Ok, so this isn't actually MY story, it's my friends' story. I'm written into the story, but I'm actually just the editor. So, as editor, I am posting. Credit is really due to Katie (Reimei No Shi) and Cassie. Good job guys!

So here it goes... Chapter 1!

"Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday ever," the dark brown-haired girl was saying to the other two girls in the room. One of them had slightly red hair, the oldest by a couple of months, and the other had short brown hair with red tips, the youngest by a year. "I mean, hey, free candy!"

"You're a candy whore," the youngest said, "Seriously Cassie, what wouldn't you do for candy?"

Cassie made a face. "Oh, well, love you too, Kate." She then proceeded to think about the question out loud. "What wouldn't I do? How about… sleep with you!" She pointed to Kate, who let out a noise that could easily have been a whine, who then leapt into the oldest girls' arms (which just barely caught her).

"Light-kun! Matt's being mean to me!"

Jess, or 'Light-kun' as Kate had referred to her, sighed, and replied, "Mello, grow some balls… oh wait, you can't! 'Cuz Mello's a girl!"

Kate pulled away from her friend. "Mello is not a girl!" Kate yelled as quietly as possible. Cassie and Jess just looked at her. "Okay, yes, I, a girl, dress up as Mello, a man, but that doesn't make him a girl!

"Does in my book…" Jess mumbled so Kate couldn't hear.

Cassie snorted. "Hey Kate, can we watch some TV without waking tu madre up?"

Kate pretended to think for a minute, and then replied, "Doubtful. The woman can hear everything, she's a freak!"

"I HEARD THAT!" came a voice from down the hall. "Now go to sleep, it's almost midnight!"

"The witching hour…" Cassie whispered.

"What?" Jess asked, unsure of what she had said.

"The witching hour," Cassie said more boldly. "The time where the veil between worlds is thinnest. And today is 'All Hallow's Eve,' the day when the veil is even thinner, practically non-existent. I wonder if we could rip it…" she trailed off.

Kate and Jess blinked at her.

"You are such a geek, Cass," Kate said. Cassie threw a pillow at her. The pillow froze in midair.

The girls probably would have freaked out about that fact, however… they had just been swallowed up by a gaping black vortex that had appeared right underneath them. The pillow was then too sucked into the vortex, which then proceeded to close shut.


Ichigo hated Halloween. Well, not really. He only hated this Halloween. He'd been conned into taking Karin and Yuzu, his two younger sisters, trick-or-treating. The trick-or-treating thing wasn't why he hated Halloween.

It was the Hollow thing.

He still didn't know how, but he'd had to switch places with Kon when a Hollow had shown up. There were tons of them! Sure, he was pretty much captain level, so it wasn't really a problem, but damn it, why tonight!? He should be enjoying this night with his sisters, not fighting! Needless to say, Ichigo was a little pissed off, so he didn't really notice when the black tear in the sky had appeared as he slashed his blade through the air.

He wiped his forehead as the last Hollow was destroyed, and glared up at the sky. Or, at least that's what he would have seen, if the small tear from earlier hadn't turned into a large, black vortex, which was sucking things into itself like crazy. His eyes went wide as dinner plates as he bolted for the only place he could think of.