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She was humiliated. Sure, in front of her friends, she put up a brave face. But that was far from the truth. She and Torrie weren't necessarily the best of friends, but that didn't make what she did right. And it had hurt, a lot. Not that she would go and start complaining to her friends. She wasn't like that. And for this, Trish Stratus had to be a good liar. Which, she hoped she was. Not that lying was the best thing to do. Although it was necessary in a situation like this. And then Joanie's offer came at the best time possible. It gave her an opportunity to take some time off from the road and let the rumors of why she was getting divorced die down.

While that was one of the things on her mind, it wasn't the only one. Ever since the elder Hardy had told her what had happened to his younger brother, Jeff had been on her mind. He was one of her best friends. And she was worried about him. She'd have to talk to him soon.

Lisa was…stunned. That was the right word. Okay, so maybe she wasn't as bold as Rena, telling the WWE Champion she liked him, but that didn't make it any less true. And as she walked out of catering, she thought exactly of what had just moments ago.

Stephanie McMahon was upset. Never, had she witnessed a RAW so out of control. Torrie Wilson had managed to find information about her superstar's personal lives, and exposed it to the world. And as a result, Christy Hemme had a fight with her. Giving the Boise Belle a black eye. This was just one of those days that nothing else could go wrong. Little did she know, the events she would have to face later….

"Hey Amy! Wait up!" Edge called, as he raced to catch up to the redhead.

"Yeah?" she asked, slowing her pace down.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"I'm in the parking lot. Where do you think I'm going if I'm in the parking lot?" she asked, and without waiting for an answer she started talking again. "I'm going home."

"What? Why?" he asked, confused.

"Because I can, okay?" she replied, exasperated.

"What's wrong?" he asked quietly.

"What do you mean what's wrong?" she asked, getting impatient.

"Why are you so upset with me? I didn't do anything." he shrugged.

"Because my boyfriend seems to think I'm having an affair with you." she confessed angrily.

Hope. Usually, Christy Hemme was one to have hope. But at this moment, she didn't have much of it. She had just gotten in a fight with Torrie Wilson, and everyone knew how close Stephanie was to her. For all she knew, she'd get punished for hitting her. And she was almost certain she was. All she could hope was that the outcome wouldn't be too bad. And that's exactly what she did as she walked into where Stephanie was, waiting to talk to her.

Chris Jericho couldn't focus. The only thing on his mind was the fight he had with Trish involving Amy, and the events leading up to it. If he hadn't done a lot of the things he had, they wouldn't be in this situation right now. Sadly, 'if only's" were exactly that. Things that wouldn't happen because of situations that couldn't be changed. Whatsoever.

"Hey, Chris." his best friend, Christian greeted, as he came inside the men's locker room.

Chris just nodded.

Christian sighed. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Chris asked.

"About your divorce. I may have never been divorced, but I can tell you're in pain, and I'm sorry." he explained, and was about to keep on talking when the door was banged, and in walked Christy Hemme.

"Have you seen Adam?" she asked, out of breath.

"Yes, but not right now. Did you try the parking lot? I thought I heard him say something about it when I passed him in the hall." Christian suggested.

"All right, thanks." the redhead nodded as she went out.

"I wonder what that was all about." he wondered.

"Who knows." Y2J shrugged. Not to be mean, but right now, he didn't care.

Nora hated having to have this conversation. It reminded her of one of the best times in her life, along the pain that went along with it.

Billy sighed. He could tell Nora had stopped listening to what he was saying a while back. He knew that, just as he knew her. She knew him too. Too well, in fact. "Nora?" he asked, coming to a stop.

"What?" the Alabama native asked.

"I'm sorry. I know I've said this before, but that doesn't make it any less true. You have to remember that I had no intention of hurting you--"

"Before you left me for Torrie Wilson." she finished. "Saying sorry is great and everything, Billy, but that doesn't make it any less painful." she replied.

"Are you sure you want to do this Trish?" Matt Hardy asked.

"Yes, I'm sure." Trish repeated, for what she felt was the umpteenth time.

"I know you said that already, but are you positively sure you want to do this?" he asked again.

"Yes, Matt, I am. Your brother's my best friend. I can't just pretend he doesn't exist." Trish replied.

"Fine." Matt relented, and began telling the blonde the address of the place where his brother was staying.

"Are you serious?" Lillian Garcia asked, incredulous.

"Yeah, maybe it was an accident." her boyfriend, The Rock suggested.

"So telling the world about Trish's business was an accident? Maybe for someone else, but not for Torrie. That girl's just too spiteful for that." Lillian shook her head.

"Don't you think that's a little mean?" he asked.

Lillian scoffed. "Not for her."

"Yeah, maybe, but--"

"Forget it, all right? I'll see you later. I have to go back to announce the upcoming match." she said, as him standing there, confused as to how their conversation had gone sour so fast.

Free. Trish Stratus felt free as she made her way outside to the parking lot with Joanie, and their bags for the photo shoot, ready and in tow. Hopefully, she'd be able to get a clean start from now on. She had too much drama at the moment, and she hated it. She could only hope that from now and on, things would start looking up for her.