One Tainted Secret

Chapter One: An Extraordinary Child

By: Michelle

(Note: EXTREME REVISIONS. This story takes place during Tekken 3. Major characters and their bio belongs to Namco. This version of their story is all me, respect.)

Ling Xiaoyu was the orphan, the stowaway, who took over Heihachi Mishima's yacht during his visit to China. An "Extraordinary Child" who brought down all the men aboard. It was headline news. She was only sixteen years old.

This China girl had a troubled beginning. Her father was a traveling merchant who spent much of his time away. Her mother was a needy wife and a simpleton who did nothing but wait at home for her husband's return. After many years of miscarriages and giving birth to dead babies, her mother became a washed out character with no mind to speak for her own. Xiao's father was probably to blame for this - he provided the necessities but no comfort, all he wanted from his wife was a son, nothing else.

When Ling Xiao was born, her mother was so absent-minded from loneliness that she could not register her duty as a mother. She took long naps with a pillow over her head to block out the crying, left her baby crying for hours in her crib. For two days, she did not change the baby's diaper. Uncared for, Xiao was a sickly baby.

One afternoon, when Xiao was six years old, her mother lost her at the supermarket. Left her or forgotten her, Xiao was never found, perhaps purposely.

This is life, the only thing in the world you can control was your breath, Wang Jinrei would teach her this.

He found her one day sitting in one of his apple trees eating his apples. She had no shoes and smelled of urine. The small child was light in his arms. She had come down from the tree willingly when he called her sweet names, unafraid and sanguine.

"How extraordinary," Jinrei said, mesmerized by the purity of her eyes. "A little bird in my tree."

Jinrei was a bachelor all his life before he surrendered himself to the life of a monk in the mountains. He did not speak of his life much except for the importance to finding a good friend, a noble companion, especially when one does not have a family. He had lost a very close friend once. But in return, in finding Xiaoyu, he found a granddaughter.

He took the small child to his cottage in the mountains and raised her. She cried a lot at night, sometimes very violently, thrashing her limbs, nearly knocked out one of his teeth once he tried to hold her down.

"Steady, little bird," he coaxed her during her fits. "One day, when you are ready, I will let you use your wings."

Jinrei guided her daily. Instead of punishing her, he had conversations with her. Both of them could be sitting by the water's edge for hours, Xiao tracing her hand in the sand while she listened to him articulate about the importance of living life as it happens. To find happiness, he said, we must create it ourselves.

Amusement parks became the only thing that mattered to Xiao. She filled the empty void of her parents with the pursuit of building an amusement park of her own.

To Wang Jinrei, this was an absurd dream, an unattainable thing, but he never said a word to stop her from dreaming. He supported it by keeping her grounded, teaching her how to fight instead.

The thrill, the happiness, the magic - she wanted to create a world like this. About herself she was aware of only two things: amusement parks and chances to live her life to the fullest.

It couldn't be helped. Xiaoyu became obsessed with the Mishimas.

All those magazines and newspapers on display, all the time on the news: the Mishima Zaibatsu. Mishima Industries. It was an empire. They had their own mercenary group, the Tekken Force. Jinpachi Mishima. His son, Heihachi. His grandson, Kazuya. Their faces were familiar globally.

The bloodline stopped at Kazuya, but there was still speculation about the Mishima family tree. There were secrets, tainted ones, very hidden ones. There was even a major theory about Kazuya's secret love-child with a young woman named Jun Kazama. It was such an inexplicable scandal that a myth was created from it.

The Mishimas were known world-wide, becoming a sort of royalty. Their Zaibatsu legacy, the astounding industrial and financial power they had over the world, Xiaoyu filled her mind with their history for years. She was consumed. It filled her dreams, to one day meet someone with that much power over the world, who could give her a chance to build her dream.

Particularly Heihachi Mishima, the current man in power of Zaibatsu. She read that he imprisoned his own father, Jinpachi, to rule the Zaibatsu throne. Blood relation meant nothing to Heihachi. Stories went as far as to say he threw his own son, Kazuya at age five, into a volcano to test his strength. People titled him an "evil-made" man after he took over the Zaibatsu. His faces on countless magazines but he never did interviews. He was the perfect portrayal of the evil that silently lurked in the hearts of men with power.

Though he was a heartless man, Heihachi rewarded people he deemed extraordinary. Thus, he adopted her quickly. Not because he saw her as a daughter, or a granddaughter, or a niece, or someone to dote on. He adopted Xiaoyu because he found her devil-may-care attitude remarkable for one so young. He gave her the chance she wished for.

The Mishima Zaibatsu is the main sponsor of the King of Iron Fist Tournaments. If she won, Heihachi promised, she would win her amusement park. In this way, Ling Xiaoyu became the youngest to ever enter the King of Iron Fist tournament.