for her, and that she didn't want that lifestyle anymore. Then, when 22 year old Randy came to the WWE, we all found out he was married. He wouldn'ttalk about her for the longest of times. He kept telling us that who his wife was wasn't our problem or concern. Finally, about after a year of bugging, Randy gave in, and brought her to the arena the night he won the Intercontinental Championship belt.

When I saw her, I almost choked her. To tell you the truth, she was the last person I expected Randy to be married to. I couldn't believe she was such a slut to do that. She had been with Jeff, and now she was married to Randy. Now, it all made sense. Why she left, and why she stayed with Jeff all that time even though I suspected her feeling for him were not very real. Poor Jeff, he had been used all along, just for Elizabeth's own gains. She had told Randy lies about her relationship with Jeff. According to her, Jeff broke up with her, and left her. It had been so hard on Jeff, seeing them together like that, that it broke my heart. Finally, Elizabeth's true colors came out. She did to Randy what she had done to Jeff, except maybe worse. To me, Randy took it worse because he turned into a completely different person. Jeff on the other hand, just decided to tune us out of his life. That was a year ago, and Randy is slowly starting to be more like his old self.

Then, as I walked up the stairs of my house to clean it around, I saw a picture that just about tore me in half. It was Matt, Amy, Jeff, and I at Jeff's house last year; when everything was still normal. We were in September, and he had been my friend. Now, he barely looked at me, much less talk to me. If only things were like they had been back when I met Matt and Jeff Hardy………

Flashback (normal point of view)

Jeff Hardy was walking down the hallways of the arena for yet another show when he saw a disturbing sight. There was a petite blonde female on the floor, crying.

"Hey there darling, are you okay?" Jeff asked the lady on the floor with his sweet, southern accent.

"Um, yes, I am. I am actually new here. My name is Trish Stratus. " she said as she tried to wipe the tears away from her face.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Trish. My name is Jeff Hardy. Have you met anyone else around here? Jeff asked. Then, she suddenly burst into tears again.

"Aww… Trish! Did I say something I shouldn't have? Because if I did, I am very sorry, "Jeff said worriedly now, as he wasn't the best person to handle crying girls.

"No you didn't Jeff. It's just that I bumped into …" Trish trailed off, as she became very quiet.

"Who did you bump into? Did they say something to you? I know I just met you, but I want you to know you can trust me, "Jeff said very seriously when he saw Trish's reaction to him asking about the mysterious person she had previously met.

"Um, I bumped into Kurt Angle a few minutes ago. He said some things that really affected me. I accidentally bumped into him, and spilled water on his shirt, and then he began to go off on me just for that. He asked me who I thought I was, and I told him I was new. He said that all I would ever be for the company is a blonde eye-candy slut. He said I would never make it to the top, and that I would never become Women's Champion. "Trish said, now beginning to calm down as she had someone to talk to about the horrible things Kurt Angle had told her.

"Don't worry about what he said Trish. He has no reason to say that. If Mr. McMahon hired you, it is because he was potential in you. He's just a grumpy ogre. When I came to the WWE, he said stuff about my appearance. He made fun of the style of clothes I had, my choice of music, and especially my hair. Now, even when I'm out of the Brood, I'm not gaining any brownie points. " Jeff said, with a pretend pout that made Trish forget her problem, and smile.

"Well, I appreciate you listening to me. You just met me, and you tried to help me," Trish said sincerely.

"I felt the same way you just did, but don't worry. Everyone with the exception of Kurt Angle is very nice. I want you to know you have friends in my brother Matt, and I. If you ever need help, or need advice, I'm here for you, "Jeff said smiling an encouraging smile at Trish.

"So have you met any of the other Divas around here? " Jeff asked trying to change from that very unpleasant subject by the name of Kurt Angle.

"Yeah, I did. I met a girl who has red hair", then Trish got cut off by Jeff.

"Red hair, a tattoo, and is the only Diva that wears pants? " Jeff asked with a smirk.

"That's Lita, to the fans, or known backstage as Amy Dumas. She part of Team Extreme, a group involving my brother, his girlfriend Amy, and myself, " Jeff told Trish, with a sudden gleam in his eyes once he talked about his brother and his friend.

"Hey Trish? I have a proposition for you, but you don't have to accept if you don't want to, "Jeff said seriously to Trish.

"What is it Jeff? " Trish asked Jeff.

