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Recap: Hal left the Acropolis Wow after the video premiere, not wanting to watch Ben's reunion with Sadie.

Hal's POV

Hm. I'm glad that's over. No more working with my sister's boyfriend. At least, that's what I want to say. The truth is, I'll kind of miss hanging out with him. Maybe I don't have to stop. I mean, they aren't even "officially" dating, so it wouldn't be wrong…right?

Not that it matters anyways. Ben will be too busy with Sadie now that he's not being FORCED to work with me. Still, though, I'll miss the dude. I sit outside the Wow, away from all the chaos inside, and think about the past few days. If you'd asked me a week ago, I never would've thought that I'd…but I don't. No way. I DON'T.

I hear footsteps coming towards me, thinking it must be Mallory or someone. Nope. Ben sits down next to me and hands me a hot chocolate. "I wondered where you went," he says. I tell him I didn't really want to watch his sappy reunion with "Red". He laughs, and then asks seriously, "You know what, Hal?" I ask what, honestly not knowing what he's about to say. He pauses, like he's having trouble saying whatever it is.

"I'm not really into your sister anymore," is what comes out of his mouth. I kind of half-laugh, and start to ask him what he means. Before I get the chance, Ben is slowly inching towards me. He puts his hand on top of mine, and then moves closer. We kiss, and when we pull apart, there is an awkward silence. So, we just decide to stay quiet, drinking our hot chocolate in the moonlight.

I love task completion slips.

And, there it is. The end. This fic probably could have been a one-shot, seeing as it wasn't very long.

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