A/N: This is my first fanfiction on this site. :)

I love Naturally Sadie, and there are hardly any fanfics about it.

This is possibly the first Naturally Sadie slash ever, so enjoy! :P

Hal's POV

Okay, so normally I don't mind Ms. Mann's task completion slips. They're just a tiny consequence to the rush I get when pulling an amazing prank, so I deal. This time, though, it's just plain weird. The task is potentially embarrassing, and, this time, I won't be working alone. I'll be working with my sister, Sadie's, boyfriend, Ben Harrison. Gross, right?

Ben's POV

Well, here it is, a task completion slip. My first major infraction at R.B. Bennett. I'll admit it, though; the task might be interesting. If I plan it just right, it'll show off my creative abilities. I was surprised when Ms. Mann said I'd be working on the project with Hal. Up until now, I haven't had that much exposure to him. Besides being in different grades, we're completely different. He's so out there with his pranking, and I mostly just slide under the radar. Working with him might be interesting, though, because getting to know him will be kind of like getting to know Red better.

Updates will be pretty short. I have the whole fic written, and it isn't very long, but I thought it would be better to divide it up. :)