"Would you like to put your stuff to down at the locker for right now? " Jeff asked Trish, then out of nowhere, she began to laugh like a little schoolgirl.

"I was actually going to ask you that Jeff, "Trish said, smiling.

"Well, that's funny. I guess it's true when they say that great minds think alike. I want to thank you for everything you have done to make me feel better Jeff. It means so much to me, "Jeff responded her question.

"Umm… Jeff,"

Then all she heard was:

Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you,
That is how I know you go on

Far across the distance
And spaces between us
You have come to show you go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime
And never let go till we're one

Love was when I loved you
One true time I hold to
In my life we'll always go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

There is some love that will not go away

You're here, there's nothing I fear,
And I know that my heart will go on
We'll stay forever this way
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

Then, Jeff was the one to break into a fit of laughter when he heard Trish's ring tone.

"Can you hold on real quick? " Trish asked Jeff as she glared at him for his previous outburst.

"Sure, I can wait, "Jeff told Trish with a childish grin on his face.

"Wait, why don't you come with me to the locker room and settle down, then you can talk comfortably all you want, without having to carry your things all around the arena? " Jeff suggested.

Trish nodded her head to Jeff, while rolling her eyes at the person she was talking to.

"Haha you're very funny. You never change do you Chris? You are still the same clown you were ever since I met you, "Trish said giggling at whatever the man called Chris had responded to her.

"So how are you? " Trish asked him.

"I'm great. I am actually with the guys at the studio recording new songs for the new album, "Chris answered her question with obvious excitement that even Jeff could hear. It was a very strange moment. Trish was speaking in a low voice, that was hard to hear, while Chris's voice could be heard to anyone, anywhere, including Jeff.

"That's great Chris. I can't wait to hear it. I bet it's awesome, "Trish said excitedly.

"Are you still my number one fan though? Because I know we have taken a very long time to record, but please believe we will get there," Chris asked Trish.

"Of course I am baby. I don't think I would be a very good wife if I wasn't. I will always be your number one fan no matter what, "Trish said giggling when she heard Chris fighting for the phone with the rest of his Fozzy band members.

"So where are you babe?" Chris asked once he had gotten his cell phone back.

"I'm at the arena for my raw debut. I also made a new friend who is showing me around," Trish told her husband.

"Trish honey, not that I don't trust you, but is your friend a man or woman?" Chris asked quietly.

"For your information Chris, my new friend is a man. His name is Jeff Hardy, "Trish said hotly as she wondered the sudden change the conversation took.

At the sound of his name, Jeff's ears perked up. He turned around as he heard Trish getting aggravated with the man she said was her husband. Out of nowhere, he saw as Trish rolled her eyes at the phone, then covered the speaker part of the phone and told Jeff Chris was being stupid.

"No Chris, Jeff and I aren't doing any funny business. I just met him, and I am not that kind of person. Plus if you don't remember, I am married to you, and I would never do something like that. What kind of crack-headed question is that Chris? "Trish asked the man who had suddenly worried about who Trish's friends were.

"Um, Chris can I call you back later? Something just came up," Trish told Chris as she felt a pair of eyes burning the back of her head. "Is everything alright? Are you feeling bad? Was it something I said, because if it is, Trish, I completely apologize for it? I know how shy you are around new people, and I should have never said the things I did," Chris said, now feeling guilt for Trish's sudden urge to hang up on him, and end their conversation.

"Don't you think I know when you're joking or not?" I knew you were playing around, so I decided to follow your lead," Trish said deviously.

"Well then Trish, I suppose I deserve it. If you have to go, then I'll let you leave. Good night and Trish, and I hope you have sweet dreams. I look forward to taking to you again," Chris said to Trish.

"Jeff is the locker room near?" Trish asked when she had finished talking to Chris.

"Yeah, we're here," Jeff said.

"Thank you for letting me put my stuff down Jeff. I really appreciate it," Trish said sincerely.

"You're welcome. Trish, I don't want to bother you, but can I ask you a question?" Jeff asked his new friend.

"Sure Jeff, go on ahead," Trish said smiling.
"Who was that guy you were talking to on the phone?"

"Oh, that's Chris Jericho. He's my husband," Trish said quietly.

"Wow. I never saw that one coming. You look you, and so does he. He's that guy from WCW right?" Jeff asked.

"Yeah, how do you know? Not to be rude, but I know WWE and WCW don't really get along," Trish said, remembering the way Chris had spoken of World Wrestling Entertainment. All the same, he was still happy she had gotten a job with them.

" Oh, I have a friend who works there," Jeff said, referring to the man who would later become known as Gregory Helms in the WWE, and would be the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in history," Jeff told Trish.

(A/N: Sorry, but I really do like him, and I couldn't help but put that in there)

"That's alright. I guess we both have people we know from other places," Trish said jokingly.

3 hours later………

They were still taking, and Trish had found out both she and had many things in common. Then Jeff told Trish how about the ways he relaxes after he has wrestled. Jeff likes to paint, so he tries to do that in his spare time at home. Sometimes, he paints his emotions, and how he expresses himself towards others. Trish thought that was very good. She told him her way of relaxation was yoga. She told him about she loved doing yoga since she had been a little girl. Jeff and Trish kept talking about life, wrestling, and his exotic hair.

"Most of the guys think that me dying my hair is just because of my character," Jeff told Trish.

"Well why don't you tell them that? Trish inquired.

"I would never hear the end of it," Jeff told her seriously.

"I see. So Jeff, do you have a big family?" Trish asked curious because family hadn't been part of their conversation.

"Yes I do. I own a lot of pets, and I have my older brother Matt, and my dad Glen. My mom died years ago," Jeff responded, and then laughed as he wanted to bring up the topic too.

"I'm sorry Jeff. I have an older brother, Jake and an older sister named Ashley, and my mom," Trish said, smiling at the thought of her crazy, yet loving family.

"That's a big family. What happened to your dad?" Jeff asked when he noticed Trish had left him out.

"He umm died a few years ago," Trish said sadly.

"Oh Trish! I'm very sorry. I know how it feels to loose someone. You must probably think I'm pretty insensible" Jeff said guiltily.

"It's okay Jeff. You didn't know, so it's not like you did it on purpose to hurt my feelings or anything," Trish smiled at Jeff as he suddenly looked uncomfortable taking about family.

When Jeff was about continue taking about his pets, his phone rang, and he excused himself to Trish, saying his brother was calling him.

"Hey man where are you?" Matt asked his younger brother.

"I am at the--" the Jeff got cut off by Matt.

"Dude are you coming eat with Amy and me? We've been waiting in catering for the past two hours," Matt said, a bit annoyed at Jeff's bad memory of things.

"Matty I met this girl, and she's a new Diva here. She was crying, and I was trying to make her feel better. She bumped into Kurt, and you know how rude the man can get. She's a blonde, have you seen her?" Jeff said defending his actions.

"Yeah I know how Kurt is. Well that was very nice of you, and nope I haven't seen her sorry. Wait, let me ask Amy. She might have seen her. /yeah, she did. She said the girl was very shy and kept to herself," Matt confirmed, wondering what this new looked like.

"Well now she's my friend, and she doesn't know anyone but Kurt and I. Do you think I can bring her to eat with us? Maybe that way Ames can introduce her to the rest of the girls," Jeff asked.

"Sure, I don't mind. The more the merrier," Matt said, not having worry about what the girl looked like as he would meet her in a matter minutes.

"Thanks man, I owe ya. I just have to ask Trish if she wants to wants or if she's hungry," Jeff told his older brother.

"Alright man. You work things out with her, and I'll see you in a few," Matt said.

"Okay Matt," Jeff responded, and then hung up on his brother.
"Hey Trish, would you like to go out to eat with Amy, Matt and myself?" Jeff asked Trish politely.

"Sure, but are you sure it's not a problem?" Trish asked timidly.

"Of course its not. I talked to Matt about it, and he seemed fine with the idea of me bringing you with me. Amy is just so sweet. I'm sure you'll love her too. She's totally different from Matt. He can be hard-headed when he wants to. How those two got together is beyond me, but don't worry about that," Jeff said, not wanting to get into that at the moment.

"Alrighty then. Jeff do I leave my stuff here?" Trish asked.

"Yes, that's fine. I don't think you want to carry your suitcase around, do you? "Jeff asked teasingly.

" No, of course not," Trish responded with a look of shock stretched on her face but couldn't hold it in any longer, and laughed along with Jeff.

"Yeah, I suppose carrying bags around all day isn't fun," Jeff told Trish.

"You've been so nice to me Jeff. I want to repay you somehow," Trish said shyly.

"Don't worry about it Trish. Friends help each other out and I know want you to know you can count on me for anything," Jeff said sincerely.

"Same here. I also want you to know I'm very grateful of this friendship," Trish said, responding sincerely too.

"Thanks Trish. Okay, I think Amy and Matt have been waiting for us long enough," Jeff said, motioning for Trish to walk outside towards the empty hallway.

(A/N: Jeff's thoughts are in bold)

Gosh she's so pretty. I wonder how long she's been married. Wait, what am I thinking? I just met her.

"Umm Jeff? I think we're here," Trish announced, pulling Jeff out of his thoughts.

"Matt? Amy? Anybody?" Jeff asked out loud, wondering where his complaining brother was.

Then, he saw Matt standing behind Trish, presumably hiding from Amy. What he didn't know was that Amy was right behind him, lots of water balloons in her hands. Jeff nodded his head at Amy in agreement to what she was about to do. Matt, thinking Amy was nowhere near him, thought the nod was meant for him.

"So Trish, why don't we wait here for my brother and his girlfriend? They shouldn't be tool long," Jeff said, hoping Trish wouldn't turn around and notice the two people behind her.

"Sure. Even if they do take a while, I'm okay. They were nice enough to let me come, and I am in no position to demand anything from them," Trish told Jeff, beginning to wonder whether Jeff's brother would accept her or not.

"Trish what's your favorite color?" Jeff asked.

"My favorite color is…ah! J-J-Jeff? Wha-Wha-What was that?" Trish stammered, feeling the impact of a water balloon with ice cold water hit her bare back.

Then, Trish saw a black haired man with an apologetic look on his face step towards her.

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. That water balloon was meant for me. I moved, and it hit you. I'm Matt Hardy by the way," Matt said extending his hand to the younger blonde who had become friends with his also blonde brother.

"It's nice to meet you Matt. My name is Trish Stratus. Jeff mentioned your girlfriend. Amy right? Where is she?" Trish asked, referring to the redheaded Diva who was nowhere in sight.

"Probably back in the locker room hiding from you. You should have seen the look on her face when the water balloon hit you. She felt terrible about it. See Amy and I were having a water balloon tight while we were waiting for you guys to come. Where do you guys want to eat?" Matt asked Jeff and Trish.

" We should all eat light. We'll be wrestling soon," Trish said.

" Hey," Amy said, coming up to the three of them and introducing herself to Trish.

"Hi. I'm a new Diva here. It is so nice to meet you," Trish told Amy, whom she had seen earlier, but hadn't talked to because she had been too shy.

"Thanks. It's nice to me you too Trish," Amy said, smiling at the new Diva.

(A/N: Just a quick reminder that thoughts are in bold)

"Wow she is so nice. I like her tattoo, it's pretty cool," Trish thought to herself.

"Well, there is a Soup Plantation a few blocks away fro, here. So you guys want to go there?" Matt asked his three companions.

"Yeah," everyone agreed.

When they got there, the place was filled with wrestling fans that liked the Hardyz and Lita. It took twenty minutes to sign posters, and take pictures. During these twenty minutes, Trish watched her three new friends look happy. She hoped that one day, the same would happen to her. After finishing, Matt, Jeff, and Amy sat down to eat together with Trish. Matt and Jeff talking about guy stuff, while Amy and Trish talked about guys, the company, and how Amy had gotten into the wrestling business. Trish was enjoying this time, and was happy she had made new friends. Time flew by, and it was time to head back to the hotel. Amy took Trish in a separate car, so she could meet the rest of the Divas. They were watching a movie, when Amy noticed the time, and told Trish it was time to go to the arena Reading the script for the show, Amy found out she would be joining the Hardyz to go against Test, Albert, and Trish. Getting inside the arena, Amy took Trish straight to the Women's locker room to meet the rest of the girls. Once they were inside, Amy noticed everyone stopped what they were doing to look at Amy bring the new Diva inside.

"Hey guys, this is Trish, she's a new Diva here," Amyl said, introducing Trish, knowing by now Trish would have been too shy to do it herself.

"Hey Trish. I'm Molly Holly. It's a pleasure to meet you. I hope you enjoy your match with Amy, the Hardyz, and T&A, " Molly said sweetly to the new girl.

" Nice to meet you. I'm Ivory. Maybe we can work together one day? That way, we can exchange tips and stuff?" Ivory suggested to Trish. She was pleased to see the blonde girl nod her head excitedly.

" Hey girlie. The name's Debra. Good luck on your match," Debra said, smiling at the brand new Diva.

" Hey honey. I'm Sable, but call me Rena. I see you're friends with Amy. Don't worry she'll take care of you. Andrew and Albert are really nice guys, so you don't have to worry about that either. I noticed you've been quiet through this, so my guess is that you're shy. That is a no-no girly. You can't be shy in this business. We'll fix that as time passes. If you ever need anything from make up to advice, I'm here for you. It doesn't matter if you think I'm in the middle of something or not. Even if I am busy, I always have time for my girls. Oh, and remember this above all of my blabbing: Enjoy the match. Most people don't ever enjoy their first match because they are under stress and are nervous. If you're distracted with things like that, it'll affect your performance, making you look bad in your debut match," Sable said in a over-protective sister way, which really meant a lot to Trish.

"Well well. Looks like we have a new girl here. Listen up rookie. I don't care if you're a blonde or brunette. What matters to me is how you wrestle. Everyone here has been here for at least 2 years, and not all of us have gotten chances to fight for the Women's belt. You better not think you deserve a chance before us, because you don't," Chyna said hotly, thinking Trish was a lost cause.

With that being said, Amy gently took Trish's hand and lead her to gorilla position.

Feeling the tension in the air, Amy decided to speak up.

" Hey Trish, if you're worrying about what Chyna said to you, stop. She didn't aim it at you personally. We've all been here for a while, and we are still perceived as eye-candy," Amy told Trish sadly.

Trish had no time to respond as the Hardyz came, taking to Test and Albert. Jeff commented Trish on the outfit she was wearing, to which Trish blushed at.

Test then put himself of Trish, and began to introduce himself to Trish.

"Hey Trish, my name is Andrew Martin, and this is Albert" Test told Trish, then pointed at the man who had stayed behind Jeff, almost in the shadows.

"Nice to meet you both. You guys are impressive, and it will be a blast to work with you both, " Trish said sincerely, just like she had previously done to Matt Hardy. Them, she stuck out her hand, which Test shook.

"Well, from what Jeff has told me, you are the impressive one, not us. I'm sure you'll do great tonight. I am always here for you if you need any help with some moves, or anything like that," Test said to Trish.

"Really? Thank you. I appreciate it. So far, I've met very kind people who are willing to lend me a hand. The problem with that is that although I am shy, I don't want you guys to fight my battles for me," Trish said, not wanting to anger any of her new friends, but thinking it was better to get this out of the way.

"Of course you don't. I understand. However, don't hesitate if there is anything I can help you with," Test exclaimed.

Then, the Hardyz music started, meaning the match was about to start. As soon as theirs had finished, T & As started, and the guys came out to the ring to introduce their new female friend , who would be their manager, taking the place Lita had with the Hardyz. Decades later, or so it felt like to Trish the match was over. As soon as all six of them were behind the curtain, and away from the cameras, they went straight to Trish to congratulate Trish on her great debut.

(End of flashback)

After 5 years, I'm still fiends with them. People like Debra, who was always a sweetheart to me was gone, along with Crash Holly, which was a sad thing for me, but the company had gained new people like Torrie Wilson, Victoria, who has amazing in-ring abilities and Stacy Keibler. Some of us however, were still here. I still have the connection I had with the Hardyz, as I did when I met them years ago. Molly, Amy, Chyna, Lillian, Ivory, and the re-hired Sable stayed here with me. After years of working together, all of us were like sisters. Lillian was the one girl I would talk to about anything, and it would stay between us. Amy, regardless to say is my best friend, along with Molly. Ivory and Rena are also close friends of mine, who would always be willing to help me out. Chyna however, wasn't someone I could call a friend. Even after five years, she was just a colleague. I don't know why, but I felt it was personal. She got along just fine with all of the girls but me. She would laugh with them, but scowl at me.

It was something I couldn't understand, but I dealt with regularly. For times like these, I had Randy and John, who knew how make a girl feel better, most of the times, unless they were being guys. They were the World Wresting Entertainment's clowns. I loved them both dearly, but they could get annoying at times. I guess it was in them to be dorky, but sometimes, I reached my limit on ho much of them I could take. No matter what the future may hold, it comforts me to know that John and Randy will always have my back and be there for me whenever I need them. No questions asked.